Effective Prostatitis Massage is Easy to Learn

These prostatitis massage techniques
have brought
immediate relief and comfort
to countless men (including myself) who have suffered
from extreme prostate pain.

Amazing Relief!

prostatitis massage for prostate pain relief

When your prostate gland is inflamed and in pain it needs special gentle attention.

Working the prostate massaging techniques “normally” can, and most probably will, cause you to increase you pain and your problem.

At the same time, if you do nothing, you will probably not change the way you are feeling.

The Best Prostatitis Massage Technique

Prostatitis massage is a unique specific gentler form of the standard massages. It’s main purpose is to soothe the area so that the body may better heal itself.

Standard techniques during this time are not correct. They are too aggressive when inflammation is causing pain.

If you are really suffering, the best prostatitis massage, is the vibratory massage done externally.

It is the most gentle and the most soothing method I have ever found.

If you are suffering from considerable prostate pain do not even attempt an internal prostate massage.

The internal work is the most effective I have ever found for a prostate that is not in a seriously painful condition.

But, if you wound up on this page because you are really suffering, what you want is to feel better first. This is your #1 priority.

Soothing the gland and reducing inflammation should be your goal.

Doing It Correctly

GENTLE is always my key word with prostate massaging.

A prostatitis massage needs even more gentleness. It has to accomplish 3 main goals:

  • Sooth as much pain as possible
  • Bring more fresh cleansing blood to your prostate gland so that it can clean and heal itself
  • Not make things worse

If you work to aggressively, you can aggravate your condition and cause yourself more pain. It will make you wish you had never touched it at all.

And that could prevent you from doing things that eventually would enable your body to heal itself.

If you do nothing, you will undoubtedly suffer more and longer than necessary.

So how much is the right amount?

Choosing The Correct Technique

For prostatitis massage, first, you must choose the correct techniques.

In this situation, being too gentle is ALWAYS better then doing too much. ALWAYS!

The vibratory massage is so wonderful here because it is a very indirect technique.

It is done externally and it greatly increases the blood flow to the entire prostate and lower abdominal areas.

Better blood flow is just what your body needs when inflammation and blood congestion are causing pain. Pain causes us to tighten up and this restricts blood flow.

Soothing an area relaxes it and encourages greater blood flow.

The vibratory technique is also the single most soothing technique I ever discovered.

When I was in so much pain I couldn’t stand still or sleep well, I discovered this prostatitis massage technique.

Immediately my system began to relax.

Within 20 minutes my entire system, as well as my gland, calmed down and that night I had my first good night of sleep in weeks.

The gentle vibrations in this prostatitis massage not only bring more blood to the area, they also relax the tension there and enable the blood to flow more freely.

It’s almost like you found the prostate whisperer. The gentle vibrations feel good from the first moment and continue to sooth during the process and long after.

The Prostate Cradle

Another external indirect technique that you may find helpful, ultra simple, and something you can even do in the office or when driving is using the Prostate Cradle.

The Simplest “Right Now” Technique

We sometimes forget the simplest, most basic, most instinctual things in life. Things that are often highly effective.

Prostatitis massage can be as simple as just gently rubbing small circles with your hand over the area as you would for a child with a stomach ache.

I have found this is not nearly as effective as the vibratory massage. But, in a pinch, it can really be soothing and helpful.

Be patient with these techniques. You’ll need to do them for a good 20 minutes.

And, don’t underestimate this gentle rubbing technique. It can be a highly effect soothing practice when you are in pain.

Just don’t go pushing and prodding because you “want to do more”. You will only aggrivate your situation. Keep is simple and very gentle.

Then try taking a hot sitz bath. These can be miraculously soothing!

The Wonderful Soothing Sitz Bath

The marvelous sitz bath technique has been used effectively for hundreds of years. You can read about it in almost ever healing manual dated before 1940.

You can enjoy a soothing sitz bath 2 or 3 times a day. More than that does not seem to be beneficial.

If you tell me you don’t have time for all of this, then you’re obviously not suffering that much.

When we hurt enough we will do practically anything to stop/reduce our suffering. It’s only natural.

And, in that case, you will take the time to do it. Sitz baths are Great! And they really work.

But, if you keep on doing what you have been doing up until now and don’t take the time to make things better, you are eventually going to get worse. It’s plain and simple.

