What Is
Your Perineum?

And, Why is it Important in Your
Prostate Massage Program?

male perineum

Your perineum is the space between your legs and between your scrotum and you anus.

Why is it so important when we talk about prostate massage?

A Very Important Place

Well, nerves that go to all your sexual organs pass through here. If you lay on your back and feel in there, you will feel something that feels like a rope. That is where all those nerves are running through.

perineum diagram cross section

If you gently massage your perineum, or even just gently rub it, it will have a great effect on calming all of you sexual organs.

This will not replace the internal technique. But it can be very soothing. Gentle rubbing this often neglected area can also be sexually pleasing.

In the center of this area you have the acupressure spot for stimulating the health of your special male gland. Gently rubbing this area can be effective for long term treatment of sexual pain problems.

Improving Your Sense of Well Being

After an internal massaging, gently rubbing this area can be very comforting. It's a very soothing sensation. And it can only do you good.

So, try gently rubbing here. I usually do a little to mine before my morning external massaging.

It is unfortunate that these days we are not taught the importance of taking care of ourselves in a "feel good" way.

And, if it involves anything sexual, we are made to feel like it is inappropriate or even "dirty".

That mentality is so very unhealthy.

Your body is something you should enjoy. There is nothing "dirty" or wrong with enjoying every single part of it.

In fact, physical enjoyment is healthy both physically and mentally.

Experiment with the wonderful feeling of gentle rubbing of your perineum (sort of the way you would rub a child's tummy). Especially after your prostate massage. I think you'll really enjoy it! And, it can really improve your health and feeling of well being.

Be Well.....

~ William

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