Abdominal Exercise
Improved Prostate Health

last updated July 14, 2022
6:18 pm

the best abdominal exercise for prostate health

“Abdominal exercise,

even a small amount, can definitely help you

reach your prostate health goals

more rapidly.”

As you already know, prostate massage is the finest natural method to bring more blood, more life energy, and more natural healing power to your gland.

If you've been doing your massages for a while, you already know that is true.

However, if you improve the overall circulation in your mid section, with even a small amount of correct abdominal exercise, you will greatly accelerate your cleaning, healing, and strengthening process.

If you just clicked that link, you saw a five minute video of basic beginner abdominal exercises. The look pretty easy, right?

Now, I'm going to show you a single abdominal exercise that is even easier, you can do it anywhere, and it is the best single prostate exercise ever.

It Only Take 3 Minutes
Specialized Abdominal Exercise Each Day
Change Things For The Better!

That’s right. Just 3 minutes.

  • You don’t have to spend an hour in the gym each day. Most people won’t do that anyway.

  • You don’t need to devote 20 or 30 minutes to sit ups and crunches each morning. Most people won’t do that either. Not for long.

  • You don’t need some special equipment that you see on an infomercial that says just 20 minutes a day...... You don’t need that either.

You just need to exercise those muscles down there, each day, in a constructive, strengthening, refreshing way.

The miracle prostate exercise

is the single best and easiest way 
to do that.

And, guess what?

Here I'm going to give you full instructions for this amazing and wonderful abdominal exercise absolutely free.

I hope you'll use it!

It Feels So Good
You’ll Probably Keep Doing This Abdominal Exercise
Even After You Feel Well Again

No joke. It feels good. And, is easy!

Yes, you can do the miracle prostate exercise in just 3 minutes each day.

It only takes about 30 to 40 seconds, yes seconds, each time. Once in the morning. Once or twice during the day. Once again at night before bed.

You can do it more often later on, if you want. It feels great!

Remember This: You’re going to be exercising muscles that are weak right now, and, you don’t want to over do it in the beginning. It will make your tummy quite sore if you do. And, then you’ll stop practicing them.

3 Minutes
Doesn’t Sound Like Enough

I know 3 minutes doesn’t sound like much. And, it’s not. That’s why it’s power and results seem so miraculous!

A little more abdominal exercise will be better later on, if you feel like it.

But, how much abdominal exercise are you doing now? Right? Nothing.

That’s 3 minutes a day more

than you’re doing now


the most powerfully stimulating and refreshing prostate exercise in the world.

The best part is: It feels so good after you do it, that it almost becomes an addiction!

You Will
Tone And Strengthen
Your Entire Midsection

abdominal exercise that tones your entire midsection

This one short exercise also strengthens ALL your muscles in your mid section. Abdomen and lower back.

It helps clean up all your glands and organs.

It’s like squeezing out a sponge full of dirty stagnant water and letting clean fresh water get soaked back in.

In this case, you’re literally squeezing out tired toxin filled blood, stimulating and refreshing the muscles in your entire mid section with healthy abdominal exercise, and then pumping in fresh oxygen rich blood to soothe and help heal everything down there.

Can you see why this one short, simple abdominal exercise is so effective and refreshing?

It’s so simple too.

And, it take so little time.

There’s really no excuse not to benefit from it’s amazing healing and refreshing power.

Try it out for just one week and tell me if you don’t feel a difference. Even after the very first try.

Why We Suffer So Much

especially with our prostates

We sit far too much and for far too long at one time. And, we move around too little.

Our blood gets sluggish. Toxins accumulate. They cause aches, pains, and disease.

Our poor male gland is in about the worst possible position for good blood flow when we sit. All the blood vessels leading there get pinched.

That gland often doesn’t get nearly enough oxygen or fresh nourishment. And, poisons build up in there.

Of course you’re going to develop problems!

This Special Abdominal Exercise
Makes You Feel Better Immediately

When you sit at the desk, or behind the wheel in the car for a long time, and you finally get up, you feel stiff and kind of tired. Right?

But, after you move around a little bit you come back to life. Right?

That’s because some movement bring fresh oxygen and nourishment to your body and brain.

Well, inside your tummy, all those glands and organs need some refreshing too. They’re literally suffocating and starving! As well as being poisoned from toxic build up.

