Migraine Headaches
Prostate Problems

migraine headaches and prostate problems

"What do migraine headaches
have to do with prostate problems and health?
Well, plenty.
They can both come from the same source."

Most people do not realize that this intense head pain and many prostate problems (primarily prostatitis and cancer) so often are simply caused by too many toxins in the blood stream.

You're being poisoned, or suffocating somewhere inside, and you body is trying to warn you with pain.

These toxins are poisons that cause inflammation, swelling, pain and disease. In your head, this can become migraine headaches.

Where Do All The Toxins Come From?
And: How can we get rid of them?

migraine headaches in men

But, where do all these harsh toxins that cause migraine headaches and prostate problems come from? And how do we get rid of them?

Well, they can come from a number of sources. These sources include, but are not limited to, improper food, impure water supplies, lack of exercise, environmental pollution, prescription and over the counter drugs, unusual stress, disease, etc... etc...

There are also always a certain amount of toxins in even the healthiest and most pain free bodies. They are the natural result of metabolism. They are natural cellular waste products.

Just as we use the bathroom daily to rid ourselves of waste material each day, so does each and every living cell in the human body have waste products that they release each day. It's a natural part of life and living.

In normal amounts they cause no problems.

These cellular waste products go into the blood stream. And these natural waste products are filtered out of the blood stream by the kidneys. Besides water, that is what makes up most of the material in our urine. Again, in normal amounts these cause a normally healthy body no problems or pain.

But, when the amount of waste and toxic material in the blood exceeds what the kidneys can efficiently handle, internal toxins build up, and all kinds of troubles and disease can result. Including migraine headaches and prostate problems.

Your Prostate Gland Collects
These Poisons

Mother Nature thought of everything. Your male gland, besides it's other functions, is a super fine filtering system. It filters toxins from your bloodstream so that your semen will have a pure and healthy environment for the sperm cells.

Too many toxins in the bloodstream could damage or kill your sperm cells. If the sperm cells were damaged or killed, reproduction would not be possible. And, your dear Mother Nature wants each species to continue.

The problem these days is:

"The amount of toxins in our bloodstreams is unusually high."

These days, our precious gland has a filtering job it was never designed to handle. So toxins can easily build up in it. This is why correct massaging techniques are so effective. These techniques loosens the accumulated toxins so that they can be moved out of our gland and then out of our bodies.

What About The Migraine Headache?

Now, the brain can not be massaged. Only the blood supply can clean it out.

When too many toxins arrive there, or are too concentrated, pain results. This often shows up as migraine headaches. They can also cause nausea, hearing over sensitivity, photo (light) over sensitivity, other vision disorders, fatigue, etc., etc...

Pain Relievers
Do Not Remove The Cause Of The Pain

That's why your headaches come back
over and over again....

Toxic overload is the cause of most migraine headaches. This also explains the accompanying symptoms and things that will "trigger" migraine headaches so easily.

Now, if you go to your doctor and tell him you have migraine headaches you will probably get some kind of heavy duty pain reliever. However:

"A pain reliever does not remove the problem.
It only reduces the sensation of pain.

So your migraine headaches return again and again.

In order to get rid of the problem you must remove the cause of the problem.

And here is where you will normally find the majority of it: In your intestines. And mostly in your large intestine. That is where your toxins are produced and absorbed in the greatest quantity.

How does this happen?

Most Of This Toxic Trouble Takes Place In
Your Bowels

Most of us assume that when we have a bowel movement: "Everything in there comes out". Well, most of it does.

The problem is: With the modern dietary habits of most people, stuff can and often does get stuck to the intestinal walls. And, it can build up. Constipation makes this problem even worse.

It has been found that older people who do an intestinal cleansing often pass material from their large intestine that they have not ingested for over 20 years! Yes, 20 years!

It has been stuck there. Sticking to the pockets and surfaces in the intestinal walls. Rotting and producing poisons for your body day after day after day. Week after week. Month after month.

When it finally stops rotting and poisoning you, this material clogs, blocks, and suffocates the intestinal wall. This is why colon cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer.

