Prostate Diseases
definite causes

prostate diseases have definite causes

"Prostate diseases
seem to run rampant these days.
But, then again,
so do all the other maladies we seem to suffer from.

It seems we have more ill health now, and more various types of suffering than ever before in the history of the world!"

Let's Talk About
Dis - Ease

Prostate diseases here are so common these days that over 90% of the male population is expected to have some ailment here before they are 70!

All of them (with the exception of bacterial prostatitis) for the most part, are not really sicknesses in the true meaning. You don't "catch" them. They are conditions that you develop.

The really good news is: Most probably, with just some simple life changes, you can reverse them be feeling great again!

Prostate diseases. What does that really mean??

Did you click on the word link above? If not, please do it now. It will link you to a reference of where this word "dis ease" originated.

We have: "discomfort, distress... sickness..." Dis-ease. That's all it means. Something is not right there.

I know this may sound idiotic to some of you. But, this is so important to understand from the most basic viewpoint: You don't feel good! SIMPLE! If your body is functioning correctly, it feels good!

I Hate To Tell You
You Did This To Yourself

I'm sorry to sound so harsh. But, knowingly, or, unknowingly we develop all these things ourselves:

Prostate diseases such as prostatitis, BPH, inflammation, erectile dysfunction, incontinence, and even cancer all come from modern "civilized" living. Very little are due to genetics.

The good news is: Those that are genetic, are usually returned to health when a natural internal environment is restored

And, as I said: you don't "catch" any of those things from someone or something else!

We seem to be all consumed these days with identifying our ailments. Being specific! We want to know exactly what we have! Not that it necessarily does us much good to know. But, it seems to make us feel a whole lot better about our situation.

Prostate diseases are no exception to this rule.

"The fact of the matter is,
by bringing the body to a natural way of living again,
most every developed dis ease condition
would vanish!"

It can do us great good to know what dis ease we developed, however. Because: If we know what we have, we can trace back to what caused our problem(s) and correct what we are doing that is continuing to cause or create these specific problems.

Yes, Every Disease There Is
Has A Cause

Here's something you have to know: EVERYTHING has a cause. Take away the cause, the problem "magically" disappears!

You don't just "get" something. Whatever is bothering you was caused by some action or lack of action on your part. ALWAYS. No exceptions. Even if you didn't know what you were doing. Or, that you were doing anything.

Take a deep breath. That's actually more good news!!

If you can grasp that point, or are already in agreement with it, you will understand that most prostate diseases can be reversed. Usually pretty darn simply.

NOT Necessarily Easily

I don't mean to sound flip or glib about any of these dis eases. Or, the pain and suffering you may be experiencing.

Sexual problems can be serious and many can be extremely painful. They can also destroy your sex life and/or your ability to enjoy a sex life. They can even interfere with your ability to simply urinate.

The three major reasons this gland of ours suffers so much are:

1)  Poor blood flow

2) Lack of sufficient nutrition

3)  Over use

That's it! Yes, that's it.

Prostate diseases develops from one, or, a combination of those three factors. As I said, genetics has very little to do with most men's sexual problems.

You Must Remove
The Cause Of The Problem

So why do so many men suffer from sexual problems even after treatment?

Well, treatments are just that. They treat a problem. Unfortunately, "treatments" usually treat symptoms and not causes. So the problems remain. However they may be masked.

This is what causes chronic problems.

You MUST remove the cause of the problems if the problems are to go away and not come back.

EVERY Prostate Disease
Has A Cause

Prostate diseases all have causes. For example, a man with BPH may never have prostatitis, or cancer, but his gland may be swelling like a balloon and making it impossible for him to pee.

This can happen just because he is deficient in some specific nutrients that are found (in concentrated form) in the saw palmetto berry.

These nutrients may also be found in other food sources. The problem is, with modern agriculture, our foods often don't contain the same high amount of nutrients they did a couple of hundred years ago. Even 100 years ago. So our bodies suffer from different forms of starvation even though we are getting fat from too many calories.

And some bodies require more of certain nutrients than others. So some men suffer more than others (and some not at all) in the same circumstances.

For this reason, most of us natural nutritional supplements are necessary in order to keep truly healthy.

Until I Added Correct Massaging
My Own Personal Situation...

Prostate diseases are almost impossible to avoid these days.

Let's continue with the example of the same man who is suffering from BPH.

He may actually be getting plenty of nutrients in his food. He may even be taking Saw Palmetto supplements and getting a lot more of these nutrients in his diet than necessary.

