Is a Swollen Prostate
Causing Me All This Pain
Causing My Urinary Problems?

Do you have a swollen prostate? Do you know the symptoms?

Do you have pain there? A lot of pain? Is it difficult to pee? Do you wake up often during the night to pee and only a little comes out? And slowly?

Swollen prostate is definitely no joke. And they are as common these days as trees in a forest.

But, do you know that there are simple time proven natural methods that have effectively removed all these problems for hundreds of thousands of men just like you?

The Pain Can Be Terrible!

Swollen prostate pain can be excruciating!!

It can seemingly happen overnight. Then not go away!

It can be so very painful for a number of reasons. But here is why it often hurts so darn much:

Did you ever get “shin splints” after an unusually long walk? It’s different than other pain and soreness right?

That is because those muscles in the front of your leg have a covering. A bag-like covering.

So when the muscles inside swell up too fast and too much from overuse, the covering does not stretch as easily. The constant over stretching can hurt like hell.

A severely swollen prostate that happens suddenly is very similar.

The Cause of The Swelling

Depending upon how much swelling there is, the pain can be mild and annoying or just down right terrible.

Now, when the gland is all cramped in there this way, the blood circulation is not as good as normal. So toxins accumulate and that makes it hurt even more.

This is because the toxins cause inflammation which really put the icing on the cake and can make it hurt like bloody hell!

If that is your situation you know my adjectives are not an exaggeration.

When You Get No Relief

It often seems like no matter what you do, it feels no better.

This pain also usually does not seem to respond well to pain relievers.

A nice sitz bath can calm it, but rarely does it cure it. The vibrating massage is also often the only thing that worked for me when I just didn’t know what to do.

Two Types of Swollen Prostate

Swollen prostate conditions are tricky.

Although they often seem to appear overnight, that is rarely the case.

It usually develops over a period of time.

Now, there are 2 basic kinds of swollen prostate:

  • Acute swelling - usually very painful
  • BPH - usually painless, but can cause incontinence and the need for a catheter

BPH swelling occurs over a very long period of time and is usually very continuously happening. So the covering of the gland has time to expand and there is usually no associated pain.

Well, no pain until you find you can not pee any more and require a catheter because the internal swelling has closed off your urethra.

You get a good warning on this though as you see your stream get weaker and weaker over time.

The problem is, most men never do anything about it and so their BPH gets progressively worse.

Acute swollen prostate from overuse, too much sitting, or toxemia and inflammation, can sneak up on you. You don’t know usually it’s happening.

BUT then one day, just when the gland’s covering is stretched to it’s maximum comfortable limit, it gets aggravated and the gland has a huge shin splint type swelling and all hell breaks loose pain wise. Sound familiar?

That’s why you think it came out of nowhere. It’s like the straw that broke the camel’s back.

If you are reading this page, in either case, you probably know what I am talking about.

Eliminating the Causes

So if pain is the problem we run, yes run, to our doctor for relief. He gives us an anti-inflammatory and whatever else is popular and we feel like everything is going to be OK.

Well, if you were like me and most men, nothing becomes OK. In fact there was no change for me at all except for the worse. That is because most swollen prostates of this nature just do not respond to those things.

Why? There are so many reasons. And, often no real answer at all that you seem to figure out.

BUT, there is always a reason! Always!!

And that is something you should take great comfort in because:

When you eliminate the cause,
the swelling and the pain disappear!

The Best News!

The best news is: You don’t have to suffer! You can get rid of the pain. Probably permanently!!

Stop causing the problem and the pain goes away “like magic”! Not especially quickly however.

It took you a while to mess yourself up and it will take a while to get things back to normal.

So let’s take a look at what typically causes the problem:

What Causes a Swollen Prostate

There are a few main causes:

  • Too Much Sex
  • Too Much Sitting
  • Inadequate Nutrition
  • Toxemia

Let’s look at each of these one at a time:

Too Much Sex:

Swollen prostate most often occurs from just too much sexual activity. Specifically ejaculating.

