Chronic Prostatitis:
What Are The Best Remedies?

The L-Histidine
Prostate Treatment

soothing chronic prostatitis pain

Chronic prostatitis does not have to be a lifelong condition. It can be permanently remedied.

From the research, Silver Water has proven to be the best answer to killing the bacteria that cause this problem. It usually brings full relief within 2 weeks.

The problem is the bacteria return. Then, the inflammation and the pain return. This cycle repeats over and over again.

The reason these bacteria can multiply so easily and out of control, is that the environment inside this gland has become a prime bacterial breeding ground. The bacteria are able to multiply faster than the immune system can destroy them.

A major reason for this is the accumulation of Nickel in our precious male gland. Bacteria thrive in the presence of Nickel!

The simple common amino acid L-Histidine has proven to be:

The Best Prostate Treatment I Have Found
For Chronic Prostatitis Of This Type

It is a naturally occurring protein. And, it is non toxic.

I personally have seen it work when nothing else did.

If you're suffering from chronic prostatitis, you may be suffering from heavy metal poisoning. Specifically Nickel toxemia.

L-Histidine is a "Nickel Scavenger". It actually bonds to the nickel and they leave your body together through the urine. The process is called amino acid chelation.

So, why does this metal Nickel cause chronic prostatitis? It doesn't directly. What Nickel (in the prostate) does is provide an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. Bacteria love it!

You Have To Get Rid Of
What Is Causing
The Problem

Even when you have killed the existing bacteria, you still can be leaving an environment that is highly favorable for bacterial growth. If you don't clean up that environment, new bacteria soon come in and multiply faster than your natural immune system can destroy them.

Then you get it again! Chronic prostatitis.

How does so much Nickel get into this male gland of ours?

Your gland makes the semen that your sperms are transported in. It has to make clean (non toxic) semen or the delicate sperm can be injured or killed.

Mother Nature Thinks Of Everything!

Mother Nature needs good healthy sperms to make healthy babies. So, she gave your gland a very heavy duty filtering system. It traps the nickel and other toxins so they don't get into your semen.

But, in modern times, this gland of ours is forced to filter out so many environmental pollutants and toxins that it is practically a toxic waste dump! Why do you think prostate cancer is the #1 cancer in men?

And, large amounts of heavy metals, like Nickel, don't wash out of the body easily. In fact, they are normally hard to remove. So, they tend to accumulate in the body.

You need to keep your gland clean with a healthy diet, pure water, fresh clean air and exercise. Increased blood flow with correct massage can really help clean it up!

Heavy Metals (Like Nickel)
Are Removed Most Efficiently
By Amino Acid Chelation

Where does all this Nickel come from?

Nickel residue is all over our environment: In pesticide residue, cigarette and tobacco smoke, food processing additives and preservatives often have Nickel residue, processed vegetable oils and shortenings are made with nickel, metal alloys used in some cooking utensils and cookware, lead solder,... the list goes on and on. You ingest it. You breathe it in.

How do we get Nickel out of our bodies? And, specifically out of this precious area?

Amino acid chelation with L-Histidine. You can buy L-Histidine at most any vitamin shop or on line. 500-1500mgs per day is what is usually used (according to body weight).

The process is very slow. You will have to be patient. It happens on a molecular level. Molecule by molecule.

Men often ask: "If L-Histidine is a natural protein, don't we get enough from a good diet?"

Yes. For normal body functions. And enough if you live in a pristine environment.

But, very often, not enough to fight off the heavy metal pollution in a modern environment.

How It Works:

There are 22 different basic amino acids. L-Histidine is one of them.They work together in groups to perform countless different functions in your body (like the 26 letters in the alphabet make millions of words).

In simple terms, by adding a little extra L-Histidine, there is some "left over". This "left over" L-Histidine acts like a "Nickel Scavenger" and bonds to the nickel molecules trapped in the body. This bonding is called, chelation.

L-Histidine then carries the Nickel into the bloodstream where the Kidneys can now easily remove it (in the urine).

Again, you have to be patient with this process. It is very slow. It normally takes 9 - 18 months of daily supplementation to do the job. Remember, the Nickel is not going out in chunks. It's being gathered a molecule at a time.

If you take a lot of L-Histidine at once the process does not work better. But, too much at once could imbalance your amino acids unfavorably.

So be patient! Be consistent.

When I used to have chronic prostatitis, Silver Water was able to clear up an attack within 2 weeks. But, the pain would recur because the "breeding ground" in this area of my body was so ideal.

I used the L-Histidine treatment for chronic prostatitis for almost 10 months.

Since That Prostate Treatment,
I Have Not Had Another Occurrence!

getting relief from chronic prostatitis pain

If you are suffering from chronic prostatitis, your gland may be an ideal bacterial breeding ground due to Heavy Metal (Nickel) accumulation.

Remember, L-Histidine is not a drug. It is a protein. A natural food element.

L-Histidine is non toxic in any normal amount. (Even too much spinach at once can kill you!)

If your chronic prostatitis (bacterial or "non-bacterial") is caused by common Nickel toxemia, L-Histidine may be exactly what you need to solve your problem!

Be Well.....

~ William

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