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Erotic Prostate Massage

An Erotic Prostate Massage is truly one of the amazing gifts from God!

But, in order to be able to enjoy this type of massage, you're first going to need a healthy prostate. If you are suffering from any type of prostate problem, the best way back to get a healthy prostate is through some correct prostate massage!

When your prostate is healthy you can use the massage techniques you learned to get enormous sensual pleasure as well as help to maintain your prostate health.

On this site I normally concentrate on prostate health. But, once your prostate is healthy, you can start to explore the sensual world of prostate pleasures.

Intense Mind Boggling Orgasms!

Most men will go through their entire life never really achieving amazing orgasms or sensual heights.

Sometimes I almost think it is a blessing when a man develops a prostate problem. Because, when he remedies the problem (through prostate massage) he automatically learns the techniques for achieving the ultimate type of orgasm.

The ultimate orgasm is achieved when the prostate is directly stimulated during sexual activity. There is no other way. This is done with erotic prostate massage.

Erotic prostate massage is well known and revered in ancient cultures in India and China and Japan. With all of our Western puritanical history, sexual sensuality has been greatly repressed.

Every orgasm feels good. So every man thinks he is at the height of sexual bliss. But, he is usually far from it.

Sexual Bliss

Most men never get to achieve the most amazing types of orgasms because of lack of sensual knowledge. As open as sex is now in the media and on television, we are not taught to explore our sensuality. In fact we are usually directed away from it.

Sexual intercourse is rampant. Sexual sensuality is rare.

The modern motto seems to be: "Have sex as often as possible". This is not healthy. Especially for men. That is one great way to give yourself terribly painful prostatitis.

But, a quality, intensely sensual, mind boggling, huge orgasm is very healthy both physically and psychologically. A huge orgasm is also highly satisfying on a deeply emotional level also.

The most amazing orgasms and sexual heights are only reached when the prostate gland is directly stimulated during intercourse.

The Male G Spot

The prostate is essentially the male G spot.

The prostate needs direct stimulation to give it's most pronounced sensations. This can be done with a woman's finger or even better when a prostate stimulating device is used.

A finger inserted in the anus normally does not reach deeply enough inside of a man to attain maximum stimulation. It is definitely pleasurable and highly erotic.

But, to really reach the entire prostate gland you need something a little longer and definitely wider. You need something that can reach the entire prostate galnd.

You can use a variety of objects from a metal cigar tube to a carrot. But the best and safest way to fully reach the prostate gland is with a massage device designed especially for prostate massage and prostate stimulation.

Using A Prostate Massage Device

erotic prostate massage with an Aneros Helix

There are dozens of prostate massage devices on the market. The best of these are the Aneros prostate massagers. The HelixSYN (silicone model) model is what I always recommend for therapeutic prostate massage.

But the best Aneros massagers for erotic prostate massage are the Progasm and the EuphoSYN.

When you are seeking the maximum in prostate pleasure from an erotic prostate massage, you need to stimulate the largest amount of nerve endings possible. The more nerves you can stimulate, the greater the orgasm will be.

The Progasm and Eupho will make contact with more of your prostate gland and stimulate more nerves simultaneously than any other device available. And they do it in a SAFE way.

The Progasm and Eupho also will stimulate the nerve endings at your anus. These nerves are rarely mentioned in male sexuality and yet they are some of the most erogenous.

Maximum Stimulation

Stimulating all these nerves during erection can take your breath away during foreplay. And it can boost your orgasm to truly unbelievable heights! Heights you never dreamed you could experience.

If you can imagine the most intense orgasm you ever had (I mean really picture it in your mind!) and multiply the feeling and intensity about 4x, you will be able to imagine what I'm talking about when the prostate is correctly stimulated during intercourse, oral sex, or masturbation.

Foreplay with erotic prostate massage is also far more exciting. You will truly unleash the animal within!

If you are not used to getting rock hard, so hard you think your penis might burst, then you have not been using erotic prostate massage during sexual activity.

Again, in India and in China this is usually common knowledge. In our repressed Western culture, it is practically unknown.

Not For Every Man

During sexual activity, your blood pressure and pulse both rise. When you add erotic prostate massage to that your blood pressure and heart beat will rise to a far greater extent than normal and for a much longer period of time.


If you have any kind of heart problem, this page is not for you. Don't even try this kind of super intense sexual activity. You could create a heart attack and kill yourself. Literally.
I'm serious about this. It's not a joke. If you have any type of heart problem, or are a stroke candidate, DO NOT TRY THIS!

Don't be embarrassed to check with your doctor to see if you are healthy enough for this kind of intense sexual excitement. It's not for everyone. If you have any doubts, don't do it.

The Methods

The the methods for an erotic prostate massage are quite simple. And, enjoyable beyond belief!

Much like stimulating and masturbating your penis, you (or your partner) will be massaging your prostate. You will do it slowly, quickly, softly, intensely, to the side, around, etc.. you can explore every way that brings you pleasure.

Just be sure you are always gentle. Your prostate gland and intestinal walls are fairly strong but none the less somewhat delicate. If you damage them you can cause very serious injury and even death.

So enjoy what you are doing, but always use "Gentle" as you guideline. If you feel any pain, stop immediately!

Erotic Prostate Massage
Therapeutic Prostate Massage

An erotic prostate massage is different then a therapeutic prostate massage.

During a therapeutic prostate massage you are trying to help heal the prostate gland. You are not wanting to get an erection or stimulate your penis. And you are not allowing orgasm (ejaculation).

When performing a therapeutic prostate massage you want to retain as much energy in the prostate gland as possible so that it can heal most efficiently.

When your prostate gland is sick, ejaculating too often will drain your sexual energies. This can impede healing. So the idea is to massage without orgasm.

On the other hand, during an erotic prostate massage you want sexual sensual pleasure! You want an erection! You want to have your partner stroke and orally stimulate you during this massage. You want your whole body to be stimulated, caressed and kissed.

Your goal with erotic prostate massage is intense erotic stimulation! A raging throbbing penis! A huge massive orgasm!

The goal is to create the most sensation for the longest period of time before ejaculation (cumming). And to create the most powerful orgasm when you cum.

Why Erotic Prostate Massage Is Healthy

Just like the best tasting foods make your mouth water and improve your digestion, the most sensual sexual activities improve your sexual health. They make your blood flow! Fresh blood renews life.

The more aroused you are and the longer you are aroused, the more fluids flow from all your sexual glands. This helps to keep your prostate gland and all your sexual glands clean and healthy!

You will undoubtedly notice an increase in pre cum during the erotic prostate massage. This is good for you! The more your fluids move, the cleaner you will be internally and the less chance you will have of developing prostate problems.

For a healthy man, erotic prostate massage serves two purposes:

  • Helps to achieve the highest possible sensual pleasure
  • Helps to maintain excellent prostate health


In Western culture we have this puritanical background that labels anything sensually and sexually stimulating to be "sinful" or "dirty". Mother Nature does not agree with this. She gave you senses for just two reasons: to protect you and to bring you pleasure.

As long as you use sensations in a healthful way, they will never hurt you. They will improve the quality of your life and health.

This applies to erotic prostate massage as well.

Erotic prostate massage brings massive quantities of fresh blood into your prostate gland. It cleanses it and nourishes your prostate gland and the whole male sexual system.

Erotic prostate massage is one of the most healthful things you can do for your prostate gland.

And, as Mother Nature intended, it feels good!


Be Well.....

~ William

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