The Way To Success!

patience, persistence, and success

Patience is often the road to success. I'm sure you've heard that before. And, we never like hearing it. Do we? We want results now! This can be especially true with prostate massage health.

Let's Talk About
Really Feeling Good Again!

Even the best massage technique sometimes takes a while before you really feel the results. It all depends upon the condition of your gland and the condition of your general health.

But, each day that you do your massages, you are making progress.

In this "instant gratification" world we live in, when some men don't feel a major health change after their first few massagings, they give up. And, most of these men will continue to suffer for the rest of their lives.

That is truly unfortunate. A little patience could probably have changed their lives forever. And probably improved their sexual health to a very high degree.

For some men, the results are almost immediate. For others (like myself) the progress sometimes happens slowly.

Every time you apply these rejuvenating techniques, you give your gland a nice gentle cleansing. And, you bring added nourishment and oxygen to it. Those are the things the body needs to heal itself.

That's why, in the beginning weeks, that you need patience, and faith, the most. Once you start feeling results, however, no one will be able to stop you from continuing.

Patience Will Help You
Get The Results You Want

Always Remember: You are making progress every day.

Even when you think can not see results.

Let's use a similar example: exercising with a set of barbells. You need regular practice and patience to get results. After the first couple of work outs, your muscles feel something has happened. But, you see nothing.

And, just like exercising with barbells, your male gland is changing and growing healthier and stronger over time. Even though you may not feel it at first.

Consistency. Regular methodical practice and patience is what brings results. Even in stubborn cases like my own.

Relax, Don't Get Overanxious
You're On Your Way!

But don't get too anxious. Be patient with your sexual rejuvenating program. Just like with exercise, you can over do. Overdoing can cause you more pain and possibly more problems. Even serious ones.

Gentle is always the key word when massaging this special male gland we have. Never cause yourself pain. If you feel pain: STOP. If you find it is very sensitive, you may only be able to do the External Prostate Massage and the Peripheral Techniques until it is feeling better.

You also need to give your body time to do it's work. So be sure to rest and leave enough time between sessions.

Don't try to measure your progress on a daily basis. If you do, you'll get disappointed in the beginning. Especially after the first few sessions when you may feel soreness the following day or two.

That soreness is usually just the toxins and crap coming out, going into your blood stream, and irritating everything in the area. Just like after you begin a new exercise program.

When you have been practicing these techniques regularly for a little while, this soreness will not happen anymore.

When You Feel The Exhilaration

Here again, prostate massage can be related to an exercise program.

Why would a man spend all that time in the gym in the first month if he didn't believe he would feel better and look better? And after a month, he will probably notice more in how he feels than in how he looks.

But, when those new muscles start to take shape and he realizes how much stronger he is getting, a man gets a whole new sense of well being and pride!

It's the same patience and persistence you need with these hands on techniques.

"Once those results start to happen,
once you start to notice a definite improvement
in how much better your gland feels,
or how much more bladder control you have,
you'll feel satisfied the time and effort was well worth it!"

Reaching Your Goal!

So, in the beginning (just like building muscles) you'll be working on faith. Simply because you know that the method has worked for tens of thousands of men before you.

Can you regain complete prostate health? Possibly. Many of us have.

It took me almost a year. Then one day I realized I was pain free! There was no more painful prostate swelling the day after I ejaculated! And, I could pee like race horse!

It depends on your own personal situation. But, everyone I know who has applied these powerful techniques regularly and with patience, has (at least) improved dramatically over a period of time.

How long? Again that depends on your own personal situation and physical condition. Always check with your doctor before beginning.

But, if you are like most men, with some time and patience, your efforts here will make you feel better and better!

Be Well.....

~ William

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