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Correct body work for men has proven to be probably the most effective method for regaining and maintaining prostate health.

All the techniques described in this site have helped tens of thousands of men achieve true vibrant radiant sexual health!

Conditions that include and are not limited to:

  • Prostatitis
  • Infection
  • BPH
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Impotence
  • Slow urinary flow
  • Pain and/or discomfort

This type of work for men is directed at the prostate gland. It includes:

Direct and indirect Massage is easy to do! And it doesn't require a lot of time or expensive equipment. It is also something you can generally do most effectively by yourself.

Milking requires a little more technique, but can be mastered in a short period of time.

The Two Types Of Techniques

These techniques comes in two basic forms:

  • Internal
  • External

Internal body work techniques are the most direct and generally the most intense and effective. When correctly done, they are very safe for most normally healthy men.

But sometimes external techniques are all that can be tolerated by certain men such as men of very advanced age, men with serious hemorrhoids, men with colon diseases, etc...

If you have any doubts about your own physical condition: Get an examination and an OK from your Doctor before your start any kind of physical program. Be sure there are no problems or health issues that could cause you injury during prostate massage.

Body Work Specifically For Men

Correct body work for men done both internally and externally will normally enable a man's internal systems to clear up various forms of "non specific" prostatitis that are not able to be diagnosed. This is when your gland hurts and your doctor does a full exam and says, "There is nothing wrong."

And, this is what happens 8 out of 9 times with prostatitis! It comes up as a medical mystery.

The different types of massages, on this website, have changed the lives of tens of thousands of men for the better. Even when these conditions had been present for years. And even decades!

Until you stop getting in nature's way and give nature the chance to really heal you, you will continue to suffer. This applies to health in general. Not just prostate health.

The Proof Is In The Pudding!

I get countless letters from men who have suffered for very long periods of time and now feel fine and function (urinate, ejaculate) easily.

AND, these same body work methods that enabled these men to get back to normal health are so simple that virtually any man can learn to perform them easily, correctly, and effectively. It's not rocket science. And nature never intended good health to be difficult to achieve.

Why It Works!

The techniques you learn on this website are so effective because, correctly done, they greatly increase the blood flow to the gland. This increased blood flow enables the body to clean and heal itself much more efficiently.

This increased blood flow can often enable a body to easily heal itself and return to normal even when the condition has been present for many years.

The Fine Points

The fine points of any endeavor are often the difference between success and failure. And they can be the difference between safety and injury.

These are some of the the fine points that will help you to get the most out of your practice, enjoy the process, and not cause yourself injury:


Any body work should only be practiced safely. For most men this is no problem. Even men with chronic and/or painful prostatitis conditions.

As I said earlier, however, there are certain conditions that will not allow for safe practice. This is especially true for internal techniques. I've never heard of the external body work causing any serious problems.

If you have any doubts about your own physical condition, start with a doctor's check up. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

And for those men who can not do the internal ones, the external ones can still be highly effective.


Body work for men requires gentleness. Your gland is a sensitive delicate area of your body.

Once your doctor says you are OK to begin, Gentleness is the #1 fine point to remember. You can injure yourself seriously if you are too aggressive or rough with internal techniques.

This may be the inclination more during milking than massaging, because during milking the goal is to squeeze out the semen that is in the gland.

This means you can be thorough by applying only moderate pressure to the gland.

Massage "moderate" pressure, however, is different for each man. Your best guideline here is: What does it feel like? Does the pressure cause pain? Or is it pleasurable?

This is the most practical and sensible guideline to follow.

If it causes any pain, you are doing it too aggressively! Stop immediately and either continue with less force or discontinue the entire practice for that day and give your body a chance to recuperate before you try again.


Regularity here is important. Especially if you have swelling and/or inflammation that is causing you pain. You need to keep the blood moving.

The first time you do one of the internal techniques you are going to be loosening up all kinds of internal toxins and debris. These thing need to be flushed out of your gland. Over toxicity can cause all kinds of pain, discomfort and yes, cancer (from toxic overload, the most common cause of prostatic cancer.)


This is one reason to be especially gentle when you are just beginning.

It should not be your goal to get everything done in one try! You most likely can't anyway. Take your time, be gentle, and just like with an exercise program, do it regularly!

The evening, or the day or two, after you do your first session, you may experience a bit more discomfort than you originally had. This is exactly the same phenomena that happens when you first start to do an exercise program. Those muscles may get sore.

If you really over did the first workout, you can get extremely sore.

Body work for men is similar. And just like the 2nd and 3rd muscular work out seems to relieve the soreness, so does the 2nd and 3rd prostate massage.

These following massages (or muscular work outs) actually help flush the poisons that were stirred up in the first attempts and the follow up bring lots of new blood to refresh the area.

This can also happen after milking for the first time. So, after your first milking, you may want to follow up the next day or two with some gentle external massages.

Drink Plenty Of Water!

Body work, and it's cleansing action, require plenty of water to work most effectively.

Now, there is always a certain amount of water in your blood. So the techniques are going to have an effect no matter how hydrated or dehydrated you are.

But, to get the most out of you actions here, you're going to want to drink extra water.

Correct body work can be compared to washing out a piece of laundry, say a shirt, in the bathroom sink.

You wet the shirt, put on some soap and smush it around a bit. That's the massaging process!

But, if you don't give the shirt a good rinse, not much of the dirt comes out.

If you give it a good rinse after the wash, it really cleans up!

Your body works the same way. Give your body plenty of water to work with and it will clean up not just your gland but your entire body much more effectively.

Make Sure You Get Enough Rest

Body work for men is most effective when you also get adequate rest.

This means enough sleep! Sleep is when your body does most of it's healing and mending. Why do you think you get better from a cold or flu faster when you rest properly? This is your most healing time.

Don't cut your sleep short. Cut out something else.

You Can
Do It By Yourself

This type of body work is actually best done by yourself.


When you do this by yourself, for yourself, it enables you to monitor the pressure at all times (for safety) and reach the areas you find most satisfying and effective.

Not everyone is capable of this because not every man can reach back there. But, most of us can.

And some older men don't have the hand strength to do this king of body work. Or they may have arthritis of the hands as an issue.

If you can not do your own, you can have a loved one or a professional do it for you.

But be sure to have a constant communication going so you can tell them if they are working too hard or aggressively. OR, if they are not working vigorously enough.

Body Work
Getting Really Healthy!

These are all fine points. But, it is often the little things that make the big difference between success and failure.

In all of my research, the thing that has proven to be probably the single greatest discovery there is for regaining and maintaining excellent prostate health is: healthful living habits combined with correct body work!

Be Well.....

~ William

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