Whether you are having intercourse, getting oral sex or just masturbating too much, you can really screw up your entire sexual system.

Swollen prostate from overindulgence is common in men from 18 on up.

The older you get, the easier it is to overdo (because you become capable of less).

By 30 a LOT, literally millions and millions, of men are experiencing this problem and no one seems to have a “cure” for them.

THERE IS NO CURE if you keep overdoing. NOTHING will help you.

Did I make that clear enough?

AND, if you continually over do you will not only suffer here, but you are setting yourself up for a heart attack somewhere in your late 30s or 40s.

Moderation, which is not easy for men like me (and maybe you), is of the utmost importance. I know, we all want to remain 18 sexually forever. But, it just not the reality for any of us.

AND, it’s not easy to get used to sexual moderation. But, once you do, the swollen prostate problems seem to disappear like magic!

Too Much Sitting:

Swollen prostate from too much sitting is about as common as butter on bread. Sitting for too long and too often is like strangling your gland to almost death. I say almost dead because it survives, but in horrible life long bouts of pain and weakness.

Even if you moderated your sexual activity, you have to be careful of this.

When you sit, you pinch the blood vessels that go to your gland. Blood circulation slows down a lot.

This slow blood flow can also cause constipation, hemorrhoids, and a clogged colon that can lead to all kinds of maladies including cancer of the colon.

If your job requires you to sit a lot during the day, or all day, get up regularly. Do the "Miracle Prostate Exercise” regularly and some external massaging during the day.

Adding some internal massage a few times a week has been the life changing key for many men. And the difference between feeling good or being in regular pain all the rest of their life.

Inadequate Nutrition:

Problems here due to inadequate nutrition affects probably 99% of men over 40.

This is the cause of BPH. BPH, Benign Prosatatic Hyperplasia, is almost a promise to middle age and older men in modern society ONLY because we lack the nutrients in our modern food supply to keep this from developing. Even if you eat very good food.

You need to supplement for this forever. Sad, but true. However, the correct supplements can be life changing and are usually very effective.

Now, if you will take the proper nutrients and add some correct massing techniques, you can almost always reverse BPH measurably AND regain the ability to hold normal amounts of urine in your bladder so that you don’t have to get up 6 times a night to pee.

You can also reverse urinary incontinence in most cases with this simple life style change.


Toxemia is probably the most neglected topic when it comes to the health of our gland.

Swollen prostate due to toxemia happens because your body is trying to remove the accumulated poisons from the area with inflammation. It is literally trying to burn them up!

But, it usually can’t do this efficiently because we have so many pollutants in our foods, waters, and environment these days. And, your prostate gland filters everything in your blood so that your sperm don’t get injured. Mother Nature’s way of protecting the sperm.

Again. correct massage technique will do more to help clean your gland than probably any other single thing. Why?

Because correct massaging increases the blood flow. This extra blood, along with the physical massaging, enables the toxins to be release can washed out of the gland.

An interesting statistic is: Homosexual men (who engage in anal intercourse) have far less problems in this area than sexually normal men (Heterosexuals).

The reason is: the action of anal intercourse causes a very deep and vigorous massage to the male gland which is directly next to the rectum.

For heterosexual men, using correct internal massing techniques for a swollen prostate do this job. Perfectly.

What About Your Swollen Prostate?

Yes, I agree. Supplements and Internal prostate massaging seems a little unnatural to do.

However, we now live in a time when we don’t live a natural physical life, or get healthy nutrient rich toxic free foods. Our air is generally polluted, as is our water.

So we have to take steps to compensate for these things.

Swollen prostate does not have to be a life long problem if you take care of yourself properly. In most cases you can get rid of the problem too. Or, at least keep it from bothering you.

Just like me, you can most likely make your swollen prostate, and all the pain and urinary problems that come with it, a thing of the past.

Be Well.....

~ William

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