Just taking one minute, 3 times a day, to squeeze things out down there, and flex those muscles, has been a life changing experience for many many men. It was for me.

This Abdominal Exercise Is

Yes. I’m not exaggerating.

When you keep your glands and organs refreshed, you feel better. Younger. More refreshed and energetic.

That one little miracle exercise is super powerful!

It not only refreshes your male gland with oxygen and fresh blood, it stimulates and refreshes EVERY gland and organ in you abdomen. Every one.

That’s why you feel so refreshed immediately.

Will All My Troubles
End In One Minute?


Of course not.

You really didn’t think I was going to tell you they would, did you?

It would be nice. But, no. You’ll simply feel a refreshing rush. You may even feel a considerable amount of relief in your gland.

100% relief?

No. Don’t be silly. It took you years to cause your problems. They don’t go away with just one minute of abdominal exercise. No matter how great the exercise is.

But, you can feel better all over. Right away.

And, if you persist with correct prostate massage and this incredible exercise, I know you’re going to be writing me a very nice email!

Is Three Minutes Really All I Need?


A little more exercise would be better. You do need to move your whole body also.

If you can do some abdominal exercise for just 10 minutes, 3 times a week, you can actually get your belly into some pretty darn good shape.


“The miracle exercise alone,

3 times a day,

can make an enormous difference in how you feel.”

Start Moving
Your WHOLE Body

For your overall health and feeling of well being:

You don’t need to join a gym.

For most of us gyms are no fun at all. We wind up not going. Wasting our money. And, getting even more miserable.

Instead: Go for a 20 or 30 minute walk 4 to 6 days each week. Or, bicycle. Or, swim. Or, play tennis, ping pong, or badminton. Jump rope... Whatever gives you pleasure. Gardening is great too!

Anything you like that moves your whole body for 20-30 minutes is good.

Just get some good movement at least 4 or 5 times a week. Outside in the fresh air is best. But, anywhere will do.

And, don’t forget those few minutes of exercise for you abdominal muscles that clean, strengthen, and help your male gland to become healthier.

Keep doing them after you are feeling better! You won't regret it.

You Hate Exercise?

That's probably the comment I hear most from men with prostate problems when I first mention exercises.

You’re in good company.

A lot of men hate the boring monotony that many exercise programs can become.

Don’t worry.

You don’t need a lot. You don't need to join a gym. You don't even need to buy a sweat suit. The few minutes you just learned will take you a long way. And, you can do that Miracle Exercise anywhere, anytime.

There's no excuse!

Once you see how good that one exercise can make you feel, you'll probably never give it up.

But, if you’re not doing any abdominal exercising, you’re begging for trouble and a life full of prostate problems. And, all kinds of other health problems, disease, and an early death.

If you’ll just start with the miracle exercise,
only 3 minutes, at least 5 days a week,
you’re on the right track
greatly improved health.

Anyone can take one minute, 3 times a day, for this one extremely powerful abdominal exercise. Anyone. I don’t care how lazy you think you are.

You can even do it if you are sick and laying in bed.

The first time you try this abdominal exercise, tell me if you don’t feel some refreshment all over. It truly is like a miracle!

I Want You To
Try It

Yes right now. Even if you’re feeling too lazy to get up. Do it right there in the chair, on the couch, or wherever you are.

Standing is best. But, you can actually do it anywhere.

Try it just once. Right now... Yes, right now. Here’s the link again: The Miracle Prostate Exercise.

Click on that. Read it and do it just once.

You can begin to change your life for the better this minute!

And, it will only take you one minute.............

Did you do it??..............

No, you didn’t. Did you? Shame on you! I’m trying to help you here. Now, go back and try it!

Please,.... you won't regret it,....  try it now.

See How EASY It Is
Feel Better

It was Great! Right? It gives such a refreshing rush!

And, with continued regular use, I know you’re really going to notice some wonderful differences in the way you feel.

Do this one abdominal exercise every day, even just once every day, and you’ll be putting your prostate massage program into a higher gear.

You’ll undoubtedly feel more refreshed all over.

If you tried it, you know this already.

And, with just this one abdominal exercise, I think you’ll notice yourself getting even faster, and even better results from your prostate massage program.

Be Well.....

~ William

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