Repetition of Prostate Massage
Regaining Prostate Health

Repetition is usually the deciding factor for those men who eliminate chronic prostatitis using correct prostate massage. It is usually the difference between those who regain vibrant prostate health vs those that never get really well.

Why We Need Prostate Massage

Correct "body work" on our male gland is one of the most important things we can learn as civilized men.

Modern civilized life brings us so many creature comforts. And makes so many tasks very easy for us.

The problem is, all the sitting and worrying we do creates havoc for our male sexual gland.

I have had numerous men tell me how much better they felt after even only one good correct massage.

But, normally it will require repetition. A series of efforts to really get your gland refreshed and feeling truly healthy again. Spaced repetition is the key to success.

How It is Just Like Exercise

If you have ever had any kind of massage therapy due to an injury, you will understand the need for repetition. This type of body work is like exercise in many ways. You can't do it just one day in your life and expect to be strong forever.

In fact if you exercise vigorously just once in your life, all you will remember is how achy you felt during the days that followed. And you won't get any stronger from it.

If exercise is going to be beneficial, it requires repetition. Doing it again and again at regularly spaced intervals.

Repetitions works the same way with your prostate massages.

The first one will probably leave you a little more achy the next day. When you suddenly stir up months (or years) of stored up toxins from a part of the body, those toxins will irritate that body part until they have been flushed out by the blood.

Once those toxins flush out (2-3 days) you will notice you feel better. Sometimes dramatically better. Sometimes only a little better. So you do it again. And again. And again...

Success With
The Worst Case
I've Ever Seen!

Sometimes cleaning up this gland is not an easy task. Especially if it's had years or even decades to get congested and polluted.

I want to tell you about the most stubborn case of prostatitis I have ever encountered. It took real determination for this man to overcome it. And, it almost made me doubt everything I teach. Almost...

This past February I was discussing this type of therapy with a gentleman (almost 60 years old) who has suffered chronic prostatitis for the past 23 years. He was having a severe bout.

He told me he had heard about this website. He thought he had prostatic cancer and was sure he was dying this time. He asked if he could chat with me.

We talked for a bit and his situation was classic. He had prostatitis that just kept coming back over and over again. But, this time the pain felt really serious to him.

I told him first to go and get a check up by his Urologist. I told him if everything checked out OK I would teach him correct prostate massage technique.

He did so. And found that he did not have cancer. Nor did he have anything wrong according to his doctor.

This is totally common. 7 out of 8 times prostatitis shows up as nothing. Except for the severe chronic pain you suffer with it. You've just spent $300+ dollars to have your doctor says you're OK. But, you don't feel OK. At all!

The Easy Way to Success

I then explained the different methods and techniques to him one by one. I recommended he try an Aneros for best results. I explained how much better and more easily he could perform his massaging with one.

He decided on and sent for an Aneros Helix and an Aneros Progasm. When they arrived he started using them right away. On a regular basis.

Usually after 2 or 3 correctly performed massagings there is a noticeable improvement. A noticeable lessening of pain.

I did not hear from him for weeks. I was very curious. So I gave him a call. He was not too pleased with me!

He told me that even after the 3rd massage his pain was as bad as ever. He said the first times he used them only left him feeling worse for a few days and that he had to wait over a week before he felt comfortable enough to do another.

He said he thought the whole investment had been a waste of time and money. And, he said he was sorry he ever spoke to me about it.

 Why Repetition is So Important

I gently explained to this gentleman that his gland was probably highly toxic from years of toxic accumulation.

At first he didn't understand and just got mad at me. But after a while he said it seemed to make sense and he started to really understand what I was saying.

I told him how necessary repetition of the process was. I explained that each time he used his massagers the irritating toxins in his gland were being released.

Each time toxins are, they irritate the area more until the blood is able to remove them. That usually takes a few days.

The Cup Of Coffee

Then I explained to him that sometimes it takes some time to feel a difference:

"It's like if you have a cup of coffee", I said, "and you take out two tablespoons full and replace those with two tablespoons of water. You won't see a difference and you will may not taste the difference.

But keep repeating the two tablespoon replacement routine and pretty soon the coffee will look clearer and taste less and less strong."

This made sense to him.

I continued: "Each time you do your massaging you release some toxins and fresh new blood and nutrients take their place. Your body starts to heal itself.

As you continue with this cycle your gland gets flushes out and refreshed again and again. When enough toxins are removed, the inflammation and pain will eventually be eliminated."

He said he would give it a few more tries and let me know.

Remember: It's Not A Race

Normally, the practice is done about every 3-4 days. This gentleman's pain was so intense that he said he had to wait 7-8 days before he was comfortable enough to do another one.

I told him he should go at his own pace. It's not a race or a contest.

After a few more weeks we spoke again. He said he was not really feeling any better. But, he told me he believed in the principle and stuck with it. Only because (he told me later) he had could find no other options.

There was apparently a huge amount of toxic material in his tired weak gland.

Then during the sixth week he gave me a call. There was a gentle smile in the tone of his voice. He said he still had pain, but it had been noticeably less for 3 days. Less pain than he has had in months!

He also told me that it had been only 4 days since his last time, but that he felt like another one that day. That was great sign! I knew he was on road to feeling better now!

I did not hear from him again for another 3 or 4 weeks. When I did his whole attitude towards me had changed. You would not even believe how happy this man's voice became!

Only two months earlier he was miserable, with severe chronic prostatic pain. He was sure he was dying and he was reviewing his will. Now he was laughing with me and telling me about the 3 week vacation he was planning!

You Can't Do It All At Once

I've never seen such a difficult case before. Results usually come more quickly.

But, just like this gentleman, you probably aren't going to erase months, or years, of toxic congestion in your gland in one day. It takes time. And repetition.

Spaced repetition is the key. Even when your efforts don't seem to be working right away, you have to remember the coffee example.

Each time you do this kind of body work, you repeat the cleaning process. More and more of the toxins that are causing the pain are being removed. Once they are reduced to a manageable level, your pain disappears!

It may take a few tries. Or, like for this gentleman, quite a few! It depends on the condition of your gland and your general health. But through constant repetition, you will eventually find yourself feeling better and better and better!

Something To Help Your Success

We all usually encounter situations in our lives where there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

You're not alone!

Here's a great quote that has helped countless men through those dark moments of frustration and led them to ultimate success:

"Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan 'Press On' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race."

- Calvin Coolidge, former US President

This is all too true for those who suffer from chronic prostatitis. Especially when their doctor has told them "nothing is wrong with you".

Remember: repetition is the key to success here.

If you persevere, you will succeed!

Be Well.....

~ William

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