BUT, he may not be getting any better. Why? Because these supplements may not be reaching his gland in sufficient quantity. Why? Lack of sufficient blood flow to the gland.

Which brings us to factor number 1. This is often the "mystery factor" because you just can't see it and there are no medical tests for it.

We assume blood flow is even throughout our bodies. It usually is NOT. And, if the blood flow to any body part is restricted, the function of that body part is compromised.

If the the blood flow is poor enough, the body part will die. This happens to diabetics when their limbs get such poor blood flow that they must be amputated if the person is to survive.

"More blood flow to the gland
is often enough
to remedy an enormous amount of prostate diseases.
With no other change in a man's lifestyle.

This is why correct massage techniques
have proven so beneficial."

That is how and why this entire website was developed.

NOTHING was giving me any complete relief for my own personal prostate diseases until I added correct massaging to my personal health practice.

Once I did, my entire situation down there made a huge and rapid change change for the better. To the point where I became pain free and resumed a normal flow of urination.

Toxicity and Cancer

Prostate diseases can be painful and annoying enough on their own. But, why do you think we have more prostate cancer now than ever before in history?

Toxicity! Too many toxins in our bodies. And our gland down there is always filtering these toxins from our blood streams in order to keep the fluid of the semen clean and the sperm cells healthy and alive.

But these toxins (poisons) get trapped in the sexual gland of most men because the blood flow is poor there. Again, this is why correct massage technique here is such a powerful preventative and healing mechanism.

Correct massage technique here brings a greatly enhanced blood flow to the area. This blood flow combined with the actual massaging motion is actually washing out the gland.

Similar Example

Did you ever wash a shirt out in the bathroom sink? You squished and squeezed (massaged) the shirt in plenty of soap and water and it got clean. Right?

You knew you had to squish it and squeeze it. You couldn't just dip the shirt in the water and then dry it. Right?

Same with your gland. When you massage it, the job gets done a LOT better.

"Massage your gland regularly
and you won't accumulate as much poison in there.
You'll also be able to clean out
years of accumulated life destroying toxins
in a relatively short period of time!"

Chronic Prostate Diseases

Prostate diseases that are often simple in the beginning (like most prostatitis) often become chronic and life altering simply because enough blood flow never gets to the area to enable the body to take care of itself in a normal way.

So then we are in pain. Or we can't pee right. So, we wind up trying out all kinds of drugs.

But, the drugs so often don't do anything because the blood flow is not correct and the area is suffocating and starving as well as being poisoned to death. Does this problem make sense to you now?

And, for this reason, pain killers usually don't even seem to work here for most men.

Prostate diseases that I suffered from NEVER responded to painkillers. Maybe because my blood supply down there was insufficient to deliver enough pain killer to my gland. Make sense again?

More blood would have delivered more medicine. BUT, enough blood probably would have meant no pain in the first place and no need for medicine. So I had to get the blood moving in there again!

This is why correct massage techniques here were so life changing for me and have been for tens of thousands of other men. They make the blood flow better!

This Is
What Really Worked
For Me

Prostate diseases are a natural result of abusive life habits also. I was a very excessive young man. Drank way too much alcohol. Ate too many sweets. And, sexually over indulged at every opportunity.

I was train wreck waiting to happen. It did happen! Big time painful!!!

But, a return to clean natural foods, pure water, exercise, sexual abstinence and moderation combined with a large variety of massage techniques (all listed on the NAV bar to your left) brought me back to radiant sexual health.

It sounds too simple. Too basic. Right?

Aren't we taught we "need something"?

Well, we do. We need some proper natural care of our precious gland. Doesn't it make sense that natural care will restore natural proper function? We just don't usually know where to find that information.

I spent years researching this topic of prostate diseases for my own personal health problems. Now, you have all that information, right here, for free.

I hope you will benefit from the information on this site thoroughly, and, see how simple it can be to reverse most every one of these problems.

Are You Looking Forward To
Prostate Diseases
Radiant Sexual Health?

What do I mean by "Radiant Health"?

I mean a pain free, fully functioning sexual and urinary system free from prostate diseases.

If you are like most men, following a similar program can do the same for you!

I know this was a brief overview of prostate diseases. And, by no means was I making light of them. Or, imply that things will "change overnight". I just want you to know that most prostate diseases have simple easy causes. I have found this also includes erectile dysfunction and cancer.

Prostate diseases of every kind seem to stem from the same causes: modern living. And, they all seem to respond to the same "get back to nature" way of life combined with simple massaging techniques.

Be Well.....

~ William

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