Red Wine
Prostate Health

red wine and prostate health


Red wine and prostate health? Seriously?


Red wine, or any decent wine for that matter, does not seem to cause the same painful prostate problems that beer does. Beer can screw your prostate gland up miserably. Pain. Swelling. Infection symptoms. Wine, you can drink the same amount of alcohol, and run smooth as silk.


Let’s take a look:

Can Cause Serious Prostate Problems

There are a number of reasons why beer is a troublemaker for our prostates. Even though we may love it.

First:  The alcohol content of beer us usually about half of what you will find in red wine. Normally in the 5% - 6% range.

So what difference does that make?

red wine and prostate health, #2

In the fermentation process, red wine will usually reach about 14% alcohol. Then it doesn’t get any stronger.


Because the yeast (that ferments and makes the alcohol) dies at that alcohol level. And, so would you. Long before then actually if your blood alcohol ever got that high.

There is still live yeast in most fresh and high quality beer.

That’s why red wine and prostate health is a significant for those who enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages.

The Enemy

A human being with barely 1/2 of 1% blood alcohol (0.4%) will die because his breathing and heart stop at that level.

So, yeast is actually pretty touch organism!

And, that brings us to point #2:

Second:  Yeast will cause a number of seriously uncomfortable problems for a human. Candida is another yeast problem. Candida is a yeast problem that women often suffer from.

AND, yeast can hide in the acini of your prostate. These are ductless little sacs that can cause you incredible prostate pain when yeast grows in there. The yeast causes gases which expand these little sacs and they can then hurt like crazy.

So, we’re going to be focusing on red wine and prostate health in this article.

Non Specific

And, you know what?

When you go spend $300 to see your Urologist, and another $150 - $200 for urine, and possibly semen tests, NOTHING SHOWS UP. And, it turns out to be a complete waste of money.

Plus: Now we’re really scared because we have a LOT of pain and our doctors can not tell us why.

That’s not the doctor’s fault. The acini don’t  shed (release) the yeast. Acini are like closed balloons.

prostate acini

And, yeast in the acini is one of the major causes of “non specific prostatitis”. That means your prostate gland swells inside from the yeast growing and creating gas, it hurts, and no one knows why.

Guess what else?

7 out of 8 cases of prostatitis are “nonspecific”. In other words, your doc doesn’t know why things hurt down there because the tests for yeast and bacteria show nothing.

But, the cause is definite and very real.

How Did the Yeast Get In
The Acini?

So, if the acini are closed, how did the yeast get into the acini?

Very good question!

Through the blood stream.

If your stomach acid is strong enough when yeast is in the stomach, it will kill the yeast.

BUT, even if a little that goes through, a tiny amount, it is now available to enter your blood stream directly.

Now, frankly, that’s a bitch for those of us that love beer.

I usually NEVER drink beer anymore. Sometimes I break down and have some. Then I curse myself days later when my prostate starts getting uncomfortable.

Then I use my silver water again and clears up. But, that takes weeks. AND, silver water is not cheap. I usually spend about $150 on it before my problem resolves.

That makes for very expensive and uncomfortable beer drinking.

Red Wine and Prostate Health
Reason #3

prostate problems from beer

Third:  Something in the ingredients of beer and the fermentation process of beer makes it hostile to the prostate gland.

Beer can just irritate the heck out of many men. Other men, Good bless them, will never suffer from this wrath.

When we talk about red wine and prostate health, that irritation never seems to be a problem. As long as we don't overindulge regularly. Then, alcohol itself can cause an irritation problem in our prostates.

Red Wine and Prostate Health
Reason #4

Just something to keep in mind:

Fourth:  As I just mentioned, if you drink way too much alcohol of any kind, regularly, you’re going to cause prostate problems.

You’ll still most likely develop pain. Not from yeast. From too much alcohol.

When we talk about red wine and prostate health, we are not saying you can drink yourself into a coma every night and be OK. Far from it. Moderation is still the key.

If you’re drinking alcohol excessively, it doesn’t matter if it’s beer, wine, gin martinis or any other alcohol. Too much is too much.

Moderation is important.

What’s moderate? Probably up to 3 glasses of wine for a normal sized male in one day.

What About
Pasteurized Beer?

Yes, once again, some of you were one step ahead of me here. This is another very logical and good question.

Pasteurization kills the yeast in beer.

Most commercial American beer is pasteurized.


Pasteurization gives the beer a longer shelf life.

Unfortunately, pasteurization does NOT remove the irritation effect of beer that wine just does not have.

So, if we like to consume, wine is a far better choice. Yes, red wine and prostate health go together.

Want Proof?
Make Your Own Test

Red wine and prostate health. You don't have to take my word for it. Prove it to yourself.

You may already be drinking pasteurized beer if you are like most Americans. However, if beer irritation (not yeast) is what is causing your problem, and you switch to red wine or even white wine, see what happens.

Switching to red wine (or any color wine) often seems like a miracle! Truly. Chronic long term beer irritation can go away simply by drinking wine instead.

It’s no miracle.

It’s just you stopped irritating yourself. It’s like a shoe that doesn’t fit right. That shoe will cause you endless blisters and pain. Put on a comfortable old shoe )or one that fits right) and all the problems disappear. Right?

If the pain is from yeast (as mine was), Silver Water may work as well for you as it did for me.

If it’s from irritation, stop the irritant and the problem goes away.

Always Remember
it is
Cause and Effect

This is a cause and effect Universe.

Nothing happens by accident. There is ALWAYS a cause.

Just far too often, we don’t know what the cause is. And, we can’t find any causes in the research we do.

There is ALWAYS a cause.

When you find the cause, you will know why there is a problem.

