Peyronies Disease
is NOT
Really a Disease

and..... it's easy to correct
99.99% of the time!

peyronies disease is easy to correct

The condition of Peyronies Disease occurs when internal scar tissue causes the penis to turn to one side, or up, or down.

It was first documented and named after the French physician Francois de la Peyronie. He found that scar tissue in the penis can cause significant to severe bending of the penis as well as erectile dysfunction.

a bent penis from peyronies disease is usually easy to fix
peyronies disease causing a downward penis bending

The bending can be minor or extreme.

In most cases, this condition is easy to correct.

99.99% of The Time:
Peyronies Disease is EASY to Correct

Peyronies Disease usually affects men between forty and sixty years old. It is not something a man catches from someone, like a virus. It is simply a scar tissue condition. Usually associated with some physical trauma.

Peyronies Disease is not the same as Hypospadias which is a birth defect. Peyronies Disease develops in adulthood. It can seem to develop "overnight".

Because scar tissue does not stretch as much as normal tissue, the penis curves when it becomes erect.

This curvature can cause major depression, as well as psychological and marital problems. However, the condition is easily remedied in virtually all cases, if you know how.

If the scar tissue is on top of the penis (most common), it bends up. On the bottom, it bends down. On the side, it bends to that side.

If the scarring is on two opposite sides it may shorten the penis or make it look "dented" or like and invisible band is constricting it.

It may also cause a penis to be hard at the base and soft at the top or skinny in the middle.

Peyronies Disease can cause an erection to be very painful as well (because of the pull on the hard and brittle scar tissue).

Impotence and lack of sexual desire can occur.

What Made it Happen?

Peyronies is almost always the result of physical trauma.

It's no mystery. But, the trauma that caused the internal damage may have happened long ago. And now, the internal scarring is hardening and making your erections bend.

Your penis is a delicate organ. Physical impact, severe bending of an erection, vigorous sex with the female on top bending backwards, surgery (either Urological or pelvic), can all cause this problem years, or even decades after the injury.

Is it starting to make some sense now?

Genetics is also a cause in rare instances. It is usually in association with a disease known as Dupuytren's Contraction, not Peyronies Disease.

Dupuytren's Contraction is linked to a protein known as HLA-B27 antigen.

Peyronies Disease is simply from a hardening scar and/or plaque formation that prevents part of your penis from expanding properly during erection.

Medical Treatments

The response to all medical treatments has been very poor.

Verapamil (high blood pressure medication), steroids, and other medications have been injected with little or no benefits. All these drugs also produce adverse side effects.

Cholchicine and Tamoxifan (anti-cancer drugs) have also been tried with similar lack of results and the accompanying dangerous adverse side effects.

Surgery has been used and is just plain insane! Surgery can cause erectile dysfunction as well as permanent impotence. So, instead of a bent erection you have no erection.

Surgery usually also causes lack of sensation due to nerve damage. And, surgery can actually cause future bending to develop due to the scarring that develops from the surgery itself.

peyronies disease surgery

peyronies disease surgery

Treatment That is Clinically PROVEN to Work

Virtually every man that suffers from this bent penis condition can cure the condition himself easily, without the use of any dangerous useless drugs or surgery.

The most effective method used is called penis traction.

"Correct penis traction
medically recommended and endorsed

in 29 countries worldwide"

A simple penis traction device, used properly, will normally remedy penis curvature due to scarring in about 6-12 months. The results are permanent.

The penis traction device is so effective at lengthening body tissue that they are now commonly sold as a "penis enlargers".

A penis traction device is Non Invasive (no cutting of the penis). This means you are not subject to all the horrible possibly permanent side effects of penis surgery.

How This Treatment Works

Penis traction devices stretch the penis just slightly beyond the point of elasticity. This causes microscopic tears between cells.

These "torn" cellular connections heal themselves with added new cells. The original tissue becomes microscopically bigger. Buy doing this repeatedly you can actually gain measurable size on any body tissue. It is the same way certain African tribes stretch their lips and earlobes.

This method is especially effective with scar tissue (as in Peyronies Disease) that is not as elastic as normal tissue. Scar tissue responds like magic to traction!

The beauty of this method is that it does not matter if the problematic scarring is on the skin or in the Copra cavernosa (the sacks inside the penis that fill with blood and create the erection). Used correctly, the traction method will increase the length of the scar tissue without increasing the length of the normal tissue and your penis will straighten.

The reason the whole penis does not become bigger is this: Microscopic tearing will occur in the scar tissue long before the normal tissue is affected at all. So, by using only a moderate tension, you'll only be lengthening the scar tissue.

You will be able to easily recreate a balance in tissue length and the penis will straighten.

The process is slow and you must be patient. If you pull your penis too hard and too fast you can cause serious damage. Damage, trauma, is how you got Peyronies Disease in the first place. So, proceed slowly and gently. If you feel pain, you are pulling too hard.

Safety and Results

Safety is always foremost.

Two things are very important. Proceed gradually.

And, only use a high quality device! I can not stress this enough.

There are many devices to choose from. But most are not that well made or medically recommended. The difference in cost is usually only about $100. And, this is your irreplaceable penis we're talking about!

peyronies disease and correct penis tractionPro Extender "the best there is..."

QuickExtenderPro900WEBQuick Extender Pro "the most comfortable straightening system..."

I've researched most penis traction devices. There are only two that met all my stringent requirements for quality. These two units are well made, easy to use, durable, medically approved, and guaranteed by the manufacturer. They are ProExtender and Quick Extender Pro. Either one works very well.

They can be worn comfortably and unnoticed under most clothing.

Don't be fooled by the knock offs and cheap imitations. They are different and they may cause you damage.

Seeming Miracles

It will take 6-12 months to obtain the results you want. Be patient. Work gradually. Don't rush.

Used correctly, the penis traction device can work seeming miracles on Peyronies Disease without harmful side effects!

Be Well.....

~ William

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