Prostate Massage
Success Stories!

last updated January 7, 2019

Here are some more prostate massage success stories
from my readers that I'd like to share with you.
I just did not have room for everything on the original page.
I'm sure you will find these very inspiring, and, I hope they will help you to continue on your way to total prostate health and comfort.

Be Well....  ~ William

From Ray:

Prostatitis: Seeing the Best Results Ever!

I've had off and on prostatitis for five or six years. Mild antibiotics for 90 days helped a bit, but not much. I tried silver water and oregano oil (anti-fungal and anti-viral)which made me feel much better. However, I've been doing the internal technique you described with the aneros for two weeks and seeing the best results ever! Thank you for providing this wonderful information.

Boyer - Nashville Tenn.

Prostate Massage Success From Samantha, Prostate Massage Therapist, Houston Texas:

Great For Health ... and the results have been the same. Excellent! ...

I have seen a number of clients throughout the years and the results have been the same. Excellent! Prostate massage is great for health regardless of any stigma.

Samantha, Houston Texas

Prostate Massage Success From E.G. :

Prostatitis: ...your web page site appear and change my life....

Dear Mr. William: I would like to say thank you, thank you, thank you. I am 32 year old man that was suffering 2 years with prostatitis and several painful doctor analysis, treatments and expensive medicines. Nothing really made for me things different.

I just move living to Asia and I had great expectations that some "ancient Chinese miracle things" solve my problems or oriental doctors might help me where occidental didn't.

I went to my first appointment again and follow same path I already covered, but my new doctor talk about having special sessions for prostate massages, which I found hard to accept. And I resigned again went to buy my typical Cyprox XR 500mg that solve my problems partially for a while. I was lucky to not being able to find those here so I hardly try to do it with out taking medicine at all.

Like a miracle, one night when I was not able to sleep because of pain there, I tried different ways of checking on google about prostatitis but now including my doctor tip: prostate massage. Then your web page site appear and change my life. I followed all things one by one and in about 3 weeks I finally find peace and rest about my prostatitis. Thank you my wife and I would like to say thank you.

One more thing to share with you hope this might help you or someone else about prostatitis: Because some supplements are hard to find here I found using "original medium cost" green tea in morning and night, and Gingko Biloba (Circu essential Live well tabs) help me to prevent painful come back again on my prostate.

Thank for sharing this info with everybody.


Prostate Massage Success From Nick:

Couldn't Orgasm: ...that problem is a distant memory....

My problem was,I couldn't get to orgasm with intercourse. Since I started using the Aneros prostate massager that problem is a distant memory.When I insert it the sensations go from good to wonderfull to OOOOMY.

Nick Marshall, MN

Prostate Massage Success From Natalee, Prostate Massage Therapist, Houston Texas:

Excellent for Health ... the sensual and sexual aspect of this treatment is only a by-product ...

Male Sexual Massaging is considered by the US standards a "taboo" or leads men to believe that enjoying one is somehow unacceptable and some form of an antisocial disorder. However, it is known over some time by research by some of the highest regarded doctors as "completely fine" and "excellent for health" "warding off cancer in men!" That's right guys... the sensual and sexual aspect of this treatment is only a by-product...not the goal of the work... But, do not feel ashamed of getting this work done. The benefits out weigh all the negativity that society has conformed us all to believe.

Natalee, Houston Texas

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