Quick, Easy
Abdominal Exercises
Improved Prostate Health

Doing some abdominal exercises can help speed your prostate massage program.

abdominal exercises for improved prostate health

You don’t need to do a lot of them if you do the right ones. Just a few minutes, and, I mean just a few: not 20, not 15, not even 10 minutes. Just a few minutes of these easy abdominal exercises each day, will:

  • Help heal a weak prostate gland
  • Improve your digestion and elimination
  • Refresh your entire body and mind
  • Strengthen your abdomen
  • Give you better posture
  • Help reduce back pain

That’s pretty nice! Right? Especially if they are very quick and easy to do.

 Most Of Us
Abdominal Exercises

Yes, if abdominal exercises were fun, I wouldn’t need to write an article to tell you all the good things they can do for you. Or, how good certain ones can make you feel.

We’ve all tried abdominal exercises. Nobody likes doing them. Do you?

And, if kids loved broccoli, mothers wouldn’t be telling their kids how good it was for them and all the benefits they’d get from it.

Kids don’t really care how good broccoli is for them. They hate it. They only eat it under duress!

And, we adults are the same. We are rarely impressed enough with the benefits of abdominal exercises to actually do them if we’re not having any tummy or prostatic problems.

Am I right?

These Abdominal Exercises

Fun And Easy


OK, maybe not fun. But, the wonderful abdominal exercise I am about to introduce you to is at least enjoyable enough, and quick enough, that you’ll actually do it and then you'll get some impressive benefits from it.

I have found this is the best of the abdominal exercises for men like us, with prostatic issues: I call it the Miracle Prostate Exercise. Because sometimes the results feel miraculous.

It’s the quickest, easiest, most refreshing of all the abdominal exercises you will ever learn.

“It takes under one minute,


this abdominal exercise will refresh your prostate
more than any other one minute exercise

you’ll ever find.”

Yes, I invented it. When I was desperately suffering from prostatitis.

I’m also proud to say: Virtually everyone who tries it tells me how good it makes them feel. AND, they tell me they feel it immediately.

Here's what just a few men had to say about it:

“It’s instant refreshment”.

“A sudden lift of energy and well being”.

“Wow! Who knew?”

"Fantastic! You have to try it!"

"I never knew abdominal exercises could be so easy,
make me feel so much better."

Does This
Work So Well?

I developed this wonderful exercise to soothe my terrible prostatitis pain.

This is what it can do:

  1)   It will help you flush the toxins from your gland

  2)   It will supply better flow to your gland, with more oxygen and nutrients, so that it can better normalize and heal itself

The secret of this exercise is this:

You get more blood flow. That means more life giving oxygen and nutrients delivered to your glands and organs.

You exercise and strengthen your system.

You squeeze the stagnant, disease causing, painful toxic laden blood out of your gland.

With this one simple exercise you can move the blood in your entire abdomen and load it with oxygen. And, you send a burst of fresh oxygen to your brain.

Yes, I originally developed this special abdominal exercise to help my own incredibly painful gland.

But, it turns out, it also has a remarkably rejuvenating effect on the entire body.

Each time you do it, you’ll notice an immediate boost in your feeling of well being.

This comes from the increased blood flow and increased oxygen that will refresh you both mentally and physically in just under a minute.

It’s So Easy To Do

prostate abdominal exercises

The wonderful exercise only takes about one minute.

You don’t have to lay down on the floor and start sweating.

It’s no strain.

It’s NO pain, and LOTS of gain.

You Need

More Oxygen

I don’t care how well you eat, what supplements you take, how old or young you are:

 “If you get more oxygen into your body,

especially your internal organs,

you are going to feel better and become healthier.”

This also applies to your delicate male gland.

EVERY bodily process requires oxygen.

And:  Often, most of us these days are a bit starved for enough oxygen. This affects all of our glands and organs. It makes us feel tired and sluggish. Even too exhausted to think sometimes.

How does this happen?

Mostly because we sit so much each day and literally strangle our lower organs. Especially our poor sexual gland.

This lack of blood flow not only deprives our precious gland of enough oxygen, it also deprives our special gland of nutrients. And, worst of all, lack of sufficient blood flow causes harmful toxic build up there.

This wonderful exercise can greatly increase the oxygen flowing in there.

Toxic Build Up
Killing Your Gland?

This toxic build up is without doubt, the main cause of chronic prostatitis and, in my opinion, prostate cancer.

And, no one has ever told you about this. Am, I right?

