Can a Urinary Tract Infection
Prostate Problems?

urinary tract Infection

Can a urinary tract infection cause you some prostate problems and/or pain?

Oh boy oh baby! YES it can!! And sometimes you can suffer immeasurably!

Simple Urinary Tract Infection vs STDs

Simple urinary tract infections are usually just annoying and uncomfortable. But, they need to be cleared up in order to avoid possible future kidney damage.

STDs can be far more serious and dangerous. There are a number of STDs such as gonorrhea and trichamonus, that can cause urinary tract infections that make it very painful to pee or cause a lot of lower backache as well as fever, fatigue, etc...

However, STDs can be very serious and dangerous. Some can make you sterile and a few may even kill you!

In today’s sexual world there are just so many of these going around that it is mind boggling! And dangerous as can be!

So, it’s very important to seek medical attention if you suspect any of them.

Your risk of these is greatly lessened by practicing safe sex. Still, STDs like Herpes and HPV can still be caught even when you use a condom. So Beware!

Urinary Tact Infection vs Prostate Problems

But, STDs are different than a simple urinary tract infection.

A simple urinary tract infection is usually very easy to treat. It is often confined to your bladder and urethra (the tube that runs through your penis that the urine comes through on it’s way out of your body).

If, however, it spreads to your prostate gland, it can cause a lot of pain there and mimic other prostate problems.

If it goes into your kidneys, it may become an even more serious situation. Especially if left untreated.

Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms

There are a number of possible symptoms associated with a urinary tract infection they can include, but are not limited to:

  • Painful or burning, frequent, and strong or bad smelling urine (If a painful burning is the only symptom, then the infection is most likely urethritis: a urinary tract infection limited to the urethra.)
  • A strong, persistent urge to urinate
  • The urge to urinate frequently, which may even happen right after the bladder is emptied
  • Small frequent amounts of urine
  • Cloudy Urine
  • Bloody urine (red, bright pink or cola-color)
  • Pain in your back under your ribs (that is the area where your kidneys are located) or pain that runs along the back at about waist level
  • Rectal pain (in men)
  • Tenderness and/or heaviness in the lower tummy
  • Abdominal and low back pain
  • Chills and fever
  • Accompanying nausea and vomiting

* Sometimes urethra and bladder symptoms may be the only signs of a kidney infection. People at highest risk here include people with kidney problems, impaired immune systems, diabetes, or a history of recurring urinary tract infections. If this is a possibility for you, be sure to seek medical attention.

Catching a Urinary Tract Infection

Even if you are not sexually promiscuous and have only one faithful partner, you can still catch it from her simply because it is very easy for some women to develop them.

And, as you just learned, some of these can mimic other more serious prostate problems in men because they share similar symptoms.

The difficulty in self diagnosis is that one partner may be asymptomatic. That means they don’t seem to have any symptoms. At the same time the other person may be obviously suffering miserably.

She might have developed the urinary tract infection and you may be the only one with the symptoms! So you may assume it is a prostate problem.

Or, you might be carrying a bacterial problem that you picked up somewhere long ago and you have no symptoms of it at all. But, she unknowingly catches it from you gets all kinds of problems from it.

Getting Rid of It Successfully

The person with no symptoms can be passing this urinary tract infection right back to the one who just got “cured” of it in a never ending chain.

This again could make you feel that you have a chronic prostate condition if she is the one without symptoms.

The only way for both partners to be sure of a “cure” is for both to get treated when one of the partners gets a positive diagnosis.

The Common Urinary Tract Infection

Here we are going to talk about the simple common urinary tract infection.

The nice thing about these simple ones, if there is a nice thing, is that they are usually fairly easily diagnosed by a medical physician. And, easily treatable with antibiotics.

Your practitioner won’t always know exactly what you have, but they can see bacterial problems with simple tests that will let you know you do have something.

If it is a simple bacterial problem he will give you an antibiotic. Again, make sure your partner also gets treated so that you don’t keep passing the disease back and forth.

This type of urinary tact infection is unlike most chronic prostatitis. 7 out of 8 times chronic prostatitis can not be diagnosed because the bacteria are trapped inside the prostate and do not “shed” ( come out into the urine).

The common urinary tract infection is very easy to diagnose.

But, both the common urinary tact infection and chronic prostate problems can have very similar symptoms and can mimic each other. So you need to get some simple tests done first so you know what is happening inside.

Getting It Checked

Whenever you experience urinary tract infection symptoms for more than a day or so (which could happen just from simple inflammation of the Urethra) you should get a medical diagnosis.

If you have a urinary tract infection your partner may feel completely fine. But, if you are having unprotected sexual intercourse together, undoubtedly, you will both be sharing the same infection.

