Prostate Infection Symptoms

they may not be as serious as you think

Prostate infection symptoms are usually easy to recognize.

The most common and obvious one is pain in your prostate gland.

prostate infection symptoms

You also may experience:

  • Groin pain

  • Testicular or penis pain

  • Perineum pain (pain between your scrotum and anus)

  • Lower back pain

  • Painful ejaculation

  • Burning when urinating

  • Trouble starting a stream or a weak stream

  • Cloudy urine

  • Weak urinary stream

  • Trouble draining your bladder

  • Need to urinate frequently

  • Nocturia (need to urinate frequently during the night)

As with all infections, you may also suffer from a variety of these other related symptoms as well:

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Body aches

  • Fever and chills

How Did I Get The Infection?

That’s a great and common question.

A number of ways. Here are the two most common:

1)  Unprotected sexual intercourse, even with your regular faithful partner, can give you all kinds of urinary tract infections.


Because some women are just prone to getting infections down there. The vagina is just a picnic ground for bacteria. And, once she has one, you can pick it right up from her during intercourse.

Urinary infections in women are also very common. And, they can become vaginal infections (although it’s more common in the reverse order).

These infections can then become male urinary infections after intercourse. This can then spread up into your prostate gland.

If you know your partner has one of these, or, you are having sex with a someone new, I highly suggest you use a condom.

And, remember, these infections will seem like nothing compared to some of the ugly, horrible, and yes extremely terrible sexually transmitted diseases you can get from intercourse these days.

So, always: Play Safe.

2)  A toxic prostate gland with poor circulation is also a wonderful way to create inflammation and an infection down there. A toxic gland with poor circulation is an "all you can eat buffet" for bacteria of all kinds.

How do you get a toxic gland?

Sitting too long, junk foods, too much alcohol, smoking, drug use (street or prescription), too much stress....

Sitting too much can be a real troublemaker even if you live a very clean and healthy lifestyle. So, try not to sit for too long at one time without getting up and moving around a bit.

You need to keep the blood moving down there and sitting really slows down your lower abdominal circulation. You can even get what feels like prostate infection symptoms when all you have is irritation from poor blood flow.

The best defense for that is getting up regularly and doing some prostate massage each day.


OK. Now, back to prostate infection symptoms.

Prostate pain is the number one of all the prostate infection symptoms.

Sometimes prostate infection symptoms are quite mild.

Sometimes they are super intense.

Sometimes it’s just uncomfortable to pee.

Sometimes you just have a nagging low back ache that you can’t explain.

If you suspect you have a problem there, go get a simple urine test done. Either from your doctor, a urologist, or at a clinic. A urine test will tell you a lot.


“A urine test may tell you nothing.”


Here’s why:

Prostatic pain is usually called prostatitis. And, from my own personal experience I know it can be the Mother of All Bitches From Hell when it comes to male sexual pain.

Excruciating. And, constant.

Then you get a urine test and NOTHING shows up.

This is actually true 7 out of 8 time with prostatitis.
Yes, that’s over 87% of the time!

Where I Found Relief

You’re actually lucky if something does show up in the test and they can give you an antibiotic to clear it up right away.

And, the rest of us??? The other 87%+?

They gave me useless anti-inflammatory substances and a pain killer that worked on my very painful prostate infection symptoms as well as gum drops do. For me these things were useless! Have you been that route already?

Some simple silver water cured my own personal chronic pain problem. And, it has done the same for countless other men also.

“Why Does No Bacteria Show Up In My Urine Test?”

"I have very definite prostate infection symptoms. Why can’t they find a bacteria?"

That's a common question.

Well, bacteria can “hide”, and breed, and multiply in the acini of your prostate. They are trapped in there. They can cause you huge discomfort and pain.

prostate infection symptomsacini

And, they don’t get into your urine. So, the urine test can’t find them. Does that make sense?

I have written an entire article on this subject here: You Can Relieve Prostatitis Pain Simply and Naturally.

If you’re suffering from prostate infection symptoms, and you have this unseen bacteria problem, that article may help you learn that a lot of us have overcome an excruciatingly painful problem with Ionic silver water. The article is well worth reading.

You May Just Have Inflammation

Prostate infection symptoms and prostatic inflammation often are identical.

Prostatic inflammation can often be relieved just by simply increasing the blood flow to your gland. And, moderating your sex life.

There is no better way to increase your blood circulation here than by practicing correct prostate massage techniques. Both internal massage and external massage.

Correct massage can also greatly assist in eliminating an infection for the same reason: Increased blood supply. Increasing the blood flow is cleansing and nourishing.

Very often those massaging techniques relieve a lot of the discomfort from prostate infection symptoms as you are doing them.

Get A Urine Test

If you are have prostate infection symptoms and you think you may have some kind of problem down there, I suggest you go get that urine test first.

If something shows up, your doctor can usually handle it quite quickly with antibiotics.

If nothing shows up, and you have read that link above about Silver Water, you now know how thousands of us cleared up our own “mysterious”, and often horrible, infections and their symptoms.

Ionic silver water has been a highly effective answer for many of us who used to suffer terribly from prostate infection symptoms.

Ionic silver water has shown to be effective in killing over 650 types of bacteria.

What About Getting A Prostate Exam?

As a side note:

Prostatitis can be so painful that you think you might be dying. Prostatitis itself will not kill you.

However, if you are seriously worried, a prostate exam may also be a good choice at this point just to set your mind at ease.

But, please, don’t get suckered into a PSA test. If you have an infection down there, your PSA is going to be unusually high.

Also, the PSA test has proven to be a highly unreliable test for prostate cancer.

“Unfortunately, PSA is tissue-specific but not cancer-specific, leading to over diagnosis and over treatment of biologically insignificant cancers, which is widely recognized as a key limitation in its clinical utility.”
ref: Dr. Eric Klein, chair of Cleveland Clinic’s Glickman Urological & Kidney Institute

Prostate cancer is usually not painful until it is quite advanced. If you want to check yourself for that. There are now more reliable tests available.

Even From Chronic Prostate Infection Symptoms
Can Often Be Quite Simple

Prostate infection symptoms are usually quite plain and simple.
And, now you have learned, getting relief from even chronic prostatitis can often be simpler than you imagined.

Be Well.....

~ William

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