Prostate Pain

Part 2 - Grains

prostate pain and grains

It is not uncommon to find men in despair with prostate pain who seem to be doing everything correctly for their gland.

They do regular massage, exercise, take the correct supplements, sleep well, don't drink excessive alcohol, don't smoke, and seem to eat a Healthy diet. Still, their gland tortures them!

What most men don't know is that eating grains (wheat, rice, corn, oats, etc..) can be the cause of the problem. Intense and chronic pain.

Now, most civilized diets are heavily based on grains and sugars. And yes, whole grains are as agrivating to the body as refined grains.

Grain Is Not a Natural Food
For Humans

We, as a race, have only eaten grains for about the past 10,000 years (after millions of years of evolution). That is when agriculture started.

Before that we were strictly hunters and gatherers.

Grain can be a survival food. The human body can use it. But, the human body generally utilizes it poorly. Asians, for the most part, seem to tolerate rice rather well. Rye seems not so bad for Eastern Europeans.

No culture handles wheat well. Yet it is the most commonly used "food" product in civilization.

Many biochemist believe that over 95% of the world's arthritis problems would disappear if just wheat was eliminated from the diet.

Every food you eat burns as fuel for your life. That is where you get your energy.

Some foods burn very cleanly. Grain does not. The "ashes" or unburned residues are highly irritating within the human body.

Arthritis, Headache, Irritability and Prostate Pain

All these diseases are only a small list of the problems grain metabolism (or rather non-metabolism) can cause.

When we are young, our bodies have much greater resilience than when we are older. And, around the age of 25 things start to change dramaticly. By 40 the body starts degenerating more quickly. Digestion and metabolism are generally weaker. Great discomfort is often the result.

Even commercial dog food (even the designer brands) is based on grain. Because it is good for the dogs? No! Because it is cheap. It's filler. And that is a prime reason why every domestic dog fed any commercial dog food throughout it's life has a 99%+ chance of getting arthritis and or cancer.

No wild canine gets either of those diseases. No wolves, no coyotes, no foxes or any other wild dog.

Grain eating only really came into human existance about 10,000 years ago with the advent of agriculture. Correspondingly, bone remains from humans before this time period have no evidence of any arthritic malformations.

Become Prostate Pain Free!

What does all this have to do with prostate pain? Everything!

When any food is eaten it goes through many chemical changes. The natural chemical changes (digestive by-products) of grain metaboilzation cause inflamation within the body.

Inflamation (and fever) is simply the bodys way to try to burn up what is not burning within the system.

A fever of just a few degrees actually increases the bodys ability to "burn" internal debris by about 20x!

This is also why arthritic drugs NEVER really work. The person is dumping these undigestible "foods" into their blood stream every day. This creates more toxic by-products each day. So the pain and degredation goes on day after day after day.

And, what do most old people eat a lot of? Bread, crackers, cookies, pastas, pastries. All inexpensive easy chew foods. And, virtually all these people suffer from some degree of arthritis, bursitis, and dementia.

When the diet is corrected, in time, all these symptoms usually disappear easily. Pain always decreases.

Try It and See For Yourself!

Virtually all men over 60 have some degree of prostate problems. Prostate pain being common.

Prostate pain is more often than not "non specific prostatitis".

That means your doctor doesn't know why it hurts. The reason to him/her is unknown. The statistics says the cases are 7 unknown to 1 known. Hmmmmm...

I'm not saying your distress is grain induced. There are many reasons for prostate pain.

But, if you think you've been doing everything right, there is a very high probability that grain may be your problem.

So, here's how you find out: Cut all grain (ALL) products and sugar products out of your diet for at least 30 days. (Sugar metabolism can cause the same problem) See how you feel.

Normally after two weeks most people (men and women) feel a greater ease of movement in all their joints. A clearer mind. And just a better sense of well being.

After 60 days many men realize that they haven't really had any discomfort in the area for quite a while. When these men stay off grain, the problem often never really returns!

Most men can become prostate pain free. Even if they have suffered for decades!!

Try it and see for yourself!

Be Well.....

~ William

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