Abdominal Stretches

An Exercise for Total Well Being!

abdominal stretches for improved prostate health

Abdominal stretches are an amazing simple exercise that take only two or three minutes and have an incredible rejuvenating power on all your internal organs, your spine, your energy level, and your mental well being!

This fantastic exercise will not only help you with your prostate health program, it will also:

  • Improve The Health of Every Organ In Your Body

  • Improve Your Posture
  • Improve Your Spinal Health and Nerve Function
  • Refresh You Physically and Mentally
  • Help Counteract the Harmful Effects of Too Much Sitting

WOW! That even impresses me as I write it! But, I have experienced just exactly these results from doing these regularly. So, I want to share them with you!

How To Perforem
Abdominal Stretches Correctly!

This exercise is usually not done by anyone correctly. People normally try to do them standing upright. That is great way to screw up your lower back and cause yourself lots of low back pain.

Done on the floor, they are usually done by pushing too hard on the spine. This can cause lots of chronic lower back pain.

They are also usually performed with the head tilted way back. And that will eventually cause a neck nerve impingement. A very painful condition that is not so easy to remedy.

Abdominal stretches should be performed on the floor. The neck should be held straight just as if you were standing. And the range of movement should always be comfortable to the back.

When you do these correctly, you can improve your health and well being dramatically instead of screwing up your back miserably!

Good For Men AND Women

Although this website is devoted to men's prostate health, this particular exercise is ideal for both men and women.

One of the greatest health hazards most modern adults face is sitting too much and too long at one time each day. Most jobs just demand this.

This refreshing exercise really helps reverse a lot of the congestion and ill health brought about by all this sitting.

Congestion in the stomach area is responsible for all kinds of internal problems including and not limited to:

  • Constipation
  • Mental weariness and confusion
  • Kidney Problems
  • Low Back Pain
  • Sexual disorders

All of our vital organs are located in this area. When the blood supply is poor and stagnant, when the nerve energy is impeded, when the oxygen supply is low, these organs are all compromised. And so is your energy level and feeling of well being.

This makes it harder for your body to function properly and heal itself efficiently.

All this sitting also puts constant undue pressure on the lower spine. It can ruin the natural curvature of the lower back. It can cause the discs (which must have motion to get fluids) to degenerate and easily rupture.

After many years of this is it any wonder why so many people say: "I just don't feel as good as I used to.

They're Just So Easy To Do!

Abdominal stretches are so easy to do, when you do them correctly. And when done correctly almost anyone can do them without and harm to their lower back.

Done incorrectly, they will give you little benefit and can screw your lower back up royally!

So let's see how to do them right!

Abdominal Stretches Can Help Improve Your Total Health
in Just 2 Minutes Each Day!

Doing these correctly will be no problem for most of us. For a small number of people with spinal disorders, any kind of spinal exercise movement can be dangerous.

So: First, as always, I recommend you get a good check up by your doctor and make sure you don't have any spinal condition that would make doing these dangerous for you.

Now, here we go!

Rather than try to explain everything in detail, I have made a short video for you. In this video I both demonstrate and explain the correct way to perform this wonderful exercise:

The Gift of Good Health!

Abdominal stretches can be performed at any time of day.

However, it is extremely important to do at least 1 round of these after your abdominal exercises.

To make your mid section strong and healthy, with a good circulation, you definitely need to exercise the muscles (both front and back).

Exercises for the tummy tend to leave the muscles contracting and shortened. This decreases blood flow to your glands and organs, diminishes prostate health, can screw up your posture, and eventually your back. So you need to stretch them out after your abdominal workouts.

We seem to have lots of stretching exercises for our backs. But not for our tummies. In fact most people never really stretch their tummy!

Abdominal stretches open these muscles up. They increase your blood flow. And they enable your back to regain and maintain it's natural curve. This keeps the spine healthy and mobile as well.

What You Get!

Abdominal stretches and exercise will not only enhance your prostate health, they will enhance the health of all of your organs and you lower back! And that means a MUCH higher quality of life!

Abdominal stretches and exercise, correctly done, will give you:

  • Greater Vitality!
  • Better Posture!
  • Greater Mental Clarity and Alertness!
  • Less Sickness!
  • A Greater Sense of Well Being!

Do you think that makes them worth doing? Especially when you can do both in less than 5 minutes each day? AND - you can do them whenever you want!

It's a no brainer. Try the abdominal stretches just once, and you'll be hooked! And your life will improve daily!!

Be Well.....

~ William

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