Prostate Health
Being Rich!

What does prostate health have to do with being rich? A LOT!!!

This article is a little different. But, I think it will be very inspirational to those of you who are now suffering miserably from any type of prostatic problem.

So, Here Is
The Story of Mark J.

I received an email from a reader that somehow intrigued me very much. He told me my site had remedied his issues in this area. Issues that had plagued him for over 20 years and that now he was finally able to live the life he had dreamed so long to build.

I get so much email that I normally just do not have time to respond to everyone. But, Mark had some very valuable things to say that I thought would be of interest to all of my readers concerning prostate health.

Mark is a very wealthy man. He is the CEO of a very prominent company. He is probably the the number 1 man in his field according to a number of sources.

But, Mark had suffered for decades from prostate health problems which made living "the dream life" impossible.

The Good Times

Mark and I had a number of long discussions.

He is a man who at 22 ran away to Florida to just go have some fun. He left home with $400 in his pocket and an old beat up car. He drove 2 solid days to get there. Once he did, he then did nothing but relax on the beach all day, work as a waiter at night at a very fancy and expensive hotel, and go dancing after work with his friends.

He told me about all the fun he had and how he vowed some day he would be living like the people he waited on each night. People who spent more on a night's dinner than he made in a week.

He said it was one of, if not THE, best times of his life!! He made enough to pay his rent and live the "good life". Which meant laying in the sun, swimming in the ocean, dating numerous young women, going out dancing and drinking with his friends and relaxing.

He said a $1.29 bottle of Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill wine, a date, and the sound of the ocean was all a night needed to be PERFECT!

The Bad Times

Then he told me, how after many years, he reached that financial goal. He reached a point where he was making all the money he needed for everything he really needed and wanted and still had money left over.

Now he could drink $50 wine each night. Eat the best steaks. Drive a Mercedes Benz. Buy the house of his dreams. But, he was unable to really enjoy any of it because he was plagued by constant daily prostatic pain. Even just sitting for 20 minutes caused him too much pain.

He was miserable. He had all the money a man could dream of, but his constant pain made all the pleasures he dreamed of enjoying impossible.

His poor prostate health and the chronic pain it caused each day kept him from living the life he spent all those years trying to achieve.

How His Prostate Health Returned!

Mark told me he spent years trying to figure out the solution to his prostate health problems. Then he discovered all the information contained here on this website.

He applied EVERY technique. Some worked better than others for him. But, he was relentless. And, persisted.

All the medications he had tried had failed him. Pain relievers, antispasmotics, etc... etc... He said he might as well have been eating jelly beans for all the good they did him.

Then, he told me with the prostate massages he learned about here, and, with healthy foods, sexual moderation, and plenty of perseverance, ALL of his sexual problems vanished. No more pain. No more getting up 3 or 4 times at night to pee. No more problems with sexual function.

"It was like all those problems were just a very very bad dream." - Mark J.

The Good Life - Part II

Once those problems were gone, Mark told me he was truly able to enjoy all the gifts he now had. Even the "boring" moments when he could just sit there and be pain free were now a true joy.

He told me how at 22 he had enjoyed one of the richest times in his whole life because he could enjoy everything there was for him to do. Pain free.

And, that once his prostate health had returned, and his pain problems had disappeared, he was able to do that again.

How Does This Help You?

Will prostate health make you rich? That depends on how you define rich. Will prostate health make you lots of money? Probably not.

But, great health gives you the strength and vitality to tackle any job or circumstance. It also gives you the feeling of well being to enjoy it.

So, if male problems are interrupting your sleep, causing you pain, or prohibiting you from doing any of the activities or social events you used to love: Imagine what it would be like to be 22 again and not even know this gland existed.

"Imagine how different your life would be
if your gland worked normally
was pain free again."

This type of healing had happened for thousands of men. And, if you are like most men, it can probably happen for you. You just have to know what it takes to regain prostate health and do those simple things!

Be Well.....

~ William

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