Acupressure for Impotence
Sexual Over Exertion

Acupressure for impotence seems like a really great idea, doesn’t it?

I mean, touch a few spots on your body and you’re all ready to go again. Heck! That’s even better than a pill.

But: It’s not a reality.

Oh yes, you can stimulate your sexual ability with acupressure if you are normally healthy.

But, acupressure for impotence is not going to make you a super stud if you’re impotent.

In fact, it you’re impotent, it will probably not even give you a mild erection.

What Acupressure for Impotence
Can And Can Not Do

Neither acupressure for impotence,
 nor acupuncture,
is going to correct erectile dysfunction.


Because erectile dysfunction (impotence) is caused by 3 things:

 -  A weak or compromised body

 -  Exhaustion

 -  Emotion/mental discomfort

A weak or exhausted body needs to be rested and rebuilt (nutritionally).

Emotional problems need to be addressed and corrected or removed.

Acupuncture or acupressure for impotence does neither of these things.

Just like filling the air in your tires will not make your car run if it is out of gas.

But, the techniques can assist your healing and rejuvenating process by balancing and re-establishing the flow of nerve energy within your body.

This is an Eastern healing concept not understood by most westerners or by western medicine.

But, it has been proven effective over thousands of years on the other side of the globe.

What Is The Cause

This is the most important quest.

As you just learned, when a man becomes impotent it can be caused by a number of things. Most often, erectile dysfunction develops because a man’s entire system is compromised and/or degenerated. It's just too weak.

OR, because he is emotionally injured and unavailable.

It’s one, or the other, or both at the same time. In order to reverse the problem, it is necessary to discover what is causing your own erectile problem(s).

It is said that 40% of men over 40 now suffer from erectile dysfunction. That’s a terrible reflection on how we are now living our lives.

Erectile Dysfunction
Is Usually Reversible

In most cases erectile dysfunction can be reversed. How long it takes depends on each individual situation. And, how severe the situation is. Not all problems are of the same magnitude.

You may get rid of it in 5 minutes if you suddenly disconnect from a mental/emotional problem.

Or, it could take many months if you have a severely degraded physical condition.

There are, however, situations where reversal is not always possible. Advanced diabetes and severe arteriosclerosis are examples of this. When the blood flow has gotten so bad and so limited that an erection becomes impossible, erectile dysfunction may be irreversible.

For most impotent men, however, erectile dysfunction can be reversed
by strengthening the entire system.
Or, by removing the emotional problem. And, it is usually not that difficult to do.

Acupressure for impotence can be helpful as part of an entire program when the cause is a debilitated physical condition.

Balancing Your Sexual Energy

Being able to balance and calm your sexual energies/desires can be a great advantage to you also if sexual overindulgence has worn you out. And, this is a very common problem for men in modern society.

Prostatitis (pain in the gland) from sexual overindulgence can cause erectile dysfunction quite quickly. In these cases the entire sexual system needs to be calmed down. NOT excited. NOT given sexual stimulants. Acupressure can be used very effectively for helping to calm and balance the sexual system.

This applies to men (like myself) who were just having more sex than their body could handle and who developed horribly painful chronic prostatitis.

In fact, this is an even better use of acupressure for impotence.

Although it may be called acupressure for impotence, the same techniques can be used to calm an over active mind and nervous system.


Because these techniques help balance the body and the energy flow throughout the body. They help warm up a cool system (weak erections) and cool down a hot overactive system.

How can the same acupressure for impotence do both?

It is because these techniques can help restore natural balance to the entire body.

I have used the exact techniques I am going to show you effectively myself many times over the years when my prostate was feeling aggravated or a bit sore. The techniques are extremely easy to do and take only about one minute a few times during the day.

The Concept
Is Simple To Understand

For those of you who are unfamiliar with acupuncture or acupressure for impotence, the basic concept is simple: The needle (in acupuncture) or light finger pressure (in acupressure) on the meridians (points on the body where the nerve energy flows) help relieve an energy blockage.

Using the needle or the touch of fingers unsticks the blockage and allows the energies to flow normally again. This helps  the body to return to normal functions and heal itself.

To most of us in the western world, this sounds like a lot of crap!


We are taught that every malfunction needs some kind of medicine. We have a lot of untrue education here.

This is an easy example to prove how wrong that theory is:

If you have weak muscles, you can take every potion and medicine on the market and remain weak. However, if you simply exercise those muscles correctly and regularly they will get stronger. Even if you are in you 90s!

Did you need a potion? Or, did you just need some simple physical exercise to correct your problem? But, too many people want a pill to cure everything.