If you both do not get treated for it, you will keep passing it back and forth.

Symptoms or No Symptoms

Just because of the way the male and female equipment is designed, women more often show symptoms while men can be asymptomatic (show no symptoms).

But, as you learned, it can be the other way around.

A Word of Warning

If you are single and sexually active and you are not having protected sex (using a condom), you are: insane. Yes, crazy!

Can I be more blunt with that answer? You are totally foolish and risking not just a urinary tract infection, but, a debilitating life threatening STD.

These days, it is not like it was 30 or 40 years ago when you could just have sex randomly and the worst thing you were facing was simple old fashioned gonorrhea that was easily cleared up by a shot.

These days gonorrhea has strains that are incurable. And, it can be as painful as Hell. There is HIV (mostly incurable), Hepatitis, HPV (incurable), Herpes (incurable),... and a long list of other things floating around out there in seemingly healthy vaginas (and ) just waiting to make a home in your body.

So: Always play safe!! Or don’t play at all.

Getting a Diagnosis

Now, back to our topic of your possible urinary tract infection and/or prostate problems.

If you get a urinary tract infection, or think you have one because you are having discomfort with urinating or discomfort in your bladder or prostate gland, get checked out.

Getting a medical diagnosis a very easy process. You pee into a sterile cup and the doctor looks at it through a microscope. That’s it.

If STDs are a possibility he will take a urine and blood sample and send them to a laboratory for specific diagnosis.

If you are short on cash there are many free clinics these days that will give you free STD tests.

Prostate Problems

A urinary tract infection can show up as prostate pain. Sometimes very uncomfortable pain.

You may pee just fine or it may be irritating or slow to come out. Your bladder is feeling OK or uncomfortable. But, your prostate hurts like hell!

And this is why it is important to get diagnosed properly. Treating a simple urinary tract infection is simple and easy.

Treating chronic prostatitis takes more time and can be difficult. Using the improper treatment for either condition will not help whatever is there to resolve (go away).

And, if you partner has no symptoms, and you have gotten a simple (but painful) urinary tract infection from her, you may think you have all kinds of prostate problems that don’t really exist.

The Good News!

First, the bad news is, you could have both of these problems at the same time.

So, if your doctor says you have a urinary tract you would be wise to clear that up first. If your prostate problems remain after that, then you will have to work on those accordingly.

The Good News: There is usually a cure, or at least a satisfactory remedy, for both of these problems.

The Natural Solution

As much as I try to use only natural methods to clear up any and all of my own health problems, there are some things that a simple drug can handle almost immediately that no amount of natural treatment seems to help.

I once has gonorrhea. It hurt so bad I couldn’t even move my penis without shockingly intense pain. If it moved in my sleep it hurt so much that it would wake me up. If I got an erection it was terribly painful.... Truly a gift from hell!

There is no natural treatment for this that works quickly and effectively. And gonorrhea can be really awful! You even become afraid to pee.

Seeing a Second Physician

The first Urologist I went to treated mostly only old men with BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). STDs were not something he ever really dealt with. He gave me the wrong outdated drug for 12 weeks and the gonorrhea never went away.

I did some internet research and found that modern gonorrhea in Southern California was different than other types.

So I went searching for a good STD specialist in my area. Now this doctor knew his stuff! He explained everything to me, gave me a single shot, and I was cured on the spot.

The symptoms reduced almost immediately. Within 2 days everything was almost back to complete normal. It was a like a beautiful miracle!

I was lucky!

The point of that story is this: There are many good doctors out there who can spot a urinary problem and diagnose it with pin point accuracy. There are others who aren’t up to date with many of the current sexual diseases and infections (yes, strains of diseases can change and become immune to older treatments).

If the practitioner you start with does not do the job for you, for whatever reason, go find another. And, possibly another until you find your solution.

Get The Proper Diagnosis and Get Educated

The important thing is to find out what is going on because you don’t want to take a lot of wrong treatments.

Wrong treatments will not give you the desired results and you will probably continue to suffer needlessly.

Personally, I try to stay away from all drugs.

But, sometimes drugs are just a Godsend when they clear up a problem safely and quickly. Misused and abused, they can just put you that much closer to a miserable impaired life and an early grave.

If someone is not helping you, find someone else who can.

Be Safe, Not Sorry

As you have learned, a urinary tract infection can mimic severe prostate problems, so know what you have before you choose your treatment(s).

Practice safe sex. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

And Remember: Any possible prostate problem or urinary tract infection that you suspect, which lasts more than a few days, should get checked by a physician.

Be Well.....

~ William

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