Immediate Relief

Prostatitis massage techniques are for immediate relief. They will not fix your situation. They will not necessarily make all the pain disappear. But, they most likely can help you find some relief quickly. When you need it most.

Getting Well Again

Getting well again requires lifestyle changes. Correct prostate massage is probably the most effective method for prostate improvement and rejuvenation.

But, getting rid of the causes of the problem is essential if you are going to get rid of the problem.

The techniques I teach on this website have helped tens of thousands of men renew their prostate health and become pain free again.

Below I have listed most of the primary causes of prostatitis. You can find out much more by simply reading and studying the pages on this website.

Gentle,... no even MORE Gentle...

Usually my main rule for all the techniques is: Gentle.

For prostatitis massage my rule is “Super Gentle”.

You are wanting to sooth and quiet the nerves. You do not want to aggravate them with bombardment. You want to “sing them a lullaby” not beat them up.

So, always be super gentle, and if in doubt, do less rather than more.

Getting Rid of The Cause(s) of Your Problem

Other factors that you have to consider are “What caused this problem in the first place?”

If you never ask yourself this question and never locate the answer you will probably never get well again.

At least not for very long.

Causes of Prostatitis:

- Too much Sitting!. Maybe the #1 prostate pain troublemaker! Long periods of sitting literally strangle and suffocate your gland. You can do everything else right. But, if you sit too long at one time too frequently (as most men do) you can suffer forever.

Get up every hour (every twenty minutes if you are suffering) and move around. Take some deep breaths and drink some water (not coffee, or soda, etc. Clean pure water).

Learning and practicing The Miracle Prostate Exercise is one of the best things you can do for toning this area and increasing blood flow to it!

- Too much sex is a prime factor.

- Toxic Accumulation. Too much wrong eating, tobacco, drugs, etc... poison your gland and can cause inflammation, pain, and even cancer.

- Too much alcohol. ESPECIALLY beer! The man’s drink right? Beer is man’s worst prostate nightmare in disguise!! Get off it. If you must drink alcohol enjoy some other form of alcohol.

And if you must drink alcohol, only drink moderately.

While you are in pain, you would be wise to avoid it all together.

- Sugar. Aviod all sugars when you are in pain. They cause and aggravate inflammation. Sugar is responsible for more health problems than any other single food item.

- Dehydration. Chronic dehydration can cause a huge amount of chronic health problems.

Most people are at least somewhat dehydrated and don’t even realize it. Drink plenty of water each day. Plenty of water will cool your system internally and allow irritating poisons and toxins to be flushed out much more easily.

- Stagnant blood. Mostly caused by too much sitting and lack of regular exercise. Get your blood moving specifically in this area as well as the rest of your body. Again, learning and practicing “The Miracle Prostate Exercise” gets the blood really moving again in your entire abdominal area and it increases the oxygen supply in the blood.

Why Prostatitis Massage Works

Prostatitis massage works because it does these four things:

  • Prostatitis massage soothes the nerves in the area and in the entire body

  • Prostatitis massage helps your body clean irritating painful poisonous toxins from the area

  • Prostatitis massage brings more fresh nourishing blood to your suffocating gland

  • Prostatitis massage brings al lot more oxygen with this blood to refresh and energize your sore sick prostate gland

After The Pain is Gone

When your pain is relieved, you can move forward to the deeper working prostate massage techniques you will find in the Navigation Bar on the left side of this page.

I encourage you to explore them, study them, and learn them.

You can take a look at the letters in “Success Stories” to see just how incredibly effectively these techniques have worked for other men.

These techniques tone and strengthen your gland and help to renew it and rejuvenate it. They are the best I have found in the entire world!

But Again: NEVER work the standard techniques when you are suffering from a lot of pain.

They can be too much for your system and they can aggravate your condition and make your pain worse at this time!

Using Prostatitis Massage Techniques

effective prostatitis massage and prostate pain relief

Prostatitis massage techniques are special gentle versions of most of the regular techniques. They are supposed to be VERY gentle.

Their purpose it to sooth and reduce the causes of pain so that your body can rebalance and begin to heal it self.

Prostatitis massage is often just like prostate massaging except that it must be done much much more gently.

Be Well.....

~ William

ps: always check with your doctor before beginning any kind of new health building program. Be sure you don’t have a pre-existing abnormal condition that may make prostatitis massage or any new health building program harmful to you.

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