Usually Harmless

Getting Hematospermia (the medical term for blood in your semen) can be quite a shock! It only happened to me twice. But, the first time it really frightened me!

After a lengthy study, I learned that:

It Is Usually No More Serious
Than Blood In Mucus
When You Blow Your Nose

Even though most of us never heard of this condition, it seems to have been around for a long time. Bloody sperm was even written about by the father of modern medicine: Hippocrates! (born 460 bc)

There are a number of things that can cause this bleeding to happen: prostatitis, infection, blockage, injury or impact anywhere in the male reproductive system.

Many men, when they see blood in their semen, first think, "Oh no. Prostate cancer." Although it is possible, prostate cancer rarely causes bloody sperm.

The origin of most cases is unknown. However,

Hematospermia Usually Goes Away By Itself
In a Few Days

Although blood in semen is quite common, how often men get this condition  is impossible to calculate because most ejaculation is during vaginal intercourse.

Hematospermia not only happens to sexually active young men, But, to older men as well. The male reproductive system is very delicate. You know this if you were ever hit or kicked in the groin (as virtually every young boy has been!).

The same is true of bicycles. When your foot slips off the pedal and your testicles crash into the crossbar.. Or you get hit there with a ball.. Any impact to your testicles Hurts A Lot!!

If the tissues were stronger, like the muscles, a normal kick there would not be very painful.

Because the testicles, seminal vesicles, urethra, the prostate gland, epididymis, and the perineum are very delicate tissues (like muscle), any impact or strain can cause a small blood vessel to break and put blood into the seminal fluid.

What is called "exhausted love making" can cause bloody sperm. Without sufficient semen in the seminal vesicles, the mucous membranes inside the seminal vesicles strain on ejaculation. Again, just like when you blow your nose too often or too hard, the delicate mucous membranes can rupture and bleed.

If an infection is the cause, an antibiotic can usually clear it up easily. If blockage is the cause, surgery may be required. That, however, is not very common.

If Blood In Semen Is Persistent

or accompanied by pain, you should go see your doctor.

Normally, however, this condition comes, last a few days, and goes by itself.

Vitamin C Bioflavonoids (not ascorbic acid) strengthen the walls of the small blood vessels. It may be a very helpful supplement for you.

If you are a vegan type vegetarian and you are experiencing Hematospermia, you should consider adding butter to your diet. The essential nutrients in butter and meat fats (saturated animal fats) also play an important role in the strength of human blood vessels.

Be Well.....

~ William

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