The Hidden Danger

celibacy can be harmful to your health

The most common modern definition of sexual "celibacy" is: "abstention from sexual relations." In past centuries it more commonly meant "unmarried". Or, the " vow" that a priest in the catholic church would take (the vow to not get married).

Being celibate is either a choice a man or woman makes, or, it is imposed upon a man due to health problems such as Impotence or Peyronies Disease. But being celibate for a man, without regularly emptying and stimulation of his sexual system, is not a health practice.

This has been proven true by the results of statistical studies of catholic priest and their high rate of prostate cancers.

Still, a healthy sexual/urinary system can be maintained during a celibate time. And, it does not require an erotic experience.

A Personal Choice

The catholic priest makes a vow of celibacy when he becomes a priest. This is a purely personal spiritual decision. There is no right or wrong to it. It is a personal choice.

However, I do not believe that means a priest can not do either correct prostate milking or some correct form of massage or exercise to keep his gland healthy.

There are also men who choose to remain celibate for Tantric reasons or emotional reasons. Or, athletic performance reasons.

Celibacy And Your Prostate Health

If you have chosen this life style, or are celibate due to a health condition, you still need to take care of your male equipment.

Just as too much sexual activity can harm you, no activity here can also cause serious health problems.

A healthy man's body is still going to produce semen. And this semen needs to be regularly flushed from his body. If a man has a sick gland, it undoubtedly benefit from increased blood flow.

The gland itself requires some muscular contraction and/or massage to keep the blood flowing properly through it. This is how it gets cleaned.

It is because it is such a fine filter for the liquid that becomes semen that it collects so many toxins and becomes so susceptible to cancers.

So whether it gets it's cleaning and blood stimulation from intercourse, masturbation, milking, massage or exercise, the health promoting aspect is the same.

What You Can Do

As you know, if there is not a health issue causing a problem, sexual celibacy is personal choice. And sometime it can be a very health choice when there are emotional circumstances at play.

Sometimes in a man's life, abstaining from sexual intercourse or any type of sexual activity can be very mentally and/or emotionally healing. For example: after the tragic end of a love affair.

In any type of sexual abstinence, it is still possible to massage, exercise, and drain the fluids and maintain health in this area.

So, if you have chosen celibacy or are celibate for any other reason, you can learn some very effective ways to help take care of your prostate health in the following pages!:

  • Milking
  • The Miracle Exercise

Be Well.....

~ William

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