Sometimes these accumulated deposits of old decayed material (stuck to the large intestine) have been found that are more than an inch thick!

Decay Causes Disease

Now we've all experienced the smell of a really stinky bowel movement. What we are actually smelling is the poisonous waste products of the bacteria that live in the bowels. That's why it stinks! The bad smell is Nature's way of telling us to get away from it. Like rotting meat or vegetables.

When our waste material gets stuck in the bowels, it just keeps rotting and rotting and rotting.

This stinky rotten toxic material is continuously absorbed into the blood and causes all kinds of discomfort, pain and disease. These can include: bad breath, terrible, body odor, migraine headaches, prostate problems, etc..... And, because of the direct concentrated contact: colon, rectal, and prostate cancers.

If waste matter is stuck in your colon you need to clean it out.

Laxatives alone will normally not clean out the old stuck material. They will just move the current matter in your bowels. But, a regular short program of routine colonic irrigations, along with a high fiber diet, can.

The fiber is Nature's broom. In a normally healthy body, adequate fiber keeps things moving.

But, if you have stuff stuck in there that is causing migraine headaches, you need to get that stuff out of there if your are ever to feel really well again. And colonic irrigation is the most effective way of doing this.

Have You Ever Heard Of

Colonic Irrigation?

it's pretty amazing!

Colonic irrigation is an advanced form of an enema. It is an internal "super cleaning". It can remove horrible decaying material that has been poisoning you for months in just a single hour!

Colonic irrigation can reach much further up the colon than an enema. And, it is much more effective. It may take as many as 30 enemas to do the job of just one colonic irrigation.

There are many places in most major cities where you can have colonics done. It will usually take about 6 - 12 irrigations to do the job. But, you may see some amazing and dramatic improvement even after the first one.

The Procedure:

During a colonic irrigation, a sterile tube is inserted into your anus and up into the colon. Then water is sent into your rectum and will flow through through the 6 feet of your colon. After a brief period the water is sucked back out through the tube.

The whole process usually takes about 45 minutes to and hour and uses about 60 quarts of water.

The system is closed. What that means is: one tube flows the water in and an outer tube sucks it back. This way, you can see it, but you don't come in contact with it. You lay down comfortably during the whole process. It is also usually quite painless.

What the water does is flush out the colon. This causes the material that is stuck to the wall of the colon to loosen and separate from it. The material falls into the water, and then the water and the material are then sucked out of the body. It's really a very simple process.

Be sure your practitioner use only sterile, single use devices. If he/she says they are sterilized before reusing, find another practitioner. Most practitioners these days use the single use disposable ones.

Seeming "Miracles"
Are Frequently Reported

Colonic irrigation has worked seeming miracles for many people who suffer from migraine headaches.

If your bowels are very toxic due to colon clogging, colonic irrigation may very well be your road to a fast, effective, and permanent remedy.

The fact that you may never have heard of all this is not surprising. For example:

I have a friend who is a top surgical nurse in Los Angeles, California. She had suffered from migraine headaches for many years that often made her unable to sleep or think.

She was on very strong pain medication for them. During this time she never once heard about colon cleansing. And, she is a nurse! When I explained it to her, she didn't want to try it.

But, when the migraine headaches started coming every few days, and the pain medication wasn't helping, she finally decided to try the colonic irrigations I told her about. Within two months her migraine headaches "miraculously" vanished.

Typical Results
Normally Wonderful

Colonic irrigation will not fix everything. It is not a "cure all". But, it has proved extremely effective for many people who suffer from migraine headaches. And, it has made many many people pain free! Using them may dramatically improve your life also!

Colonic irrigation may help you:

  • Get rid of migraine headaches completely!
  • Feel better all over!
  • Feel more energetic!
  • Think more clearly!
  • Sleep more peacefully!

So, if you suffer from migraine headaches and/or chronic prostatitis, you may well have found the answer you are looking for to both of these severely painful problems.

Be Well.....

~ William

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