Hemorrhoid Treatment
That Really Works!
Part III

last updated January 1, 2022
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In: Hemorrhoid Treatment That really Works - Part II, I told you I would discuss the easiest method for massage that I have ever found. Here it is!:

Nature's Miracle

Correct anal massaging can often work seeming miracles!

However, if you are going to try anal massaging you must be GENTLE. Gentle is always the key word here. You are touching some very sensitive and delicate tissues.

Exercise and anal massaging are generally not recommended for 3rd or 4th stage hemorrhoids. They are also not recommended even for stage 1 or 2 while you are having pain. The time for massaging and exercise is when the roids are "peaceful".

A Reminder
Sensible Caution:

If you have been reading these pages in sequence, you will remember me saying this before on each page. This anal tissue can be very delicate. Especially when it is flaring up (burning) .

If you start a massage or exercise program

and feel any kind of pain,

stop immediately.

The thought of our roids dissolving is so exciting that some of us go past the obvious pain signals our bodies are giving us. Don't do this! Pain is telling you something is wrong.

Sometimes tissues may be too delicate or inflamed to work on. If this is the case, you could cause yourself more serious pain and/or injury. The anal massaging/exercising will not be a wise thing for you.

This issue is normally only a problem with more advanced cases, with people who are having a flare up, or when someone does it too hard or aggressively.

The Aneros Peridise Massager

If you decide to use anal massaging and exercise, you want to be effective. Not everyone can reach back there and do their massaging so easily.

I found a wonderful set of devices developed especially for this purpose. I should actually say "massaging tools". For that is what they are.

They are easy to use and will also tone the muscles in your anus while you are doing your anal massaging.

You really can't ask for more! These are not medical devices. They are true massage tools.

The tools are called the Aneros Peridise Massagers. These are very unique tools! The peridise are manufactured by the same people who make the highly effective Aneros prostate massage device I constantly recommend to men who have any type of prostate problem.

Aneros peridise hemorrhoid treatment set

These can feel so good, however, that they are most commonly sold as a sex toy. But, make no mistake: The Peridise tools are the best hemorrhoid and anal massage tools in the world!

A complete set of Peridise massagers are very inexpensive, easy to use devices, that were specifically designed for this type of treatment.

The Peridise are remarkably small and simple devices that will enable you to:

  • Effectively massage your anal area (for increased blood circulation)
  • Strengthen your anal muscles and veins
  • Regain and maintain control of your bowels and bladder

Those are pretty incredible statements! And they are all true.

The Peridise are the most effective anal massage devices in the world! There is nothing else like them. I get constant praise on them from those who have tried them for hemorrhoid treatment.

peridise anal massagers by Aneros

The Peridise will enable you to effectively tone and strengthen your entire anal area. For many people, these are the only hemorrhoid treatment they ever needed.

My Own
Hemorrhoid Treatment Story

I was a child prodigy musician. It's not as glamorous as it's made to sound. It was a very high stress life for me. By the time I was 18 years old I was a physical wreck!

I was living on a diet of white bread, roast beef, sodas, and candy bars. I had both a physical and nervous breakdown before I was 19 years old. AND, I developed hemorrhoids!

I was only 18! I think I must have qualified for the Guinness book of world records!

It was embarrassing and humiliating! I needed to fix that.

Conventional Therapy
Didn't Help Me

The creams and other preparations did me no real good. All the hemorrhoid treatment they provided was to ease the symptoms. I wanted to get rid of mine. Permanently!

I started to study every health book I could find. Finally I found a book by Adele Davis. She explained how this problem could form from a bad diet and a lack of B vitamins. Especially vitamin B6.

Along with a good diet, she recommended 25-50 mgs. of B6 per day along with a good B complex vitamin so that the vitamins did not get out of balance.

I took her advice and added some manual anal massaging. This cured my problem in only 3 months! I've never had another one since!

I wish my own hemorrhoid treatment had included a peridise set back then. It's not so easy to massage yourself with your fingers. And you're probably not going to find some who is too eager to help you with that. And, as an 18 year old I would have been too embarrassed to ever ask.

The peridise set can be an absolute God Send for anyone who suffers from roids in stage 1 or stage 2! Especially if that area is hard for you to reach.

New Life!

The conventional methods of hemorrhoid treatment just don't do it.

And that may just be lucky for you!

Sometimes it's a bit of a blessing to develop a minor physical discomfort. The wise person will go searching for a true answer. And sometimes, those answers can improve a person's entire health, happiness, and longevity immeasurably!

I have seen this happen for men over and over again with massaging. Especially when combined with a natural diet.

With correct hemorrhoid treatment, you may find you feel incredibly better all over and get an entirely improved new life.

Be Well.....

~ William

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