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I am often asked what the best prostate health product is. And this is where people can get skeptical. "What is he going to try to sell us?" would be my question.

Well, the answer to that question is: "Nothing."

No, I'm not here to sell you something. Just to give you an answer to your question, and, hopefully an answer to your male sexual problems. No matter how long you've had them.

I Want You to Learn What Really Works

I have found that correct prostate massage is the number one answer to most male pain and health problems today.

Correct massage will not fix all male sexual problems. But, it can at least usually help. In even the worst cases.

We're not going to talk about cancer here. That is whole different ball game. But, most men who are having any kind of problem(s) with their male gland do not have cancer there. And, cancer is usually painless there until it's final stages.

Male Sexual Pain

But, male sexual problems and pain in this area run rampant, yet, are hardly ever discussed. And chronic undiagnosable pain here heads the list.

It's usually called "non specific prostatitis". You have pain in your gland and your doctor throws his hands up in the air and says, "We can't find anything wrong with you."

And this type of prostatitis out numbers bacterial prostatitis (the kind that can be medically diagnosed) 8 to 1!

Our Own Self Sexual Abuse

Most of us do not even know, or realize, how we abuse our bodies (and especially our sexual equipment!) on a daily basis.

If your diet is deficient, if you insist on sitting ALL day without any breaks to stand and move around, if you insist on drinking alcohol in excess every day, having way too much sex all the time, etc..., etc... You're not going to get rid of your sexual problems. Ever.

In fact, they will just continue and probably get worse.

That's right, good health and renewed health often require some lifestyle changes. And, once your gland bothers you enough you'll be willing to make those necessary changes.

Until then, most of us just go about our merry way and hope for the best.

The wonderful part is: in so many cases (probably most) just some simple correct massaging (done on a regular basis) along with moderate clean living, will enable your body to heal itself of the majority of modern sexual problems and discomforts.

A good massaging device may be the only sexual health product you need to get back into good comfortable sexual health.

Saving Ourselves From a Life of Misery

So, how does a man do a proper prostate massage?

It's easy. And there are a number of methods you can use. You can use your finger, a wooden drumstick, a professional masseuse who knows what she is doing, an Aneros, your sexual partner's assistance....

The important thing is to do the massaging correctly.

The Best Prostate Health Product

So, in my opinion, the number one prostate health product would be your massage device.

I have to qualify that statement just a little and say that for those with nutritional deficiencies (including deficiencies that cause BPH ), you're going to need to get your body the nutrients it needs if you are going to remedy your problem. Those nutrients will be you best prostate health products.

Then, adding regular correct prostate massage to your nutritional program is going to increase the effectiveness and speed of results from the nutritional correction by about 500%!

Why? Because the actual physical movement increases the blood flow to your gland and helps to clean it out. With a lot more fresh blood (which carries the nutrients), your body can do it's work more quickly and effectively.

How Poor Blood Circulation Causes

Most of us assume our blood flows evenly throughout our bodies. This is just not true.

Blood can stagnate in areas of the body. This doesn't mean the area gets no blood (in which case it, and you, would die), but the supply can be greatly diminished. That will cause pain wherever it happens.

Blood stagnation can happen for a number of reasons, but primarily from pinched or clogged blood vessels. The male gland frequently suffers from pinched and restricted blood vessels due to too much sitting.

When this happens, your special male gland:

  • Accumulates toxins
  • Is Deprived of adequate nutrients
  • Is deprived of Oxygen

All of this causes pain.

These are the reasons so many men suffer from pain in this area.

As I said, cancer here is rarely painful (unless it is in it's last stages). BPH is usually not painful. Prostatitis and infection can hurt. And hurt like Hell!

Other Prostate Health Products

Most other prostate health products are nutritional supplements. These can be of enormous value if they are good ones.

But, even the best prostate health product supplements do little good for you unless they get into the gland. That require adequate blood flow. And that is why correct massage is so effective.

If your gland is very toxic and weak it may take quite a while for these supplements to get working.

Regular correct physical manipulation (rubbing) of your gland greatly increases your blood circulation there.

This increased blood flow:

  • Brings these needed nutrients to this entire area in much greater quantity.
  • Brings more oxygen to your gland. (So, the cells have more energy to work with the nutrients.)
  • Flushes pain and disease causing toxins much more quickly and efficiently. Even toxins that may have been building up for many years.

Can you now see why a correct massaging device is the most important prostate health product?

Making Your Choice

aneros prostate health productAneros Helix Classic

I almost always recommend an Aneros Helix Silicone device as the best prostate health product because it is so easy to use and does such a nice job.This is also the most comfortable device I ever found and fits most men very nicely.

Once you start doing your own massages, you will invariably want one. It's just the easiest way to do your massaging.

the best prostate health productAneros Helix Silicone

But, if you are short on funds, and you look at my page for correct technique, you will also learn how to do an excellent job in other ways.

The important thing is do it regularly.

So which prostate health product do I think it Best? The answer is: Any one that will enable you to get a good, gentle, effective prostate massage! And one that you will use regularly.

Be Well.....

~ William

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