Home Treatment of Hemorrhoids
can be
Safe, Easy, and Effective

Home treatment of hemorrhoids and prostate massage? What do they have to do with each other??

More than you probably ever imagined!

This will probably come as quite a surprise. But men with this uncomfortable anal problem who routinely practice prostate massage, invariably see a reduction in their anal area also.

Why? Because this kind of direct internal massaging is one of the best ways to clean, nourish (with greater blood flow) and strengthen these inflamed anal blood vessels!

Interesting. Isn't it?

What Home Treatment of Hemorrhoids
You Are Able to Do
Depends on How Bad They Are

First of all: What are these things really?

They are simply enlarged veins located within the tissues of the anus or rectum. They are internal and/or external.

They are also classified in 4 degrees of severity.

If you have severe ones (category 3 or 4), you may need more serious medical attention.

You should consult with your doctor first to see what your condition is and to see if home treatment of hemorrhoids is an option for you.

If yours are a simple category 1 or 2, home treatment of hemorrhoids may be the best thing for you! You will probably be able to eliminate them completely without surgery and just some correct internal massage and dietary changes.

effective home treatment of hemorrhoids

Here's What Causes Them

These clogged protruding veins have definite causes. The first is dietary. If you're living on the common modern diet, you have a greater than 40% chance of getting them.

A poor diet clogs and weakens your whole body. The weakest parts suffer first.

They are caused when more pressure is put on the blood vessels (in and around your anus) than the vessels can stand. This often comes from straining at the toilet.

At the point your blood vessels can no longer tolerate the pressure and are no longer able to maintain their structure, they balloon out. And they clog up.

Poor nutrition is the sole cause for this weakness. Poor nutrition is also cause of the constipation that causes straining at the toilet.

If you had strong healthy tissues you could strain on the toilet all you want and the vessels would never balloon out.

But, if you were eating a proper diet and if you had strong healthy tissues, you would never strain to have a bowel movement anyway.

This Home Treatment of Hemorrhoids
May Not Be For You

The good news is: Home treatment of hemorrhoids is very easy and very successful if your condition has not become out of control.

There is a point, however, past which your body can no longer repair itself properly and careful home treatment of hemorrhoids can make them feel better, but will not eliminate them.

in stage 4 it is too late for home treatment of hemorrhoids

  category 4 

But, for most sufferers, home treatment of hemorrhoids can be extremely effective. Even in some more advanced cases.

The Reason You Developed Them

When you suffer from this condition (as most modern adults over 40 do), your blood vessels are weak, malnourished, and clogged. That's all that wrong with them.

It's practically a sign of the times and the way we live.

And it's good you're finding this out here and not a stroke or an aneurysm in your heart or brain. An ruptured aneurysm in you anus simply gives you bleeding.

A ruptured aneurysm in your heart or brain would probably kill you.

The human body operates as a whole. If you have weak blood vessels in and around your anus, you can be sure they are weak in your entire body.

So now it's also time to make yourself healthier and stronger all over!

The dietary changes you make as part of your home treatment of hemorrhoids can improve your entire physical well being and add many beautiful years to your life!

The Best Home Treatment of Hemorrhoids

This is the best home treatment of hemorrhoids that I have ever discovered. And it really works!

Most sufferers do not need surgery. Correct home treatment of hemorrhoids has proven to be both safe and effective.

Gentle anal massage has been a home remedy for thousands of years. The people who have found this remedy most successful have included all of the following:

First: A healthy natural diet is essential. Poor diet is the primary cause of these irritating, annoying and often painful swollen veins

A primitive diet is the best and healthiest human diet. Not everyone is capable of the discipline necessary to eat that way 100% of the time. But, the closer you come to it the healthier you will be.

Second: Hemorrhoidal blood vessels require strengthening and more fresh blood than they are currently receiving. This is most important in rejuvenating them. Gentle proper massage and anal exercise will do this most effectively.

Third: The body operates as a whole. It requires daily exercise. Or, exercise at least 3 times a week. It doesn't have to be exhausting or boring. Just move your body around anyway you want to for and hour or so at least every couple of days.

