Feel Better
With The Abdominal
Peripheral Prostate Massage

The Abdominal Peripheral Prostate Massage is a massage for areas that do not even touch your prostate directly. But, blocked blood flow in these surrounding, or peripheral, areas could be the cause of your prostate troubles.

This Massage is not a substitute for a real Prostate Massage. The Abdominal Peripheral Prostate Massage is often a necessary addition to Prostate Massage for opening the blood vessels that nourish your prostate gland.

When you sit for long periods of time, as most of us must do, the blood vessels in these peripheral areas get pinched.

It Is Like You Are
Putting A Dam On A River

Your blood flow slows down and can actually stagnate in places.

When your blood is stagnant or moving too slowly, the cells of your body literally start to starve for oxygen. And, they start getting poisoned from the accumulating metabolic waste products that every cell creates.

Do this for many hours and you can cause yourself great pain!

You want to keep that blood moving. Filling your body with fresh life giving oxygen and energy. This is what the Abdominal Peripheral Prostate Massage is for!

It is just like when you sit in a strange position for too long and your foot "falls asleep". What happened is you stopped the blood from flowing adequately. You pinched the vessels. It's still moving everywhere else, but you leg wasn't getting enough.

You know how much that can hurt or how terrible it can feel. But, after you massage your foot for a while and move it around, the blood gets moving in there again. Soon it is back to normal and you feel fine!

The same thing happens to your prostate gland when you cut off the blood supply. It hurts!

When You Get The Blood Moving Again
Your Prostate Feels Better!

Remember: pain is only a signal that something is damaged or being damaged. It is your body's way of warning you there is trouble in an area. Stop damaging the area, give it time and fresh healthy blood to heal, and the pain will go away.

Doing the abdominal peripheral prostate massage is like opening up the dams on the rivers of blood that feed your prostate.

Instructions for Performing
The Abdominal Peripheral Prostate Massage:

Look at these pictures. These are the areas you will be massaging with the abdominal peripheral prostate massage:

prostate massage position #1

prostate massage position #2

prostate massage position #3

prostate massage position #4

prostate massage position #5

Use both hands at the same time. One on each side.

Make little circular motions with your fingertips as you press into the area. Your skin will move right along with your fingers. If that is painful to your skin you can use a little massage oil or jell.

First we will work right on the pubic bone (the first picture):

prostate massage position #1

After a minute or two move to the edges of the pubic bone. Push in as hard or as gently as is comfortable when you massage.

After another minute or two, work your way up and out to the next section. Go section by section until you are up to the top edges of your hips bones:

prostate massage position #5

You can dig in deeply around your hips. There is a lot of tough tissue there.

The hip edges ALWAYS hurt or tickle intensely the first few times you massage them. The flow there is always restricted from sitting too much. Don't worry, it will feel much better as time goes on. If you massage regularly.

As you massage for a while, if you feel an area is getting warm, that is perfect! This is exactly what you want. In fact many instructors will tell you to massage until an area warms up. As you perform the Abdominal Peripheral Prostate Massage, feel the areas warm as you massage them!

Breathe Deeply as you massage! The fresh oxygen is what makes that warming fire burn!

The warmth means fresh new blood is flowing through the area. Oxygen is being absorbed and the body is burning fuel and getting new energy and new life!!

If you find an area that is very tender and hurts when you massage it, then massage that area more gently. But, massage it longer.

That Is Where A Problem Is

That painful area is where you need fresh blood and renewed circulation.

Those are the spots massage therapists look for when they give you a massage treatment. Healthy vibrant tissues do not feel pain when massaged. The pains are symptoms of problems. So, work those areas more gently and longer.

You will notice also, that when you come back to an area that you massaged a few minutes before, it does not feel as painful on the second massaging. That shows you how much fresher the area is (from the renewed circulation) and how effective you have been already!

Remember To Keep Breathing Deeply

Always Breathe Deeply while you are performing the Abdominal Peripheral Prostate Massage on yourself. You need to bring fresh oxygen rich blood to the area. Not tired toxic blood.

When you inhale, envision the fresh oxygen going deeply into the tissues as you massage them. As you exhale, see the pain and toxins leaving those tissues. This will help the process greatly!

You mind has great power over you body. It has been found that visualization techniques can improve performance by over 400%! So, use them to feel better faster!

After you have finished massaging all the areas above, you are going to massage the large areas on either side of your prostate:

prostate massage position #7

This picture obviously has the hands far above the prostate area. It gives you the right idea for hand spacing. You should start right above your pubic bone (hands spaced as shown) and work up to the area you see in this picture.

The muscles under the hands in this picture often get a very constricted blood flow. That is because of the posture we normally have when working at a desk. Your blood must flow through this area to reach your prostate gland. These muscles may be VERY sore to massage. If they are, be more gentle, but massage there longer. Remember,

Sore Areas
Are The Ones That Need Massage
The Most

During the Abdominal Peripheral Prostate Massage, do not massage directly on the gland itself. We are still opening up the blood flow in the areas that feed your gland. So massage on the sides of it. This skin moves freely and you can do nice large deep circles with your fingertips!

This last last part of the Abdominal Peripheral Prostate Massage is also excellent to do regularly throughout the day. It is a real refresher! Especially when you have been sitting too much.

Try It Right Now!

As a refreshment, you will do it for only about 15 seconds! Stand up, massage from your pubic bone right up to your rib cage. You can do this right through your clothes. Keep your hands to the sides of your prostate.

Then do the Miracle Prostate Exercise one time (that's another 15 seconds). Walk around for a minute or so before you sit back down. Get a glass of water if you want.

Notice How Much More Refreshed You Feel
All Over!

A little regular refreshment goes a long way!

I always do this when I go on long flights: It's a very mini Abdominal Peripheral Prostate Massage. Every hour or so I get up and go to the lavatory and do my 30 seconds of massage and exercise as well as a little stretching or flexing for the rest of my muscles.

The process takes no more than 2 minutes.

When the plane lands I always feel Great! I never have that tired heavy feeling that most people get at the end of a flight.


Never Massage Your Prostate Gland Too Hard!

If you massage gland tissue too hard you can cause damage. Your prostate gland is made up of both muscle and gland tissue. Gland tissue is much more delicate than muscle or skin tissue. Especially if the gland is not healthy. So, always be gentle when you are massaging your prostate gland directly.

Massaging directly on the gland, especially too vigorously, can make it angry.
If you do this, it will hurt quite badly shortly afterward.

If this happens,
just keep off the gland directly and continue with the peripheral massaging
during the following days.

The Abdominal Peripheral Prostate Massage is done in areas around your prostate. There is a lot of fat and muscle there as well your intestines. So, you can massage these areas as deeply as is comfortable.

Try the complete Abdominal Peripheral Prostate Massage tonight before you go to bed. See how much better things feel in the morning!

Be Well.....

~ William

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