Self Prostate Massage
Easy AND Effective!

Is self prostate massage effective? YES! In fact it is the most effective way to do it!

Only you can feel what is happening inside. Only you know if it is being done too intensely or too lightly. Only you know when you have had enough or too much.

Self prostate massage should be a pleasurable as well as a healthful experience. When you do it yourself, you can always be sure that this will be the case.

The problem usually is: reaching your gland yourself is not necessarily the easiest thing to do. In fact touching more than just the tip is usually impossible for most men. You know that if you've ever tried it!

Why Do Self Prostate Massage?

Self prostate massage is not rocket science. You do not need a professional to do it for you. Learning correct technique is easy.

Doing it yourself enables you to:

- Do the process more effectively and carefully

- Do it anytime you want to, or feel the need to

- Do it in privacy, even when traveling

- Save hundreds or thousands of dollars on a professional practitioner

And, like most things, it is most effective when performed regularly.

Therapeutic massage of any kind, like exercise, is not a one shot deal. It needs to be done regularly for best results.

And, just like exercise, you should start slowly and work your way into more intensity as your system strenghtens.

If something is easy and comfortable to do, we are much more likely to do it and keep on doing it.

Self prostate massage provides the ability to do this. In fact, after you've done it correctly a few times, you'll never want to give it up. It becomes that pleasurable. And, it is a healthy practice!

The Methods

Self prostate massage has been performed (historically) with many items including the middle finger.

The middle finger, however, is usually not very effective (unless you have unusually long fingers!).

It has also been done with: long metal (not glass) cigar tubes, musicians drums sticks, dildos, a variety of garden vegetables, etc.. Pretty much anything that was blunt and smooth that would reach up the anus to the prostate gland.

Many of these items, if used incorrectly or too aggressively, can be dangerous and cause damage. And, in extreme cases, even death.

Self prostate massage (or any kind of rubbing or manipulation of the gland) should always be done gently.

Gentleness and regularity are the keys to success.

The Best Way

Although cigar tubes and dildos can work very well, they are clumsy, difficult and often embarrassing to use.

Now there is a much much better way to do it. A small inexpensive device called the Aneros HelixSYN prostate massage device is the most comfortable, safest, most effective and easiest device I have found for this work in the past 25 years.

The HelixSYN is the same great Helix "Classic" size and shape, only the materials are much softer and smoother to our delicate inner tissues.

The Aneros was specifically anatomically designed for the male anatomy. It was designed to give a perfect self prostate massage.

Once it is inserted, it works "hands free". The squeezing of your anal muscles performs all the necessary motions in a safe, effective, pleasant way.

It is very pleasant to use! Everyone I know who has ever used one regularly has had success and wonderful results! There are not many things I can say that about.

The Benefits!

The Aneros is actually so pleasant to use that it is also marketed more as a sexual enhancement device than a therapeutic device.

But, make no mistake, using an Aneros is one of the safest and most effective methods you will find.

Self prostate massage with an Aneros can:

  • Sooth your gland
  • Bring fresh new healing blood circulation
  • Help cleanse
  • Improve bladder function and control
  • Help improve and rejuvenate sexual power

And that is what this is all about!

Don't Be Lazy

Self prostate massage takes only about 15 or 20 minutes a few times a week. And it is so easy!

Some men say it is inconvenient, or weird, or have some other lame excuse.

But, when they are uncomfortable enough or in enough pain, almost every man seems willing to try anything.

And, when these men actually try the Aneros they usually can not believe how easy it was! Or, how such a simple inexpensive device can make them feel so much better! They invariably tell me they wish they had done it sooner.

Self prostate massage can be performed as often as is comfortable. Just, like any good thing, don't over do it! Two to three times a week is usually enough. And, once your gland is healthy again, just once or twice a month can help keep it that way.

There Is No Need to Suffer

For most men, a painful weak gland is easy to remedy. But it takes a little time.

Our problems here come from our civilized way of life: Too much sitting. Too many poor foods or non-foods. Stress and aggravation....

All these things combine to impede circulation to our gland and we create a toxic waste dump there that can be very painful. Or we get malnourished and create BPH.

Self prostate massage done correctly is a wonderful rejuvenating healthful practice.

And do yourself a favor: Get a check up first. Make sure there is not some pathological condition causing your pain.

If you find you are like the majority of men who simply suffer from non specific prostatitis or BPH, some good healthy gentle self prostate massage may help you enormously!

Remember the key words are: Correctly, Gently and Regularly.

See how much better you feel!

Be Well.....

~ William

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