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Prostate Milking and Massage

In the middle stages of Peyronies Disease, erections often become painful. Sometimes even so painful that a man will develop a "false impotence".

"False impotence" is a condition where the mind stops the body from creating erections just to avoid the associated pain. This quite common with a severe Peyronies condition.

The body may be perfectly functional in all other respects. And, capable of creating an erection. The mind just refuses to let it happen. This is called "false impotence". False impotence is quite common with Peyronies disease.

Avoiding Toxic Overload

When you are not getting erections, or severe Peyronies Disease erections are too painful to enjoy, it is still necessary to keep your semen moving out of your body.

To maintain good sexual health, a man must continue to keep his sexual fluids moving out of his body. Men who do not do this for extended periods of time have a much greater risk of prostate cancer.

Too many toxins accumulating toxins are also a prime cause of prostatitis.

Normally regular ejaculation takes care of regularly clearing out your semen.

But when you erections have become too painful for ejaculation, or you are not currently getting erections, milking your gland can be very therapeutic!

Regularly emptying your gland during this uncomfortable period will help to keep it and healthy. It will also curb your sexual desires until your penis is able to have a comfortable erection again.

Having Normal Sex Again!

As soon as your penis is straightened, your erectile pain will disappear and you will find getting an erection is easy (if it was easy before the Peyronies condition started.)

Prostate milking will not only keep the semen flowing out of your body, it will also massage and clean your gland. This happens naturally with the greatly increased blood circulation that comes when you milk the prostate.

Avoiding Erectile Pain

Each time you empty the semen from your gland, the mechanism that makes you "horny" will not be triggered. You will lose your lust!

It is the pressure of the semen in your gland that makes you "horny". This pressure is what causes spontaneous erections. Your body is telling you it is ready to ejaculate and procreate!

When you remove the pressure of the semen inside with prostate milking, you become able to control your erections. When your gland is not full of semen, your body does not need to ejaculate.

When you release your semen this way, you will be sexually calm. You will not get spontaneous erections that cause you pain.

This will enable you to be comfortable while you are correcting your Peyronies condition.

You Don't Have To Suffer

You don't have to let a Peyronies Condition cause you unnecessary pain. Or, cause you health problems down the road.

Prostate milking can be the most beneficial, therapeutic, and comforting practices while you are handling the erectile pain of Peyronies disease!

Be Well.....

~ William

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