With Correct Prostate Stimulation
You Can Have a
Happier Healthier Sex Life

prostate stimulation for a happier sex life

Prostate stimulation
is not only very pleasurable, it can be an extremely healthful and beneficial practice for the adult male. Especially if you are over 25 years old.

Increased Male Sexual Health

There is no question that men need to release semen to stay healthy.

There are many studies which indicate that men who masturbate or ejaculate frequently, more than five times per week, during their twenties suffer from less instances of prostatic disorders such as inflammation, enlargement, and cancer in this area.

The results of such studies has led to an increased interest in prostate stimulation.

It is believed that correct massaging techniques may be a way to prevent male gland disorders. This can be especially true when when regular forms of sexual expression are unavailable. Or, when a man does not wish to masturbate for personal reasons.

Many doctors believe correct massage technique is also helpful with BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia).

Now, people often confuse massaging with "milking". Milking is the process of forcibly removing the semen from the gland. Milking is the result of deep internal massaging.

Prostate stimulation may or may not result in milking. It depends on how aggressively it is done and how much semen is actually in there to start with.

The Reasons for Doing It

There are basically four reasons for performing this type of stimulating massage:

  • increase the blood flow to the gland (make it healthier)
  • relieve prostatitis
  • achieve the best orgasm
  • milking the gland

Let's look at each one of these:

A Healthier Sex Life

Prostate stimulation is vital to many men. Your gland is very vulnerable to blood circulation deficiency. This can cause prostatitis, pain and infection. It can also lead to impotence. And, indirectly to cancer (by accumulation of massive toxic waste accumulations).

The majority of circulation problems come from sitting. When you sit for long periods of time, the blood flow to your prostate is greatly diminished. It can actually become quite stagnant.

If this is your case, you need to stimulate the blood flow to the area. And, to the gland directly (Physical hands on prostate stimulation. Not a pill or drug.).

If you physically manipulate the gland and surrounding areas (massage them) at regular intervals, the blood flow becomes normal again more quickly. And, remains normal longer.

Prostate stimulation (massage) done internally may be necessary to relieve your problem.

Relieving Prostatitis and Pain

"Non specific prostatitis" is diagnosed by MDs seven times to one. That means out of ever eight cases there is one pathological case to seven that they have no idea about.

That's right. Seven out of eight times the Urologist does not know why you are in pain or why your gland is swollen or why it is irritated.

If this is your case, and your doctor says you are in good health, you may seriously want to try prostate stimulation and correct massage.

Prostate stimulation using correct massage techniques has proven effective, and brought complete relief to countless men who were diagnosed as having (and suffering miserably from) "non specific prostatitis". (I am one of those men!)

Achieve Maximum Orgasm

Every male orgasm requires this special gland of ours. A male can not orgasm without it. It is the contraction of the muscles in the gland that causes the sensation. And the ejaculation.

The thing is, many orgasms are not that complete.

With prostate stimulation prior to and during an orgasm, a male can achieve an intensity in the orgasm that is beyond belief!

A truly strong orgasm is also much healthier. It is like a good workout. The gland is refreshed and strengthened with regular healthful activity. More seminal fluid is released. And, circulation to the entire area is greatly enhanced.

However, over indulgence in sex (too much ejaculating) actually weakens a man and his immune system. So don't overdo!

Having sex too frequently can be the cause of prostatitis. If you have prostatitis you probably need less sex. Yes less! Your body needs more time to recover between ejaculations. It's just like working out too much!

But, you still need to keep a healthy flow of blood to your special gland. Regular correct massaging here can help enormously.


For those who need to abstain from ejaculation, deep gentle massaging can "milk" the gland (cause seminal fluid to be discharged). An efficient prostate milking relieves the need to ejaculate.

A prostate milking also gives the gland a "rest".

Milking will cause the semen to flow out rather than being ejaculated.

It is very important for all men to discharge their semen regularly. For those who do not have sexual intercourse and also do not masturbate, "milking" is very beneficial.

Even if no semen flows out, the deep gentle kneading brings great blood flow to the gland. This is very healing and refreshing.

Correct Technique is Important

The problem is, most men do not know how to properly or safely work on their gland. Using a finger is generally safe.

However, fingers are usually not long enough to reach the entire gland thoroughly.

There are different improvised instruments used for internal massaging. Some men have used a metal cigar tube, a carrot, or a dildo. They all work, but there is an inherent danger with most of these methods. You stand the risk of physical injury.

These methods can be used too vigorously and cause internal damage. If the damage is severe enough it can even cause death. So I can not stress enough that you do need to be gentle here.

Getting The Best Prostate Stimulation

The best, safest, and most comfortable device for the internal technique that I have ever encountered is the Aneros HelixSYN Massage Device (the new softer smoother silicone version of the great Helix "Classic").

With this Aneros Massager you can get incredible prostate stimulation. You will also tone all the muscles in your sexual system, increase bladder control and bowel function.

For any man with a sedentary occupation, this device can be a God send!

It all depends on how you use it.

For enhanced health and pain relief you just follow the simple directions. Use it gently and regularly.

For monster strong orgasms, use it during intercourse or masturbation.

The Best Advice

If you are having pain or discomfort, always get a check up by your Urologist first. Find out what is wrong. Seven times to one, he won't know.

If you have a medical condition, take care of it.

But, if you do not have a medical condition you are probably just like the millions of other men who suffer from this most prevalent dis-ease of civilization. If this is the case, some correct prostate stimulation could be all you need to feel great again!

Be Well.....

~ William

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