Does Constipation 
Have a Harmful Effect
Your Prostate Gland?

constipation and a normal bowel

Yes! Absolutely. In fact constipation can be the cause of many prostate problems from severe prostatitis to cancer.

Being all blocked up inside like this is not only uncomfortable and often painful on it's own. It also causes many toxins to form from the bacteria that live in the mass of stuck waste materials.

All these toxins then go right into your blood stream and can cause serious health problems. Including painful problems in your sexual gland.


Natural foods that move through the body at a normal rate (approx 24 hrs.) does not normally produce any kind of toxicity problem.

But non foods, junk foods, and highly processed "refined" foods that remain in the colon for extended periods of time (sometimes many days) become a breeding ground for these bacteria.

And these bacteria breed very quickly.

If you have ever walked by a sewer or a swamp and said, "Oh man, is that disgusting!", you now know what is happening in a colon when the bowels don't move frequently enough. Everything in there is decaying and rotting for extended periods of time.

Worse than the smell is the fact that all this decaying rotting food is creating toxins in your body and constantly poisoning your blood stream.

These toxins pass through the intestinal wall and go directly into the blood stream. It is the primary reason people get chronic bad breath (rotting teeth is the other major cause).

This toxicity is also a major cause of prostatitis.

How Constipation Affects our Male Gland

Now, your male gland is located right in front of your bowel. And, I mean right next to it. This location and easy access is what makes an internal prostate massage so effective.

The reason this stagnant stuck rotting food can cause so many prostate problems is that the toxins formed from it go directly through your intestinal wall to your precious gland.

Now, this particular male gland of ours is one of the finest filters in our body. It was designed that way. When these toxins reach it, it tries to filter them out so that the semen will have a health clean environment for the sperm cells.

If your gland gets overloaded with these toxins, it may not be able to get rid of them quickly enough. (Even with correct massaging technique.)

These poisons can then cause inflammation (the body trying to burn them up) and pain. And, if enough toxic substances accumulate in this area, they can actually poison your gland and become a cause of cancer there.

Constipation May Be The Cause
Your Worst Health Problems

constipation is not just annoying

The accumulating toxins can also be the cause of many other chronic health problems and health conditions.

These problems and conditions can include: migraine headaches, acne, skin disorders (like eczema, psoriasis, shingles...), bad breath, colon cancer,.... the list goes on and on. These are called diseases of toxicity.

Most of these conditions clear up almost "miraculously", completely, and forever when the bowels are cleaned out, moving freely, and a natural diet and lifestyle are adopted.

How To Get Your Bowels Moving Easily Again

Being constipated means: You don't have at least 1 or 2 bowel movements each day. Or, it takes you more than 2 minutes to have a bowel movement.

If this is the case, you need to get your bowels moving correctly and freely  again.

constipation can often be overcome with apples

To get things moving right now, one of the oldest, simplest, and healthiest ways is to eat an apple or two first thing in the morning. Before eating or drinking anything else.

Follow that immediately by a glass of cold water.

This usually does the trick for most people.

* note: If you can not chew apples because of dental problems, you can grate them or mush them up in a blender. But, you need to use RAW apples. Not cooked apple sauce.

If that doesn't do it, you may also need a laxative to get things moving regularly again.

Drinking enough water each day is also necessary to keep your bowels moving properly.

You may also need a B complex vitamin supplement for a while to make up for years of malnutrition.

Colonics (colon cleaning with water) are a wonderful way to clean out your bowels and get them into better shape quickly.

Remnants of waste matter have been known to stick to the inside of the large intestine in constipated people for years. Yes, years. It's no wonder so much pain and disease can come from chronic constipation.

A series of colonics can clean this horrible mess out in a matter of weeks. And they are usually quite painless.

Getting Rid of Constipation Permanently!

After you get your bowels moving again. You'll want to get off the laxatives as soon as you can. Laxatives can become habit forming. This may take a few months or even longer. But, you just won't need them once your bowels get healthy again.

An interesting fact is: people who live on a natural diet (primitive diet) almost never get constipation.

So the first thing you'll need to do is start eating all natural foods. These are the foods your body was designed to work properly with. You wouldn't put the wrong fuel into your automobile. So why put the wrong fuel into your body?

The natural foods are the ones you find on the perimeter of the market. Fresh meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and dairy products. Forget the aisles! That's where all the packaged, processed, canned and constipating food is located.

If you eat grains, eat whole grains only: brown rice, oatmeal, whole corn, whole rye, whole wheat.

Avoid anything made with white flour (commonly called "wheat flour"). The white flour has the fiber removed. This "refined" flour can block up and clog up your intestines in no time. "Refined" grains are one of the primary causes of constipation.

Although fresh foods are best, natural frozen foods are good also a good healthy choice.

Improving Your Sexual Health

getting rid of chronic constipation makes us feel better

Many chronic, painful, and debilitating prostate problems can be cleared up by just re-regulating your bowels, eating all natural foods, and using simple correct massage techniques.

With a natural diet, some B complex vitamins, some daily exercise (any kind), and plenty of fresh clean water your constipation can soon become a thing of the past. And it can stay that way!

Be Well.....

~ William

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