Unknown Prostate Problems

Can We Get Rid of Them??

unknown prostate problems and pain

Did you know that over half of all prostate problems are never able to be diagnosed?

Yep, you're not alone. Your gland hurts! Right? Or you're having trouble peeing. Maybe? Slower stream?

You went to see your Urologist. Or, a few Urologists. And nobody seems to know what's wrong. They actually say there is nothing wrong. They say, "There's nothing there." That's the good news! No cancer. No tumors. That is good news.

But, it still hurts!!

The bad news is there is still something wrong. You know this because it keeps hurting! Sometimes a lot! But, no one knows how to help you.

And they tell you they don't know what's causing your prostate problems or your pain. Now that gets scary!

So you get some pain relievers and hope for the best.

One big problem with that is, pain relievers often do nothing for the pain that comes with these types of prostate problems. Have you found that to be true?

Why Is There
No Diagnosis?

The medical profession is very very good at diagnosing diseases. This includes BPH, tumors, infections, STDs, etc...

But, when your gland hurts and none of these things exist, they are totally baffled by your situation!

So, these painful undiagnosable prostate problems are called "non specific prostatitis". What that means is "you have a problem, but we don't know what it is".

And, the truth is, what you have is usually not any kind of disease. So how could it be diagnosed?

"What you may have is a toxic gland,
a congested gland, or a very tired overused gland.
There is no way to medically diagnose these things."

The Solutions That Made Me
100% Pain Free

How did I get rid of my own undiagnosable prostate problems? Research.

BUT, it was research off the beaten commonly accepted path.

During my years of research while building this website, and my research during previous years (when I suffered from severe sexual pain), I have learned a heck of a lot about prostate problems and non specific prostatitis pain.

At first, I learned most things about prostate problems the hard way. By getting them and then having to find solutions when there were no medical solutions.

That was a scary road. But, extremely fruitful!

During these years I was able to find a number of effective answers to my own prostate problems. And sometimes some of the best and most effective solutions came from just pure logic.

This is a very sensitive gland us men have. It performs a number of functions. The most obvious one being the secretion of semen through your penis so that a female can get pregnant.

At least, that was Mother Nature's design for it!

What Most Men Never Learn

What most men never learn, however, is that your male gland has some very special functions. One very important one (which can result in a lot of pain) is filtering ever bit of fluid that goes into making your semen.

This gland of yours is one of the finest filters in your whole body! Like your Kidneys and your Liver. Maybe even better!

If it did not filter the liquid that becomes the basis of the semen, the sperm cells could easily be killed or degraded by any toxins in this liquid. So our dear Mother Nature gave this gland of ours this special function.

It does an astonishingly good job!

But where do these toxins go?

Well, they are supposed to be flushed out with normal blood circulation. But because of modern lifestyle, we rarely get enough circulation down there once we become adults (and have real full time jobs). So many toxins remain in our gland and accumulate to dangerous levels.

Why do you think prostate cancer is so prevalent? It's the same with breast cancer in women. The breasts filter just as the male gland does. Is this starting to make sense?

Here Are Some Of The "Unknown" Reasons
These Things Happen

Most jobs require long periods of sitting and/or non active standing. This is terrible for the circulation in this gland. Especially sitting!

Sitting greatly reduces blood flow to this area. It pinches the veins that supply the necessary blood.

So, toxins just accumulate in your gland until they irritate it so much that your gland starts to hurt and/or swell.

Another reason we have so many more prostate problems than we did even just 100 years ago is that we have so many more environmental toxins getting into our blood streams now than ever before in history.

Why It's A "Mystery"

This is why no reason shows up in a medical exam: There is no commonly used medical test for toxic overload here.

But, these toxins can cause severe pain, disease and even death!

And, Here Is
Mystery Number Two!

Another big mystery in prostate problems is the result of too frequent ejaculation. Too much sex.

To make a long explanation short: when this special part of our body has to work too hard it begins to swell. This swelling can cause horrible pain! Agonizing pain! Worse than many toxic pains.

It is very similar to shin splints. Ever get those as a kid when you ran too much on pavement?

Same thing happens here. It swells faster than the outer tissue it is contained in can expand. When that strong outer tissue is being forcibly stretched, the pain can be intense! And last for a very long time.

Are There Solutions To These Troubles?


In the case of toxicity prostate problems, cleaning the gland up is relatively easy. Though it may take some time.

Some regular correct prostate massage, plenty of water and a switch to a natural diet will normally remedy this trouble in a short period of time.

Often correct massaging alone has done the trick.


Because correctly massaging and eating clean foods 1) improves your prostatic blood circulation and 2) the proper nutrition brings your gland the nutrients it needs for improved health.

This Is Why
Prostate Massage
Can Often Bring Such Amazing Results

What this kind of specific "body work" does is greatly improve the blood flow directly to the area. This blood flow combined with the actual physical movement enables the gland to clean itself up.

If the blood going in is clean (good food and plenty of water), cleaning takes place more rapidly.

Isn't that just logical?

So, why don't we hear more about this?

You Can Develop
Severe Prostate Problems
From Too Much Sex

Yes. There is such a thing as too much sex. Hard to believe. Right?

This is one concept most men can not comprehend. Is too much sex even possible???

Oh yes!! And too much sex can cause severe pain and other issues! It is definitely not healthy.

In our sex crazed society all we hear is more, more, more. It's crazy. And millions of men suffer because of it. They even get heart attacks and die because of it! Yes, sad but true.

And then there are all the new drugs to help us have even more sex! Which produces more heart attacks, strokes, and even blindness....

Women are so lucky in the sexual practice arena. They can orgasm all day long and just feel better and better. Men can suffer drastically from too much sex!

These Prostate Problems
Usually EASY To Fix!

These prostate problems are so EASY to fix! Are you ready. OK. Here's the answer: Have LESS sex. Abstain as much as possible until the pain goes away. Practice less frequency. Keep adjusting the frequency level until you no longer suffer from pain.

Logical right? And it really works!

The pain won't go away overnight. It will take some time and real discipline. The gland needs to shrink and revive. But it is the ONLY answer to this problem!

I have 22 year olds who write to me and tell me how much pain they were having. They had no idea they couldn't masturbate or have sex 2 or 3 times EVERY day.

Once they cut back to a reasonable amount, they tell me all their prostate problems and pain went away!

And, as we get older, less ejaculation is necessary if we are to maintain excellent sexual health. 1 or 2 times a week can be a lot!

It's just part of the way the human male body is designed. Recovery from anything takes longer as we get older. Just accept it. "Go with the flow". And you'll be much happier and healthier. And you'll have a much better sex life!

The "Mystery" Cause

There is one more cause of terrible "non specific" prostatitis. This one baffles almost everyone! It is bacteria trapped in the acini.

For this I written an entire page. It is all about the use of Silver Water for hidden bacterial prostate problems. You should read this page even if this is not your specific situation because Silver Water is the BEST natural antibiotic in the world for over 650 types of bacterial infections.

"Ionic Silver Water
is non toxic when used properly
is more effective for more bacterial infections
than ANY other antibiotic in the world!

The End Of Prostate Problems!

Getting rid of the terrible horrible pain I had there each day was my goal. I reached it. You can too. Start today. And make your own prostate problems a thing of the past!

Be Well.....

~ William

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