Conquering Prostate Problems

Conquering Prostate Problems

To conquer prostate problems, you must stay the course.

"Stay the Course"

“To continue doing something until it is finished
or until you achieve something
you have planned to do:”

~ Cambridge Dictionary

Getting the Results
You Want

I some times get letters from men telling me they are just not getting the prostate massage results they desired. Like relieving their Prostatitis Pain, shrinking their BPH, cleaning up an infection or inflammation ,….. etc, etc.

Many of these men are high achievers in life. Some run very large companies (that they built from scratch), some are exceptional athletes, some are incredible investors. All kinds of high achievers.

I always find this curious because to achieve any of those accomplishments, you have to devote more than a couple of days or weeks to the job. You have to be persistent.

But, we live in a society that craves instant satisfaction. Especially when it come to how we feel.

If we can get a pill that we think will do the job quickly, most of us will take it. Right? Why not? It’s easy. And, if it worked, maybe that would be just perfect.

But, I think by now, YOU know that doesn’t work for your prostate problems. If it did, you wouldn’t be reading this now. Right?

Prostate Problems
are Far Too Common

You’re not alone.

Most men will deal with some kind of prostate issue or issues in their lifetime. It’s a fact.

According to Harvard Health:

“By age 60, half of all men will have an enlarged prostate, a condition also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH. By age 85, the proportion reaches 90%.”

Here’s what Mount Sinai Hospital has to say:

"…up to 25 per cent of all men have experienced symptoms of prostatitis at some point in their lives.”

That's a LOT.

All kinds of our prostate problems go on and on and on, over and over again. Why?

One main reason is, our prostates do not get enough blood circulation.

Why We Need
More Blood Flow

Prostate Problems and natural approach

When our prostates do not get enough blood flow, all kinds of problems can develop:

  • Pain

  • Infection

  • Inflammation

  • BPH

  • Urinary Problems

  • Impotence

And, why don’t we get enough blood flow?

Usually because we sit too much. Yes, too much sitting is one of the main causes of all prostate problems. Sitting decreases blood flow to our glands. We're just not designed to sit all day.

As our bodies developed over hundreds of thousands of years, we were very physically active creatures. Blood flow was never an issue.

Today we are mostly sedentary creatures. and, our blood stagnates.

We also consume a multitude of toxins from our foods and our environments. All these things can get trapped in the prostate.

When you decrease blood flow, the gland begins to suffocate. Nutrients don’t get delivered in sufficient quantity. Toxins stagnate there. Your gland becomes like a sewer.

Can you see how a multitude of problems can develop from this?

If you have a job that requires you to sit for most of the day, get up regularly and move around. And, when you're up, try using the Miracle Prostate Exercise a couple of times each day. You're going to be Amazed at what a difference this can make for you, and, how much better it can make you feel all over.

How Can
Prostate Massage Help?

Prostate massage may be what you need.

By the time most men find our website, or a similar site, they have tried a number of treatments to solve their prostate problems.

Apparently those treatments have not worked for them. If the treatments really worked, they, like you, wouldn’t be reading this article.

Sometimes, in fact, very often, just getting the circulation improved in the prostate gland is all that is necessary to relieve many of these problems. Prostate Massage is the best and easiest way to do this.

Prostate Massage increases the blood flow to your gland.

As much as 400% - 500%.

Of course you have to be eating natural foods and in the case of BPH you may need some additional supplementary nutrition.

If you have an infection (especially an STD) you may need some antibiotics.

For “non specific” Prostatitis many men have found Silver Water to do the trick.

Still, you’ll want to have the best possible circulation in your gland so that these nutrients and medicines can do their job most efficiently.

But, from my experience (after 19 years researching this topic), Prostate Massage can do more for most men than any other single treatment.

Normal and enlarged prostate

Prostate Massage
Doesn't Work

That’s right. With all the writing I do on the magnificent things prostate massage may do for you, sometimes it doesn’t work. Surprised?

