The Health Benefits
Massage Therapy

A good massage always seems to leave us feeling wonderful!

But what are the health benefits


massage therapy?

health benefits of massage therapy

When You Need It Most

We usually think of massage as only a pleasurable relaxing experience. And it should be. But, massage is also very a health giving practice.

And when you have an injury or illness, massage may be a painful experience. But, that is usually when you need the health benefits of massage therapy the most.

Why is this?

Toxins and Pain

Massage moves your blood. The health benefits of massage therapy all come from moving the blood and gently stimulating the nerves.

When you have and injury, illness, or congestion in an area of your body, massage will be moving stagnant tired blood.

Whenever you move stagnant blood, toxins are released. This will cause pain because toxins irritate the nerves. Toxins are poisons. And your nerves (pains) are telling you there is trouble in the area.

Your nerves are there to enable you to feel things. To sense things. To experience pleasure. But also to let you know when an area is being injured or hurt.

Why These Toxins Are Present

Those toxins come from three things:

1) Wrong foods

2) Consumed toxins (tobacco, pesticides, food additives, etc...)

3) Lack of proper blood circulation (primarily from inactivity and sitting most of the day)

Helping The Healing Process

Inflammation is the body's way of trying to burn up toxic materials. Tissues that are highly toxic are usually inflamed.

The nerves in inflamed tissue are much more sensitive and exposed, and therefore painful to touch. This is why the health benefits of massage therapy are usually seen very quickly in prostatitis conditions.

The health benefits of massage therapy are very important during this time. They help to greatly increase the healing process.

But, if inflammation and pain are too great, applications of heat (to increase blood circulation) are often better suited to the area until gentle massage is comfortable. During this time, massaging surrounding areas can be very helpful and useful for increasing blood circulation.

When Massage Feels Good!

In a 100% healthy body, massage always feels good! Always.

In a sick body, massage may often cause pain or discomfort.

In any body massage is healthful. It moves the blood. Moving the blood brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to the area. The moving blood also removes accumulated toxins.

Fresh healthy clean blood can heal virtually any condition or disease man experiences.Yes this includes cancer, arthritis, heart disease, prostate problems, etc.

The key is healthy clean blood. That comes from a healthy clean diet.

How It Helps Rejuvenate Your Body

the health benefits of massage therapy are an aid in tissue rejuvenation

The health benefits of massage therapy are quite miraculous!

Even a fresh abundant supply of not so healthy blood can make an area feel better. Just the fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients and the elimination of accumulated toxins can rejuvenate many areas of the body.

This is also why just correct prostate massage is so beneficial and so helpful in relieving prostate problems of every kind.

The Health Benefits of Prostate Massage

The health benefits of massage therapy are very obvious with prostate massage.

This male gland of ours is situated in the body in such a way that it is prone to poor circulation. Primarily from sitting too much (which we almost all do).

Sitting cuts off the circulation to it because so many veins and arteries get bent and pinched. Blood just can not flow normally.

Add to this the fact that this particular gland is one of the finest filters there is. It has to clean the blood so that the semen can keep the sperm cells alive and healthy.

Where do all the poisons and toxins that it filters go? NOWHERE if there is not sufficient blood flow.

These toxins and poisons then accumulate in it causing prostatitis, pain, inflammation, infection and cancer.

Learning Correct Prostate Massage

In today's world, regular correct massaging is often necessary to maintain a healthy pain free gland. I still make sure I give myself at least one good prostate massage every month.

What are the health benefits of massage therapy specifically in this area?

Correctly massaging this area greatly increases the blood flow in our gland. This greatly increased blood flow cleans, nourishes and enables a tired painful congested area to refresh and heal itself.

This deep tissue rubbing also helps to keep us clean and healthy inside.

external massage for prostate health

external prostate massage

internal prostate massage can bring great health benefits

internal prostate massage

Add a clean and healthy diet to this and our male problems often simply seem to vanish!

I have witnessed this countless cases. Even when the problems had been there for decades, regular correct massaging here usually made them melt away.

The miraculous health benefits of massage therapy for the male gland are almost hard to believe sometimes! Especially for those men who have suffered for years. Or even decades.

Why Does Massage Therapy Work?

There are three major health benefits of massage therapy:

  • Increased Oxygenation
  • Increased Nourishment
  • Toxin Removal

Let's look at each one:

Increased Oxygenation

Oxygen is required for every function in your body. Every cell of you body requires oxygen ever second to stay alive.

You know if you stop breathing for just a few minutes, you will be dead. That is how important oxygen is to every part of your body.

What most of us don't know is that when we diminish the flow of oxygen to part of our body it can become almost lifeless. Close to death.

Did you ever fall asleep on your arm and wake up to a "dead hand"? You couldn't move you fingers? Then when you rubbed your arm and the blood started to flow again your fingers worked again. Your hand was suffocating. Dying from lack of oxygen, actually.

The same thing happens in your sexual system when you sit too much. But because you can't move your sexual system like you can move your fingers, you may not notice at first.

Then when the toxic internal pain starts most men don't know why. Some correct prostate massage can usually fix that up rapidly.

Increased Nourishment

Well everyone knows we have to eat to survive and be strong.

What most of us don't realize is that our organs and glands need to eat to be strong also. That includes your male anatomy.

When the blood supply is continually too slow here, not enough oxygen and nutrients reach it. It can become very weak. And without certain proper nutrients men develop BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia).

Toxin Removal

If you don't remove the toxins from an area it will remain painful. And massage is one the best, if not the best, method of having the blood flow deeply through an area and clean out these poisons.

Most prostatitis is the result of toxic overload and infection. The health benefits of massage often show up here the quickest.

If you are massaging this area for the first time and it is very sensitive and painful, you can be pretty sure you have a LOT of toxins in there.

You are not alone.

Most men have toxic congestion here to a greater or lesser degree. This is the major reason cancer here is so prevalent for men in modern society.

Don't Over Do It

Massage and exercise effect the body very similarly.

Just like exercise, massage can be overdone.

How do you know when you've done too much? Just like exercise, when your massage is no longer a pleasure, you are starting to go too far.

If it is uncomfortable in the beginning, that just means you really need it! Just be gentle and make progress slowly. And stick with it. You'll be glad you did.

Once you begin to experience the health benefits of massage therapy, you'll never want to give it up!

But remember, if you massage too long or too hard, just like with exercise, it will hurt you and do little good. It can even do harm if you overdo. So don't over do it!

Enjoy The Health Benefits of Massage Therapy!

enjoying the health benefits of massage therapy

It's very healthy to enjoy massage regularly.

If it hurts at first, that means you really need it. Remember: it never hurts to massage healthy tissues.

So, in the beginning, work very gently and slowly. In a rather short period of time you will begin to experience the miraculous health benefits of massage therapy!

Once you do, you will never want to give it up!

Be Well.....

~ William

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