How to Have an Orgasm
When You Suffer

how to have an orgasm when you suffer from prostatitis

Of course you know how to have an orgasm. It's how to have your orgasm without causing yourself more pain when you already are suffering from prostatitis.

The really big problem with having an orgasm when you have prostate pain is usually not the orgasm. That usually feels great and keeps feeling great for a little while.

It's an hour or two later and the next few days. Your pain can be even more than usual!

Avoiding Prostate Pain

Prostate pain happens for many reasons: Infection, bacterial prostatitis, non-specific prostatitis, impact (any forceful blow to the lower abdomen), too much sitting, too much alcohol or coffee, tight clothes, etc...

Here we will discuss how to have an orgasm when you have prostatitis.

If you are one of the men (as I was) who has this terribly painful problem and you find you have more pain an hour after or even a day after you ejaculate, you can usually learn how to have an orgasm without creating pain, until your tender gland heals.

You just have to learn a beneficial way. And you need to learn how to rejuvenate your sexual system. So please be sure to also take a look at the many articles you'll find on this site about correct prostate massage and healthy nutrition.

Warm Up Your Body Parts First!

how to have an orgasm if you have prostatitis

When we were kids we could do anything on the spur of the moment. Run, lift stuff, masturbate... anytime you wanted to and have lots of fun and never feel any aches or pains afterward.

Back then, no one had to teach you how to have an orgasm. Everything felt good all the time! Yes, youth is wasted on the young!

But, try those things now and the next day your muscles hurt, your joints hurt, everything hurts! It's just not fair! But, it's the way it is. It's something that happens when the body matures. We need to give it more care. And warm it up before intense physical use.

And, orgasms involve intense internal muscular work. So we need to learn how to have an orgasm that only brings pleasure and is actually beneficial to our sexual health.

You know you now have to warm up before you exercise or run. But, do you ever warm up before you ejaculate? Never put that one together did you? It's OK. Most of us learn this one the hard way. If ever.

how to have an orgasm without pain later on

But, this is how to have an orgasm in a way that won't make you feel worse later.

If you warm up your sexual system (which are part glands and part muscle) before you ejaculate, you'll have a much more satisfying orgasm and feel better afterwards. Just like any physical activity we do these days.

That's how to have an orgasm correctly. And healthfully. By warming up your body parts.

How You Do It

If you just get hard and cum as soon as you can each time, you are headed for all sorts of physical discomfort and possible chronic sexual problems.

Just like running. If you just jump right up and run full out for a mile you're going to hurt yourself.

Didn't know your sexual system was like that. Did you? And I bet you never thought you'd have to learn how to have an orgasm this late in your life either. Right? Especially when everything worked just fine before.

Well, if you warm up your sexual glands before you ejaculate, you're going to have a much happier, more pain free, and healthier sex life.


Women almost always say there's not enough foreplay. Well, foreplay isn't just for her now. It's for you too! For your pleasure, AND, for your good sexual health!

Yep! Foreplay! Exciting foreplay!

Exciting foreplay is

the best warm up there is

for your entire sexual system.

And, your partner will love you for it. And, if your going solo, you'll have a lot more fun for a lot longer time!

You need a good 20 minutes to warm everything up nicely. Longer is even better.

Whatever turns you on is good! Just stay hard and don't ejaculate.

And, before you ejaculate, if you can, have at least 3 "almosts"". By "almost" I mean: get close to cumming, but don't let it happen. It's exquisite torture. But, more than that, it is giving you sexual muscles a chance to flex and get some really good warming up exercise and blood flow before it delivers it's orgasm.

That's what will make your recovery pleasant also!

Exciting foreplay is about the only way to flex those muscles and really get the blood and juices moving before you ejaculate. It gets them ready to function without causing them harm or causing yourself additional pain later on.

Learning how to have an orgasm in this way has a much different effect on your sexual system than cumming 3 times would.

Longer Better Sex
Without The Fear Of Pain And Exhaustion

If you have been suffering from prostatitis and/or exhaustion after sex, you know what I'm talking about here.

So let's practice the methods that give us longer sex. And, better sex without the negative after effects.

Cumming 3 times in a row could totally exhaust your body (if you were even capable of that). Strain your system and your hormonal processes. And cause you lots and lots of pain! And extreme fatigue.

Besides the muscular contractions, there are a number of hormonal activities that happen during and after male ejaculation. "Almosts" don't allow all the hormonal secretions to be overused and drained. They don't deplete your sexual reserves or your body's zinc reserves. They don't overtax your already sensitive system.

As we get older, if we don't warm the apparatus up first we're going to cause all kinds of problems for our body sooner or later. This may even be the reason, or one of the reasons, for the condition you are in now.

Doing It Right!

How To Have An Orgasm That Doesn't Cause You Problems Later

This doesn't mean you can have sex all day long. Or even every day. It means when you learn how to have an orgasm this way, when you do have sex, you won't be causing yourself additional problems.

Remember: If you already have prostate pain, too much sex will make it worse no matter how you do it.

But, the urge, desire, and need comes. Your body does require regular use to stay healthy. Even when you have problems with your gland.

In moderation sex is very healthy. No sex is definitely unhealthy.

When you really need to ejaculate, and you learn how to have an orgasm this way, it will make the whole experience pleasurable and beneficial.

It may only be once a week. Or one a month. But, that makes warming up and learning how to have an orgasm all that much more important.

Would you sit around all day for a couple of weeks and then just expect to get up and run 3 miles? Of course not. So don't expect that your sexual muscles and are any different.

Make sense?

As a side note: Another excellent healthy method to take care of your sexual urges when you are in pain is a technique called milking. This will drain fluid (semen) from your gland and reduce or remove the need to ejaculate.

Renewing Your Great Sex Life!

Just like with any other physical activity, a man needs to learn how to use the sexual muscles and body parts correctly in order to avoid injury or pain. So many of us need to learn how to have an orgasm.

how to have an orgasm, prostatitis

In this case it's really simple. You don't need a coach. Just some nice exciting extended foreplay. And good sexual health care, like correct prostate massage and healthy nutrition.

And that is how to have an orgasm, really enjoy it, and not suffer for it later!

Be Well.....

~ William

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