A Very Special
Prostate Massage Success Story

last updated January 7, 2019

Normally I put the prostate massage success letters and emails in the "Success Stories" section of this site. This way it is easy to see how many men have had wonderful lasting success with their personal massage program.

Most of us have relatively simple health conditions surrounding our condition. This makes it much easier for us to assist our bodies in their attempt to be completely well.

But, here is a very special letter from Charles in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that should be of real inspiration to those who think they are too old or too sick or too medically challenged to help their prostates improve and heal themselves naturally. So, with Charles' permission, I decided to print his letter in it's entirety for you to read.

Thank you Charles for taking the time to share your special story of self healing with us.

Charles' Story

"My Prostate Almost Killed Me"

prostate massage success

"I am 69 years old, diabetic, with two stents and a pacemaker/defibrillator, along with some other health problems that have left me impotent.

My PSA has been elevated for several years, and I have had a needle biopsy six times over these past six years, all of which have been negative for cancer.

However, as a result of my last needle biopsy, enterococcus, a bowel organism always present in the gut, was introduced into my prostate. Ordinarily this is a relatively harmless organism. However, it becomes a different beast when it escapes the gut and gets into the bloodstream.

In my case the organism caused an acute prostatitis which in turn invaded my blood stream. This bug has a propensity to colonize heart valves and any hardware such as stents and pacemakers one may have. I was in intensive care for almost two weeks and subjected to the most powerful antibiotics available.

Fortunately, the germ did not colonize my pacemaker, stents, nor heart valves. But, the antibiotics apparently did not completely kill out all of the enterococcus, and left me with chronic prostatitis.

Finding that my urologist and conventional physicians were not getting to the source of the problem, I turned to a naturopath who taught me how to do an external massage.

In addition, I researched internal massage as a means of increasing blood circulation in the gland. It made sense to me that by increasing circulation, antibiotics would be more available to the gland, and toxins would be removed from it by the increased venous blood flow.

Finding a therapist who will perform internal work on this gland is not easy, and when one is located, the service is expensive given the fact that frequent visits are required in order to be effective.

Searching the internet, I found your website and I discovered a means of performing internal prostate massage on myself through the use of the Aneros device.

It is designed for the purpose and is gentle.

Unfortunately, it is marketed primarily as a sex toy, but its use provides a medical advantage for those who suffer from prostatitis.

Because of my age and health, using the Aneros is not an erotic experience for me. However, using it for forty-five minutes to an hour two or three times a week has significantly improved my urologic problems.

My PSA is falling, my urinary symptoms are significantly improved, and I have had no further episodes of entercoccus infection in the prostate. I have shared my experience with my naturopath, and he is now incorporating this approach in his practice with men who complain of prostatic difficulties, and he reports good results.

I think that without the benefit of internal massage to my gland through the use of the Aneros, my prostatitis might have killed me."

Charles - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Is that tremendous? Wow!

I'll be waiting for you to write me with your own success story. OK? So, don't waste another minute suffering if you don't have to.

Be Well.....

~ William

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