A Penis Curvature
Is Very Easy to Straighten

penis curvature is common and easy to straighten

Penis curvature is extremely common in men. In fact more than 50% of men have some kind of curve or bend in their erections.

The reason you’re probably reading this page is that you used to have what you thought was a pretty straight sexy erection and kind of suddenly there is a terrible bend in it. Or more than one bend!

This is usually due to a condition called Peyronies disease.

This type of bending is not really a “disease”. It’s a simple condition. And: It’s usually very easy to correct.

But, it’s scary when you don’t know what’s happening! Right?!

Penis Curvature Usually Happens
  In Mid Life

What does penis curvature have to do with prostate massage and health? Nothing, directly.

It just seems that most men begin to develop their lifelong prostate problems at about the same time that most men, who will develop Peyronies Disease, develop the disease. So, I am writing about it here in case it applies to you.

It’s Not Usually a “Disease”

OK first, penis curvature that is classified as Peyronies Disease is not really a “disease”.

You didn’t catch anything and you’re not contagious.

What you probably have is a scar and or fibrous plaque formation on the corpus cavernosum (these are 2 balloon like sacks in your shaft that fill with blood and cause you to get an erection).

peyronies disease and penis curvature
penis curvature causes are usually internal

What is Actually Happening

Here is what is actually happening:

Your corpus cavernosum are balloon like. They fill with blood and expand just as a balloon does when you blow air into it.

Now, here’s an example you can try at home. Take a long balloon (not a round one) and get a small piece of duct tape and put it firmly on the side of the balloon (scotch tape won’t work. It just comes off as you blow the balloon up).

As you blow up the balloon see what happens? It curves to the side where the tape is.

What is Peyronies Disease?

Peyronies "Disease” is not actually a “disease”. It is a condition. There is a big difference.

With Peyronies Disease, this is what is actually happening in the penile shaft:

It is scar/plaque that is acting like the duct tape on the balloon.

penis curvature caused by scar and/or plaque formation

Just as the corpus cavernosum are soft and stretchable like the rubber of the balloon, the scar/plaque is tough and hard like the duct tape.

So your erection bends to what ever side the scar/plaque is on. You’ll probably notice your erection is more narrow where the bend is also.

If the scar goes all around the corpus cavernosum it will look like a squeezed in ring around your erect shaft.

Have You Noticed Your Flacid Shaft
Still Normal Looking?

Have you noticed that when your shaft is limp it still looks perfect?

That is because nothing has to stretch.

But, when your are flacid you may be able to feel the scar inside. It can feel like a pea or patch of hard material.

Why Is This Bending Happening Now?

Penis curvature of this type usually happens to men between 40 and 65.

A severely bent penis normally comes from some kind of trauma (usually a forced bend of an erection during rough sex or masturbation) that caused some minor tearing and a scar formed.

The trauma may have happened 10 or 20 years before.

For some reason, only known to God, this scar tissue decides to thicken later in life. That is why the new or "sudden" penis curvature seems so mysterious and without cause.

Mother Nature uses scar and fibrous plaque to strengthen an area after injury. So that it can not be injured as easily in the future.

Maybe, later in life, when we reach our 40s and beyond, and, as our skin and other tissues get weaker, the scar thickens to form greater protection. That’s just theory.

The actual fact is, 40-65 of age is the time of life this condition usually shows up. But, it can happen at any age.

Most importantly:

you can fix the problem fairly easily 99% of the time.

What Can You Do About It?

If you do nothing about it, the penis curvature may last till you die.

However, it is actually very easy to fix a penis curvature if you have some patience and diligence.

The Most Effective, Safest,

Medically Endorsed Remedy

There is a very simple traction device available today that was originally developed by Dr. Jorn Siana in 1994 that is extremely effective in correcting penis curvature.

Dr. Siana is a penis surgery specialist. He is the founder and a director of the Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery in Denmark and also in Germany.

This simple device can usually stretch out the scar and fibrous plaque so that your corpus cavernosum can expand normally again during erection.

It’s a fantastic little device.

This traction device:



- And Costs only about $300.

Cheap Imitation Devices Can Hurt You

Correct penile traction is so effective not only for straightening penis curvature, but, also for actually making a shaft bigger (longer thicker erection) that a LOT, I mean a LOT of companies started making them.

And of course the new competitors wanted to take the business from the companies that make the good ones already available, so they make them, yes that’s correct: cheaper!

Good! Right?!!



Very unfortunate for many men.

The cheaper ones are not up to par with the good ones.

What Does That Mean To You?

It means you save maybe $100-$200 (literally) and GREATLY increase your risk of penile injury.

We’re not talking a blister here. We’re talking about things like ruptured blood vessels in the crown of your shaft that will make it permanently look badly bruised. We’re talking about possibly seriously puncturing of the shaft itself.

Both of these things can cause nerve damage that prevents you from ever having enough sensation in your shaft to ever have an orgasm from intercourse again!

Serious nerve damage could also even keep you from ever getting an erection agin.

Nice huh???!!

Hideous!! All to save $200. You’d wish you had your old bent penis back again instead of that.

The Best Traction Units For Penis Curvature

Right now, as I write this, I have found there are 23 different penile traction units on the market. Some excellent. Some a disaster just waiting to happen.

I’ve researched them all and there is only one that meet all of my personal requirements for Safety and Effectiveness.

It is the Quick Extender Pro .

These devices are medically certified and have the CE seal.

If you need to know more about these devices, you can read about them here: http://www.the-bent-penis-website.com/penis-traction.html

You Can Stop Worrying!

Men all around the world are correcting and straightening bent erections and all types of penis curvature with this type of correct traction.

And, as I told you, it is currently medically endorsed in 29 countries worldwide.

So stop worrying. 99.99% of the time a penis curvature can be fixed very easily, very nicely, and without surgery.

Be Well.....

~ William

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