A Swollen Prostate
No Fun!

swollen prostate problems

A swollen prostate is no fun!! And, it can cause some very unpleasant physical conditions.

The three primary ones are:

1) Pain

2) Urine blockage

3) Erectile dysfunction (ED)

Here's What Usually Causes
The Pain

Pain from a swollen prostate can hurt! A lot!

That pain is usually caused by one of two things:

  • Infection

  • Over use

Let's take a look at infections first.

Infection: Infections can have many causes: STDs, urinary infection, non specific bacterial, etc...

Infections in this gland of ours (usually referred to as bacterial prostatitis) can make it hurt, give you fever, chills, etc...

Normally these can be cleared up with an antibiotic.

Swollen prostate can also come from "non-specific" prostatitis (8 out of 9 diagnosed prostatitis cases fall into this group) where a bacteria does not show up on testing.

Bacteria can still be present and causing the pain and other symptoms. These bacteria may just not be "shedding" (leaving the gland through the urine or semen). That is why they do not show up in the urine tests.

These "non-shedding" bacteria are believed to be trapped in the acini of the gland and therefore not showing up in lab tests.

Swollen prostate from non specific prostatitis can often be the most frustrating because it is just not understood by most people and most health care providers.

Over Use:

Swollen prostate from over use can be the absolutely most painful of all! And the most dramatic of all. AND, the most mysterious to most health practitioners.

The reason for this is that regular over use of this gland can make it swell up fast. And, since most health practitioner almost never asks you how much sexual activity you are having, he/she has no clue as to why you're swelling up so much.

This is the pain I always refer to as being similar to "shin splints" in your abdomen. This pain can be excruciating and without mercy! I know this for a fact because I suffered from it for a long time until I knew what caused it.

I Know You Don't Want To Hear
You Need
Moderation and Short Term Abstinence

I know that's not what you wanted to hear. Sex is fun! Except when it starts to torture us.

"So, these two things,
moderation and short term abstinence
can get rid of the pain and bring back the sparkle
to most men who overindulge."

Swollen prostate caused by over use can ruin your life! You can take every supplement in the world and every type of treatment for the gland. But, if you insist on abusing it with overuse you are going to suffer!

The pain from overuse is almost never diagnosed. People, including most health professionals, don't even know over use is a cause.

But, every man I ever talked to who had this problem from overuse, got rid of it by moderating their sex life. Sometimes this requires brief (2 or 3 weeks) abstinence.

As young men we seem to be able to abuse this gland (and most body parts) without too much repercussion. This is why sexual moderation is so hard for many to understand. But, then we continue being excessive as we get older and we pay for it dearly.

Why It Hurts SO Much!

swollen prostate pain

The swelling caused by BPH usually never hurts. And, these are usually the largest swellings.

BPH swelling is the one that most often causes severe urine blockage (which can become painful!) because it squeezes the urethra closed.

So why don't these hurt?

The reason is BPH tends to develop very slowly over many years. The membrane that covers this muscular sex gland of ours has plenty of time to stretch and grow with the enlargement of the gland during BPH.

But, unlike muscle, which can swell greatly without pain, the membrane that covers this muscular gland is very strong and tough (even though very thin).

Swelling that occurs from overuse usually happens rather rapidly (days, weeks, or months). The gland swells much faster than the surrounding membrane can.

The forced stretching on this membrane along with the now compressed glad is what causes the pain. Exactly like with shin splints. That is why it can hurt so very much and come on so quickly.

This compression of the gland (trapped in the membrane) now gets a restricted blood flow (from all the pressure on it). This poor blood flow causes toxins to stagnate there and this aggravates the pain and makes it worse.

Getting Rid of The Pain!!

Swollen prostate pain of this type can benefit greatly from gently using the various massage techniques detailed on this website.

Also the Sitz bath can be very soothing when you are suffering this way.


"All the Sitz baths, prostate massages,
and dietary changes in the world
will not help the condition and pain go away
if you continue to overindulge in sexual activity!"

That is something you must fully understand before you are ever going to feel completely well again.

Now Let's Look At
A Swollen Prostate Caused By BPH

swollen prostate from BPH

Swollen prostate from BPH is very common. Too common. We seem to expect it with age.

BPH responds very nice in most cases with some dietary supplementation (saw palmetto extract), exercise, and correct massage techniques (like all of those listed on the NAV Bar to your left).

But, BPH often requires a lengthy time to adjust. You may not see any significant change for 6 months or so. But, it normally does respond nicely if it has not gone too far.

Thousands of men who used to be up 5 or 6 times a night to pee, now pee normally, and sleep through the night with maybe just one wake for a bathroom visit.

Older men should read the page Older Men. And always consult your doctor before attempting any internal massage techniques.

Swollen Prostate
Erectile Dysfunction

The male sexual system operates as whole and single entity in many ways.

It is designed for one purpose. That purpose is not your evening pleasure! It's only purpose is procreation. The pleasure is simply a benefit!

If your body can not produce healthy sperm and semen it will often tend to shut down the desire.

Swollen prostate, and the pain that can come with it, can shut down your sexual desire and cause ED: erectile dysfunction. The pain can even make you start to fear sex. Another cause of ED (fear of sex).

The most difficult thing is when it does not shut down the desire and you wind up continuing with overindulgence. This makes problems worse.

This type of erectile dysfunction should disappear once the gland has had time to recuperate and normalize. AND, once you have sex without causing follow up pain. How long this takes depends upon many circumstances. It can be weeks, months, or possibly longer.

The use of sexual stimulants during this time is insane and can cause very serious problems.

Swollen prostate and the associated pain, however, is not the only cause of erectile dysfunction.

These Conditions Are NOT Normal

You Can Do Something About Them

"A swollen prostate means there is a problem in your gland and that your gland is responding to that problem."

It is NOT normal in a fully healthy gland.

It just seems "normal" because, by the age of 60, over 90% of men will have suffered from some form of swelling, discomfort, and/or pain here.

However, in most cases, you can do something about the condition, the pain, and problems a swollen prostate may cause.

Be Well.....

~ William

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