The Prostate Massage Therapist

Do You Really Need
Professional Assistance?

using a prostate massage therapist

Do I need a professional prostate massage therapist? This is common question among men who learn the enormous value of this type of internal massaging and want to try it out.

But, is a professional something you actually need for this?

In most cases I would say no.

The Best Massages

Well let me start by saying I really believe the best internal massages of this type are going to be performed by the person receiving them. Yes, that means "Do it Yourself".


Being your own prostate massage therapist has these benefits:

  • You can feel exactly how much pressure you need
  • You know exactly where the most sensitive areas are
  • You can easily do it regularly and often enough
  • You can massage whenever you feel the need
  • You save a lot of money

But, is a professional valuable or necessary?

For a certain group of men I would say yes! Extremely valuable!

Who Can Benefit
From A Professional
Prostate Massage Therapist?

If you are inexperienced with the internal technique, a session with a good experienced professional can enable you to see what this type of body work should feel like. You can then use that as a guide when you perform your own massages.

A good professional can also take the "ick" factor out of the process when you are beginning. As Americans we were generally never taught the value and beauty of all of our body parts. And anything anal seems to have the "ick" factor associated with it.

Or the homophobe factor. "It's something real men don't do". Rubbish!! Forget that nonsense. Real men have prostatic problems and real men need real relief.

It Feels Good!

A good internal massage from a professional body worker also will generally feel very good! Unless, of course, you are suffering from chronic pain here. Here, a skilled professional can also be of value with a very gentle touch. And guide you in correct therapy.

Doing your own internal work is very easy for most men. It becomes especially easy if you are using an Aneros Helix device.

prostate massage therapist vs anerosAneros Helix

Does Anyone Really Need
Professional Prostate Massage Therapist?

Is there a benefit in researching and getting a professional?

Yes. There definitely can be a few benefits.

There are a number of men, and you may be one of them, who are unable to perform their own massaging, yet could benefit greatly from the internal techniques.

If you can not reach your anal area easily and comfortably because of older age, obesity, arthritis, etc... and you feel some internal prostate massage would benefit you, you will need some assistance.

A wife or partner can be very helpful here.

But, in these cases seeking out a good, well trained prostate massage therapist can be of enormous value. Or, as an instructor who will teach your wife/partner how to do the technique properly.

Your Therapist - Man or Woman?

I always prefer women for body work (massage therapy) of any kind.

This is just a personal preference. I find women usually have a gentler more sensitive touch. And when working with a sore or inflamed gland this can be extremely beneficial.

I'm sure there are many men who also do a fine job. It is just personal preference.

But, I think you will also find most prostate massage therapists are women. So, if you locate a good one in your area, don't be afraid of or embarrassed by a woman "touching you there". There is nothing "dirty" about it and there is no reason to be embarrassed about any part of your body.


Always get a medical check up and examination before starting any program to see if there is any reason why you should not perform this type of body work. Conditions that prohibit internal massaging are not too common. But, they exist. So be sure first.

Being Your Own Prostate Massage Therapist

If you will take the time to practice and discover your body for yourself, you will probably do the best job possible. And you'll save yourself a LOT of money. It is not difficult.

Getting an Aneros will make the job easy and simple for you! I prefer the Aneros Helix Silicone model. It seems to work best for most of us and is by far the smoothest and most comfortable. And, because of that, you will most likely do your massaging more regularly.

But, if you are just not able to do your own, or, if you simply prefer the pleasure of having it done for you, a good prostate massage therapist can be a God send for an ailing prostate gland.

Be Well.....

~ William

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