Choosing The Correct
Personal Lubricant

Your Prostate Massage

Some form of personal lubricant, also commonly called: sexual lubricant, is what we normally use when performing an internal prostate massage. There are basically two kinds of commercially available lubricating products:

  1)  Oil based

  2)  Water based

Normally water based lubes are used with the internal techniques. This includes KY jelly and practically every lube that is sold for use with prostate massage devices such as the Aneros massagers.

For most men these work wonderfully well.

A small number of men (and women), however, can have horrible reactions to these products.

Personal Lubricant Sensitivity and Discomfort

A very small number of men and women are extremely sensitive to these water based products, however. They can suffer a lot of pain from an allergic reaction to these common "safe" lubes and never realize this "safe" lube is causing a new pain or burning in their anus and/or rectum.

It is the same kind of reaction that a very small number of men and women suffer from exposure to latex (as in the gloves doctors and dentists wear; or from latex condoms).

If you are one of these people you should stay away from all commercial water based sexual lubricants.

Although these personal lubricants are called "safe", they are not safe or healthy to use if you are one of the small number of people who react to them.

The reason for the reaction is usually the fact that they are petroleum products.

Using A Natural Oil Personal Lubricant

If water based sexual lubricants can not be used, a natural vegetable oil lubricant may work very well for you. But, if you are highly sensitive you will want to test these carefully. They feel burning to some people.

The best three natural Oil personal lubricants are:

   -  Olive Oil

   -  Castor Oil

   -  Coconut Oil

If you are going to try these oils, do a test first. Just place a very small amount of the chosen oil on your finger tip and apply it to a sensitive area of your skin. Like the inner arm or elbow.

Let it stay overnight. If it feels OK the next day and no redness develops, then try the same very small amount on your anus ONLY. Not inside your anus. Let it stay overnight.

If that has no reaction, try a small amount just inside your anus the following night. Again, wait an overnight to see if there is a reaction (burning, pain, etc...).

If there was no pain or reaction, try it once more the following evening finger deep in your anus.

If there is still no reaction, you probably are OK with it. And, it may be the best choice for your internal prostate massage sessions.

Never use these oils with a latex condom as the oil will cause a latex condom to break quickly.

For The Very Sensitive:
An Oil Free Natural Personal Lubricant

For those men who are not comfortable with any of the above lubes (I am in this group!) there is still a good and Natural lubrication that almost no one reacts badly. It comes from Seaweed!

It's a special type of seaweed extract called Agar Agar. When wet, it is a very slippery and smooth substance. You can find Agar Agar in some natural food shops or on line.

It is also very easy to prepare: You soak some in water overnight. Put it in the blender the next day and whip it up well. Until it is a jell. You use it just that way. No filtering or straining.

This Agar Agar jell is very slippery and will make a very soothing lubricating jell when prepared this way.

Make Sure There Are No Other Problems

If you are experiencing any pain, discomfort or burning from any lubricant, stop using it immediately. You should get a medical examination right away. You want to be sure you don't have any kind of internal damage or torn tissue that would prohibit your practice of internal prostate massage.

Discontinue all internal work until you have seen your doctor and she gives you the OK to proceed.

If everything inside checks out OK, you can then continue your program with peace of mind and the personal lubricant that is correct for you.

Remember: A commercial personal lubricant is OK for most people. But, not for everyone.

For some of us finding the correct personal lubricant for our internal massaging is a task. But, a task well worth the effort!

Be Well.....

~ William

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