Walking, dancing, gardening, swimming, tennis, yoga , etc... will all do you just as much good as weight lifting, running or some horribly boring gym routine.

Just get up off your rear end and get your blood moving vigorously every day!

Something Adele Davis Recommends

After you clean up your diet, the best single home treatment of hemorrhoids is some correct direct massage and anal exercise. These three things will give you more relief and faster results than anything else.

Along with proper nutrition, Adele Davis (a very famous nutritionist of the last century) recommended adding 25mg of Vitamin B6 to the daily diet along with a B complex vitamin (in a 25 mg per B vitamin potency, for a total of 50mg of vitamin B6 daily) until the condition disappears.

Adele Davis believed virtually anything could be cleared up if you had enough of the right nutrients.

She has helped millions of men and women regain better health.

Unlike dangerous drugs, this amount of Vitamin B6 for a few months time has no side effects. And it will not cause a vitamin B imbalance if you take a good B complex vitamin along with it.

When I added these vitamins to my massage and nutritional program, my own hemorrhoids disappeared in just 3 months!

And by continuing to eat properly, they never came back. And that has been 39 years!

The Importance Of Correct Massage

When you suffer from this unpleasant condition your blood vessels are weak. They need to be strengthened.

A rich supply of fresh blood is both nourishing and cleansing. It is what these blood vessels need most to heal!

Massage brings blood to an area. It is a main item in a successful home treatment of hemorrhoids.

This is why men who practice regular correct prostate massage technique  find these blood vessels shrinking also. This correct massaging brings a rich supply of blood not only to our male gland, but also to the entire anal area.

The Best Massage Technique

You can massage yourself gently with a lubricated finger. But, it is extremely difficult to do correctly.

There is a wonderful almost magical set of tools on the market called the  Peridise anal massagers.

When you use a peridise massage device according to directions you will gently bring more healing blood to your anal area than by any other method. And you will be exercising and strengthening your anal muscles and blood vessels at the same time.

The peridise massagers are very inexpensive. A set costs only $19. They last a lifetime.

The peridise massagers were originally developed for home treatment of hemorrhoids. But, today they are most commonly sold as a sex toy because they have such an amazing ability to stimulate the anal nerves.

So don't let the advertising distract you.

Personally, I don't care what some ads says. I'm looking for the best instruments to do the job! I believe these ones do.

Using The Peridise Massage Set

I'm surprised they are not called the Paradise Massage Set! They are that good!

The peridise massagers are the finest and safest devices for home treatment of hemorrhoids ever developed.

The set consists of 4 suppository type devices that go from small to large. They are about 4 inches in length.

You start with the largest one! The reason is: it takes more healthy muscle and anal strength to use the small ones. Over time, you gradually work your way from using the largest one to using the smallest one.

You simply insert a well lubricated peridise into your anus. Once the peridise  is inserted, the rest is hands free. You squeeze it over and over again with your anal muscles. That's all there is to it! It's that easy.

When you use one of these you will:

  • Clean the congested, weak, swollen blood vessels
  • Nourish and strengthen the entire area anal area
  • Increase the peristalsis in you bowels (relieve constipation)
  • Strengthen your bowel and bladder control

Wow! Right?!

Using a peristal is so easy and so incredibly effective that it's almost impossible to believe everyone with this problem hasn't been told about these massagers already.

The peridise set is the absolute best home treatment of hemorrhoids that I have ever found!

 Become Hemorrhoid Free Forever!

As your body becomes healthier, cleaner and stronger, your swollen, congested, painful, itchy anal veins will naturally shrink and disappear. And they don't return!

Most people are plagued with this uncomfortable condition forever because most people never know how to make their body, and specifically this area of their body, healthy and strong again.

But, now You do!

A Special Bonus: Strengthening this area also helps prevent and reverse incontinence (both bladder and bowel) caused by weak muscles in older age. If you already suffer from these problems, this article may be a great discovery for you.

Now you know the best home treatment of hemorrhoids. So there is no reason for you to suffer from them any longer.

Be Well.....

~ William

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