The Inner-Thigh
Peripheral Prostate Massage:

An Ancient Chinese Secret For
Perfect Prostate Health

The Inner-Thigh Peripheral Prostate Massage comes from the Tao. Tao is a religious practice that dates back to the 6th century BC.

Unlike the popular the belief of mind over matter, a primary doctrine in Tao is that the ability of your mind and ability of your spirit is determined by the health of your body.

A Healthy PAIN FREE Body

is what you can achieve from the Tao practices.

In Tao your body is considered sacred. Your temple. So the best methods of maintaining and healing the body temple were part of the Tao practices. The Inner-Thigh Peripheral Prostate Massage comes directly from those teachings.

Tao Healing is also a form of Eastern Medicine. In Eastern Medicine, symptoms are not what is given primary treatment. Symptoms are rarely treated at all. Eastern medicine strives to eliminate the cause of the problem that caused the symptoms.

For example, if you have a simple common cold: In Western Medicine the you would take cough syrup for your cough, a decongestant for your stuffy nose, something like aspirin to reduce your fever...

In Eastern Medicine you would be treated for what is causing all those symptoms. The belief is,

When You Get Rid Of The Cause,
The Symptoms Disappear

It made total sense to me. It was one of the most sane things I ever learned!

On this site we regularly talk about increasing the blood flow and the flow of nerve energies. In Eastern Medicine there are definite recognized pathways for the flow of nerve energies. Just as there are veins and arteries for the flow of your blood. These pathways are called meridians.

The whole basis of the practice of acupuncture is: When the nerve energies are able to flow through the body without interference, the body can and will heal itself. The flow of nerve energies is a concept not even dealt with in Western Medicines.

However, in Eastern countries, acupuncture has been proven to be a highly successful healing art throughout the centuries. And, I have found it extremely helpful in my own healing.

The area you will be massaging here is the entire length of your inner thigh. Therefore the name, The Inner-Thigh Peripheral Prostate Massage.

In Tao, this inner thigh area contains the meridians that bring all of the nerve and life energy to your prostate (and all your male sexual organs).

I have used The Inner-Thigh Peripheral Prostate Massage regularly. It has really helped me!

The Inner-Thigh Peripheral Prostate Massage:

Put on some very loose shorts or pants. Boxers are fine. Sit on the floor. Pull your feet in as close to you as you can. The soles of your feet will be facing each other.

If you can not do this, just get as close to this position as you can. You need to be able to reach your inner thighs with your hands.

Make fists with your hands and beat on your inner thighs (one hand on each side) like a drum.

Inner-Thigh peripheral prostate massage

(Whew! How about those shorts?!).

Don't beat too hard. Don't hurt yourself. Just comfortably hard. So it feels good!

Work up and down from your groin to your knees. Go back and forth. Be careful not to hit your testicles! I don't have to tell you how much that will hurt!

Do this beating for a few minutes. Then rub the inner thigh area a few times with your hands.

Rest and relax for a moment. Then repeat the beating a second time. Again, follow the second beating with some nice soothing rubbing.

After that, straighten out your legs, and just relax for a couple of minutes and breathe deeply.

Notice the feeling of warmth in your inner thighs!

This Means You Have Done The Massage Correctly!

You have moved fresh new oxygen rich blood into the area. Oxygen is burning. New life energy (nerve energy) is flowing! You are giving your body a great assist in healing itself.

Feel Better Faster!

The Inner-Thigh Peripheral Prostate Massage is a very potent massage for stimulating blood flow and nerve flow to your prostate area. It can help you feel better faster, when combined with the other prostate massages you are learning on this site.

Be Well.....

~ William

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