Red wine and prostate health is something you can prove to yourself. Ditch the beer for a few months, switch to wine, and see what happens!

Don’t Buy
Garbage Wine

red wine and prostate health, #4

When talking about red wine and prostate health, we must give you a word of warning:

Do yourself a very big favor here and don’t buy garbage cheap wine. The $7.99 gallon jug or box. You know what I’m talking about.


There are over 400 chemical additives, yes over four hundred chemical additives, that can be legally added to wine.

(Beer has a similar problem.)

These chemicals are used to adjust the fermentation process, the sweetness, the dryness, the flavors, acidity…..

That is why cheap wine tastes exactly the same no matter what year you buy it. It a chemical masterpiece.

AND, those chemicals may not be so very kind to you. And, some of them have caused me severe horrible headaches.

I went to a winery in southern California and bought what was supposed to be an exceptionally good Pinot Noir. The headache from that wine was horrific! I found out it tased so good because of all the added chemicals that control taste, acidity, tartness vs sweet, aftertaste, etc….

So, yes, even an expensive wine can be "garbage" when it comes to your health.

Cheap wines will taste the same every year. No matter what.

Decent wine will taste different year to year because the weather is not exactly the same year to year and this affects the taste of the grape and the final outcome of the wine….

So, when we talk about red wine and prostate health, you can’t drink cheap garbage wine. Or, a "good" garbage wine.

How can you tell what is bad and what is good? Sometimes you can't. BUT: If you find you have an unusual horribly strong headache, or any other unpleasant manifestations, from any wine you drink, that's the first clue to never drink it again. No matter who says, "It a good wine.".

You Don't Have to
Spend a Fortune

red wine and prostate health, #5

Thank God you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a decent quality, delicious, healthful wine.

Sure if you can afford $30 - $100+ dollars a bottle, go for it. I would.

But, that’s not at all necessary when desiring a decent wine. I get a very nice Cabernet for $5.99. A wonderful (equal to any $30 - $50 bottle) for $10.99 on sale. That is my special wine.

A good $6 bottle of wine will give the equivalent alcohol of of a little more than four beers. So, drinking wine is not going to break your bank.

What About

You will find sulphites in ALL but a few Organically produced wines.


Because the main pesticide (a harmless one for most people) used on grapes is sulphur dust. Sulphur. A plain mineral. It is in a lot a foods. Especially eggs. And, sulphur is a necessary nutrient.

BUT, a small percentage of the population react very badly to “sulphur dioxide”. Very badly. Sulphur dioxide forms in the wine from the sulphur dust.

If this is a problem for you, stay away from anything with “sulphites” in it.

If you know nothing about sulphites, here’s an excerpt from an excellent article from called:

“What You Need to Know About Sulphites”

“Sulphites can trigger asthma and symptoms of an anaphylactic reaction.  Many people who have asthma may also have a sulphite sensitivity. An allergist can confirm sulphite sensitivity. In this case, sulphites need to be avoided.If it’s not a problem, you don’t need to concern yourself with it.”

Red Wine
Superior Nourishment

Wine, as we all know, is made from grape juice.

Grapes are one of the most nutrient rich foods in the world. That is why they, and red wine, have been revered for thousands, yes thousands, of years.

The earliest evidence we have of wine drinking goes back about 9,000 years (7,000 BC).

In more recent times, let’s say the last 2,000 years, wine was always brought on ocean voyages and revered for it’s health and life sustaining qualities.

Why Are Grapes
So Good for Us?

Grapes are one of the healthiest fruits to eat because the plants root 40+ feet below the surface. The roots gather all kinds of minerals that are not so abundant to the shallow rooting plants we normally eat every day.

In turn, these minerals, and most of the other healthy benefits of this fruit, are passed on to you in WINE.

Beer is made from grain. Usually refined grain (most of the nutrients are gone). These grains are shallow rooters, AND, they are usually ‘refined”. That means the bran and germ of the grain, that contain the most nutrients, are gone before the grain is used.

This is why whole grain bread is so superior to white bread (refined grain) in nutritional content.

Yes, wine is far superior to beer from a nutritional standpoint.

When we talk about red wine and prostate health, it is easy to see why red wine is so superior to beer in nutritional value.

Say Goodbye
The Troublemakers

We’re talking about red wine and prostate health. So, let’s get back to the troublemakers: yeast and beer.

As you learned: For many of us, yeast can be a nightmare and cause painful prostate problems. The yeast does not show up in the standard urine and semen tests. So, the prostatitis is causes is called "non specific". Which simply means, "We don't know why.".

Beer itself, even pasteurized beer where all the yeast is dead, can also irritate our prostates mercilessly. Yet, for some men it is no problem.

Beer can be just plain evil for many of us. For others, God Bless Them, it’s no problem at all.

No one really knows why. But, does that matter?

As long as you know something causes trouble, all you need to do to get rid of the problem is get rid of the troublemakers. Right?

WINE, dear dear wine, just doesn’t seem to cause the prostate problems that beer does. God Bless It! When I survey men, I find this true also.

I really do enjoy a nice evening buzz sometimes and I can get it now, very enjoyably, with no fear of the ramifications of the beer I so used to love. And, suffer from.

Red Wine and Prostate Health


Red wine and prostate health. Who knew? Right?

If relentless painful prostatitis has been a problem for you, and, you are a beer drinker, try giving up the brew. OMG! I know, that’s practically blasphemy. Right?

But, it may make you feel a whole lot better.

Red wine and prostate health. It works for me. And, countless others around the world.

the benefits of red wine and prostate health

Be Well….

~ William

ps:  Also, take a look at this article on prostatitis and Silver Water. It may be of help to you.

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