It’s one of the most important things you will ever learn about the causes of prostatic problems.

prostate problems and toxins

You can’t turn this delicate gland of yours into a sewer and expect it to be healthy and without disease of some kind. You need to keep it clean.

By increasing your localized blood circulation with oxygen rich blood, you give your precious gland a real helping hand.

Again, the Miracle Exercise can help here.

Poisoning Your Prostate Gland

Your male gland, as you know, is responsible for your ejaculation. It has many functions to perform, however, before it gets used this way.

One of the primary functions of your gland is to filter all the fluid it takes from your blood to make clean semen and keep the sperm cells healthy and safe.

In a natural pristine environment, with a normal stress load, and clean natural foods and water, your gland is designed to work perfectly and  remain in perfect health for the entire length of your life.

clean prostate

In our modern world, we are subject to all kinds of environmental pollution, food additives, drugs, excessive alcohol and tobacco consumption,... And, most of us have a daily stress level that didn’t even exist 150 years ago.

toxic pollution and prostate gland

This precious little gland has to filter out ALL these toxins to keep your sperm healthy.

The problem is: There are so many toxins these days that our glands often get overloaded and just can’t clean itself themselves fast enough.

As the toxic overload accumulates, your gland gets weaker and sicker.

The fact that prostate cancer is the #1 cancer in men is no accident and no mystery.

The same holds true for the filtering mechanisms in women’s breasts. And, where do you think women get the most cancer?

That’s something to think about.

Don’t Sit So Much

sitting and prostate health

Now, contributing to this toxic poisoning is constant sitting. The majority of us sit most of the day. Slowly strangling our gland and depriving it of sufficient beneficial blood flow. So, toxins accumulate even more.

With all of that going on, how are you supposed to stay healthy down there?

Is it easy to understand why we have so many problems down there?

Don’t sit so much each day. Get up and move around more. I know you probably hear that a lot. But, it’s really a life saver.

Even if your job requires you to sit for most of your day, get up regularly. Move around a bit. Go drink some clean water. Take a minute for the “Miracle Exercise”. You can do it anywhere, anytime.

It’s So Easy
The Benefits Are Enormous

Yes, with the simple Miracle Exercise you can get your blood moving down there and help keep it moving nicely all day long.

Will this mean it will never get sick or suffer?


But, it does mean it will have a far better chance at recuperating, staying well, and feeling better, than it does right now.

What About
Other Abdominal Exercises?

I’m not telling you this is the only exercise you will need and you’ll get a “six pack” on you tum. Or, that it is the only one you will ever need for strength and fitness.

What I am telling you is this exercise is easy. It’s quick. It’s effective. And, it’s very refreshing all over. Both mentally and physically. Done regularly, it can be of great benefit to your gland.

Now, combine this abdominal exercise with some correct prostate massage techniques, and you are giving Mother Nature a chance to do her work for you.

She’s pretty amazing when you just give her a chance. I think you’ll be surprised with what can happen.

Can Any Man Do These?

Most men can jump right into these abdominal exercises and prostate massages safely. But, there are some can not. So a check up and OK from your doctor first is the wise choice.

When you get the OK, and you do them regularly, I think you’re going to find yourself making improvements you may have given up on.

If you’re like thousands of other men, I think you’re going to be very pleasantly surprised by what some massage and some very simple abdominal exercises can do for you.

Give Yourself
Right now!

OK. It’s time to give it a try.

If you haven’t clicked on the link yet, here it is again.

Give yourself a treat right now. Try this wonderful abdominal exercise, right now. Yes, right now. Before you read any further.

No, don’t keep reading. Try it right now. Then come back........................

Did you you do it?

How did it feel?

It’s refreshing all over. Right?

Did you feel at least a small rush of energy and refreshment? Does your mind feel a bit clearer also? Maybe your mood is a bit enhanced too?

This is your dear Mother Nature at work for you! She’s there any time you want her. Use her!

It’s Not Like
You’ve Ever Tried Before

If you will just use this one wonderful abdominal exercise a few times throughout your day, I think you’ll find: not only does your precious male gland feel better, everything in your life will seem a little less difficult.

That’s a big statement to make.

Why is it true?

Because every time you do it, besides helping your prostate gland, you are refreshing and revitalizing all the organs in your body, as well as your brain, with one of the best and easiest abdominal exercises ever.

abdominal exercises for prostate health
abdominal exercises for the prostate gland
abdominal exercises for seniors

Be Well.....

~ William

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