Of course, you must realize this also: If you are not feeding your body correctly, or not sleeping enough, or abusing it in other ways, your body may not be able to create enough energy to take care of itself properly either. This is why I said these techniques are not enough by themselves if your body is depleted.

You must take the time and disciple to live healthfully. That is the only thing that will actually correct erectile dysfunction.

Emotional Erectile Dysfunction

If you have an emotional problem that is causing your erectile dysfunction, no amount of acupressure for impotence will do anything to reverse your problem.

Neither will a better healthier diet.

You have to take care of the mental aspect if that is the cause of your problem.

So, the first thing you must do is distinguish between the two and figure out what is causing your problem. It may even be both!

  • Is your partner aggravating you too much?
  • Are you no longer sexually attracted to her?
  • Is she whipping you emotionally?
  • Do you have performance anxiety?.....

There are a large number of mental and emotional situations that can turn you off sexually. And, none of them have to deal with a physical problem. Your body and sexual system can be perfectly healthy and not perform if you have a strong antagonistic emotional problem.

So, first, see if any of those kinds of situations exist for you.

If not, then you know you need to clean up and adjust your lifestyle to one that promotes greater overall health.

The same is true on the other hand. I personally know a psychologist that tries to tell all men that impotence is always mental. That's nonsense also. It doesn't matter how long you crank the engine. If the car is out of gas, it won't start.

It’s really that simple.

Adding acupressure for impotence to your health building program can be helpful and is often very beneficial.

The Exact
Acupressure For Impotence Techniques
I Was Taught

I was taught 2 main pairs of points to touch on my body, as well as one single spot, for effective acupressure for impotence. Using these simple aids was very helpful to me. They somehow calmed my anxiety on the situation too.
This is not going to be like a light switch. You are not going to get a sudden miraculous result.

In fact, at first you will probably feel nothing other than maybe a sense that something nice has happened but you’re not sure what. If that is your result, then you are on the right track.

It will take some time to regenerate and/or calm your system. This technique may assist you as it did me.


Nothing will be as powerful and effective
 in rejuvenating your sexual system
 as the internal prostate massage
combined with

 a healthy lifestyle.

Gentle, Simple, And Easy

You do not need to push points hard. Acupressure is not about strength. In fact Gentleness is best.

Using acupressure for impotence (or anything else) is not a test of will or pain.

If you experience any pain or discomfort with acupressure,
you are doing it wrong.

These techniques are so simple and gentle that to most of us used to western medicine and methods, they seems like a joke. Like we are doing nothing. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Unfortunately, until we understand it, and see how well it can work over time, most of us tend to laugh at these ancient techniques from the other side of the planet.

Finding The Specific Spots

Here I am going to show you the exact points I was taught to use.

The first set of points you will touch at the same time. They are the pointy ends of your jaw bone.

acupressure for impotence 1

acupressure for impotence 2

acupressure for impotence 3

Take a look at the pictures and feel around there on your own jaw until you find the corner on each side.

These are the spots. One finger on each side.

Just gently massage little circles with the tip of your finger on these two points at the same time. 10 seconds is enough.

That’s it!

Now move on to the second set of points.

These are the little tips of your collar bones. They are very easy to find.

acupressure for impotence 4

Gently massage these two points at the same time (just like you did on your jawbone) for about 10 seconds.

One more to go.

The next spot is in the center of your pubic bone.

acupressure for impotence pubic bone

It’s good to touch the spot directly. But, you don’t need to undress if you are in the office. You can do it right through your clothing.

The spot is right above where your penis meets your lower abdomen. You’ll know it when you find it because it feels better than anywhere else in the area. OR, much more sore.

10 seconds with one finger tip (gently) like the other two areas.

Then you’re done!

How hard was that, right?

If you’re too lazy to do these a few times a day, you’re not really having a problem.

Do the full set of these 2 or 3 times a day.

What You Can Expect

As I told you, you won’t get a sudden miracle with acupressure for impotence.

OK, maybe you will. But, most of us do not.

What you will get from acupressure for impotence is an assist in your own self healing process. I truly found this accelerated my own sexual healing process. And, it has helped me numerous times.

I also always find a sense of improved well being after doing these techniques. Always.

Techniques That Are Proven
Over Thousands Of Years

Acupressure for impotence is an ancient and current practice. Acupressure was discovered and developed thousands of years ago before all the modern chemical treatments. The same techniques I just taught you been used for centuries.

These techniques have remained in use for one reason:  They brings results.

Acupressure for impotence is non toxic and will hurt no one. But, it may make you feel better and help you make progress more quickly.

I truly believe acupressure for impotence is well worth a try.

Be Well.....

~ William

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