Prostatitis Symptoms
Can Be
Very Unusual

The variety of prostatitis symptoms is almost unbelievable!

prostatitis symptoms

- Tender, swollen prostate

- Pain in your penis

- Pain in your testicles

- Pain in the area between your scrotum and your rectum (perineum)

Those are the most obvious.

Other common, but maybe less obvious symptoms include:

- Frequent urination

- Burning urination

- Incomplete emptying of bladder

- Painful ejaculation

- Painful urination (dysuria)

- Sensation of having to urinate immediately, often accompanied by bladder pain or spasm (urgency)

- Recurring urinary tract infection (UTI)

The Seemingly Unrelated Prostatitis Symptoms Start Here:

- Lower back pain (very common)

- Chronic pelvic pain syndrome

- Fever


- Joint pain (arthralgia)

- Muscle pain (myalgia)

- Infection in bloodstream (sepsis)

I mean, who would ever think sore joints and muscles were a symptom of their prostate gland? Normally you won't find those two prostatitis symptoms alone, but you could.

Enlarged Prostate Symptoms (as in the case of BPH) can be considerably different.

The First Step to Recovery

Find a reputable Urologist and get a check up. 8 out of 9 times there is nothing a medical Doctor can do for Prostatitis Symptoms. That is because 8 out of 9 times Prostatitis is non-specific (also called non-bacterial).

You just want to be sure you don't have BPH or cancer. These two conditions are generally not painful anyway, unless they are quite advanced. And, their treatment is different.

BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) is usually only painful because you can not pass urine.

Cancer is generally painless unless it is quite advanced.

Some earlier studies on prostatitis, which suggested some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as chlamydia or mycoplasma might cause chronic pain here, have now been disproved.

Your Gland Can Hurt So Badly
You Think You're Going To Die!

The most baffling form of this is called prostatodynia prostatalgia. It can be the most painful and chronic form. That is what I suffered from before I finally learned how to clear it up permanently. You can too.

The symptoms include any and all of those listed above. Yet nothing shows up medically.

That is often because the bacteria are trapped in the acini (small sack-like structures) of the gland. These bacteria do not show up in medical tests because they are trapped. They do not "shed" into the urine or semen. (The two fluids tested for bacteria)

So, it appears that nothing is there.

These bacteria can cause inflammation and acute swelling. This swelling causes the membrane surrounding our gland to stretch. If the membrane gets stretched beyond it's capacity it starts to tear (microscopically).

It is the exact same thing that happens in your leg when you get "shin splints". But, it can be even more painful!

"If you have prostatalgia
your doctor generally won't have a clue
what to do for you."

"(Medical) treatment is ineffective. Therapy with antibiotics and with drugs that relax the muscles of the gland is often attempted and fails." (ref:

I Have Learned About
Two Amazing Remedies

The finest remedy I ever found in my own case was a combination of Correct Massage and Silver Water. I had suffered from prostatalgia on and off for years. Once for 14 months straight at one time! I had intense chronic pain as well as a variety of recurring prostatitis symptoms.

The doctors I saw had no clue what to do.

"When I discovered Correct Massaging Techniques,
I immediately started to feel better."

Later, when I learned about Silver Water, I decided to try it out. Colloidal Silver Water is all natural and non-toxic.

The Poison Control Center of The Environmental Protection Agency reports a 'no toxicity' listing for Colloidal Silver (Silver Water).

All of My Prostatitis Symptoms
Within 2 Weeks!

I've heard the same success story from countless men.

Both Correct Prostate Massage Techniques and Silver Water are excellent remedies. Together they are like magic!

I can not say enough good things about Silver Water and regular Correct Massaging.

If you are tired of suffering from prostatitis symptoms and an unhealthy gland, why not try them? They have given me and tens of thousands of other men permanent relief from an "incurable" condition.

Be Well.....

~ William

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