Prostate Anatomy

Complex Prostate Anatomy is not something you need to learn about if you are trying to heal or regenerate your gland.

prostate anatomy diagram

Even the diagram above is more than you really need to know about your gland. I've only included it for those with special interest.

The subject may be interesting to you. And I think it is a good idea to know the very basics so that you can visualize this gland and it’s location in your body. That way you will know exactly what you are working with when you massage it.

Beyond that, knowing specific complex prostate anatomy is not really useful and it can actually impede your health building progress.

This happens because if you have a problem here you will start to worry about and question every single function and your mind may respond accordingly with upset and distress. NOT NECESSARY!

Making The Best Health Progress

This site is about getting well. Getting Results! Feeling and functioning well again. By natural methods. And I have found natural methods work better than anything else!

You can trust me on that. I’ve been right where you are. And today I feel great and function perfectly. And I just had my 60th birthday!

So let’s get sane to start with.

There is nothing wrong in learning prostate anatomy in all it’s minutia if that really interests you. It can be quite fascinating to certain people.

To me, knowing prostate anatomy or the entire structure of the human body beyond basics is really not interesting or appealing or functional.

Most men I talk to just want to be healthy and feel well. So let’s get to it!

Well Once and For All

Let’s see what nature says about being well and learning complex anatomy:

Question: Who are the healthiest people and creatures on the Earth?

Answer: They are those “primitive” ones who live in the wild and/or close to nature. They know nothing about modern technology or modern health care and they are 100 times healthier than most of us!

Do primitive people who live on natural foods and in natural rhythms get all the diseases we do? No.

Do they have so much degenerative disease (cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, etc...)? No. These are almost non existent with them.

Same with the wild animals. No one has to teach a Cheetah anatomy so that it will run fast. Birds don’t need lessons on their internal structure to fly and sore high in the sky.

Neither do people need to know how everything inside is built in order to have amazing radiant health.

Modern Myth

But, for some strange reason we seem to believe that if we know what all the parts are (I mean ALL the parts!), and have a name for the “disease”, then everything will be OK. Or we will die.

But those things just don’t really help make you feel better.

It doesn’t seem to be working.


Because life was made to be simple. We have screwed with the natural order of things too much and for too long.

You Really Need To Know

Prostate Anatomy, beyond it’s most basic basics, is not what you need to know to get healthy.

What you need to know is what caused your gland to become painful and diseased. AND, what will turn these conditions around and makes the gland healthy, pain free and fully functional.

It is really that simple.

This may seem like a lesson for idiots, but the fact is we usually just don’t think this way anymore when it comes to our bodies.

We do with our cars. And our cell phones.

But, for our bodies we mostly seem to want a pill to fix things. Or a nice operation, so that we don’t have to deal with ourselves.

It would be nice if that was the case. Easy at least. But, if you’ve been suffering for years with a problem here, you probably know all too well that it just isn’t a reality.

And the reality is Mother Nature has her own way of doing things. It’s very simple and more effective than anything else. You just have to understand how she works and what assistance you need to give her.

Practical Story

Just like driving a car. If you learn the controls and how to use them properly and are aware of the laws and the space around you, you have no problem.

We go to driving classes and schools for this. But there doesn’t seem to be a school or manual for your body. So we have a multitude of horrific problems.

Learning prostate anatomy and all the medicines for it will not help you feel better any more than going to automotive repair school will help you drive better.

Are you getting the picture?

Just because everything you’ve done so far has failed to work, that doesn’t mean you have to explore every minutia of your gland to fix it. NO, no, no. It’s so much simpler than that.

A Perfectly Functioning Gland!

Did you EVER hear a 10 or 12 year old boy say, “Oh man, my prostate is killing me!”

Or, “I can hardly pee anymore. It just dribbles out and I’m up 6 times a night having to empty all of 2 ounces out each time.”

Did you ever hear of a teenage boy or young man say, “Sorry, honey, I can’t get it up. I have ED (erectile dysfunction).”

Of course not! NEVER!!!

And how many teenagers actual have a really good grasp on prostate anatomy? May a few in 10,000.

Why do things change when we get older? Because we’ve spent decades screwing things up!

Not knowing prostate anatomy is not the problem.

We Have So Many Problems as We Get Older

This is just an enormous area. It’s what we should learn in sex education as young men. We almost never do.

But, learning these things will keep us much healthier than knowing prostate anatomy.

OK. Here’s the prime elements on the list:

  • We don’t get enough of certain vital nutrients (causes BPH and impotence)
  • We ejaculate far too much sex (causes painful swelling)
  • We sit too much and too long at one time (strangulates suffocates the gland, this causes pain and is a factor in cancer)
  • We ingest a lot of toxins (the prime cause of cancer in this area)
  • We don’t get enough exercise
  • We don’t get enough water (especially clean water)

Is That All A Lot of Nonsense?

There are men who laugh at these as being possible causes of pain, disease, and disorders in our gland. The funny thing is, these men rarely get better. And if they do, they are soon ill again and progressively get worse and worse as they age.

And also there are those individuals who can withstand almost anything.

Like my uncle for example. He smoked 3 packs of strong cigarettes a day. Drank alcohol incessantly. Drank over a quart of coffee to offset the alcohol each day. And, lived to be 83!

However, at 63 he had a heart attack, was unable to even walk or drive a car for about 6 months. Had to give up golf (which he loved). And he was a master of prostate anatomy and every other type of anatomy! A phd actually.

Why Learning Complex Prostate Anatomy
Is NOT The Answer

I’m not knocking scholarship. If you love anatomy, God bless you and more power to you.

I’m just saying you have to know what to know. That’s kind of the secret to success anywhere in life, isn’t it? And prostate anatomy is not what you need to know to get well.

What you need to know is what caused your problem and what will reverse and/or correct it.

Correct Prostate Massage Is The Beginning

Correct prostate massage help almost every condition and/or disease in this gland.


Because specific massage increases the circulation there. The more blood flow you have there, the more cleansing, nourishing and toning you will give the gland and it’s muscles.

If you have BPH you will need certain sterols (natural plant substances), as well as zinc and other nutrients that have obviously been missing or in insufficient supply in your diet for quite a long time.

You also can’t correct the condition in a day. Or a month. But, it almost always does seem to respond very well, with persistence, over time.

Relieving Pain Now

Outside of cancer, pain in this gland is caused by either swelling or inflammation or a rare occasional impact.

Correct prostate massage is going to do more for your gland than probably anything else, on a long term basis.

For immediate relief the vibrating massage and sitz bath (please see “immediate relief” in the NAV bar on the left side of this page) can not be beat!

If you are like me and countless others who have written in, pain killers are useless here. Why? I do not know.

Cleaning Up Your Act

The sad part is: Most men don’t even know how they are messing themselves up.

- We sit too much

- Have too much sex

- Eat a lot of crap, absolute tasty garbage

- We have too much stress each day

- We don’t exercise enough

- Our water if full of chlorine and other poisons

- We have countless toxins in our food, air and water

- We worry like crazy

And we have more disease and more types of disease than at any other time in the history of the world.

It’s not completely your fault that you feel terrible. You were educated into a perverse way of living.

We live in a very polluted fast paced world. But if you’ll get back to nature as much as possible and you will see “miracles” happen.

And with the information you’ll find on this site, you have all the tools necessary to regain vibrant, radiant, magnificent health. Not just in your prostate anatomy, but in your entire body and mind.

Now it’s up to you!

Be Well.....

~ William

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