Well, the #1 reason prostate massage fails is this: Many men quit too soon. They don’t “stay the course”.

These men who usually fail to get their desired outcome do the massages for week. Or, two. And, then I get the emails from them: “They don’t work.”

Not true. Prostate Massage has been successful for tens of thousands of men worldwide.

When a man builds a successful business, or becomes a track star and makes the Olympic team try outs, when he publishes his first best seller,… how long did it take him? A week or two? No.

How many failures or setbacks did he have along the way?

How often was he tempted to quit before he succeeded?

Do you think your prostate issues are any different? They take time to heal.

No, it shouldn’t take anywhere near the time and years you spent on your businesses or your crafts. Not nearly. But, in most cases, it will take you more than 2 or 3 weeks.


That’s how long your body takes.

How Long
Will it Take You?

pain free prostate

All men are different in this respect. It depends on a number of factors: your age, your general health, the severity of your condition, what condition(s) you are addressing, what you are eating and drinking, how much you are sitting each day,....

Some men get amazingly fast results with prostate massage. I did. 2 years of chronic horrible daily prostatitis cleared up in 2 weeks once I began doing prostate massage correctly. And, I had tried everything else to no avail.

Other men have taken 6 months.

With BPH it can take longer to get some satisfactory results.

And, YES. You will have set backs along the way. We all do.

Just when you get to feeling all kinds of good again, you will probably have more than one time when you problem comes back. Maybe even in spades for a brief period. So, do you quit? If you quit you will surely lose.

However: If you: “Stay the Course”, you’re most likely going to get to where you’re wanting to go.

Will everyone get all fixed up with prostate massage. NO. Neither will everyone become a good runner no matter how much they train. But, almost all will become better runners. And, most men who use prostate massage correctly tell me their results are truly Amazing.


is very often the difference between success and failure.

If you are as lucky as I was, you’ll be happy as a clam in a short time. If your body is weaker, or, your problem is different, you may very well take longer.

Don’t despair. Stay the course.

Did I have set backs afterward. You bet. More than I would like to admit. Especially if I was very sexually active. Just when I thought I was done with prostatitis and prostate pain. Wham! Out of the blue. An attack. And, they were not at all pleasant.

But, they never lasted long if I again used the prostate massage technique you will learn on this website. And, the instruction is free.

Remember, I had chronic terrible pain for 2 straight years. After I basically cleared up my chronic problem, when I got a random attack later on, I was all fixed up again in 1 - 3 days using some correct prostate massage. And, these attacks became less and less frequent.

And, after defeating those attacks time after time, I stopped worrying about them because I knew I could fix them up quickly. And, I did.

Is Prostate Massage
The Answer for YOU?

Prostate massage success

Maybe. Maybe not.

If slow circulation down there is causing your problem, correct massage may be all you need to remove your problem.

If you don’t try it, however, you’ll never know. And, you may then spend maybe the rest of your life using unsuccessful methods trying to figure it out.

And, if you use the massages and don’t “Stay the Course”, you’ll also never know.

It usually takes a long time for prostate problems to develop. We just don’t realize they are developing and then they seem to happen suddenly.

And, just as most prostatic problems take time to develop, your body needs a certain amount of time to heal and recuperate. If you give it the time, and the proper attention, it usually will.

That length of time varies from man to man.

Is Prostate Massage

This is one of the best parts:

First of all, the best massages you get are usually the ones you give yourself. You don’t need to spend $150 per session with a professional. Unless you want to.

How much do you usually spend for a single visit to other “health professionals”? $150? $250? Each time.

And, how much for the pills? $200? $300? Each time.

You’re not going to spend even $100 on your prostate massage tools. Maybe even far less. So, there is no financial reason not to try it out.

One Caveat:

Get a Exam
Before You Start

self prostate massage for BPH

Before you start your massages, get a check up by a Urologist. Make sure there is no reason for you not to be doing prostate massage.

I estimate no more than 1 out of 1,000 men will have a problem here.

But, you want to be sure you have no condition or physical abnormality that will make prostate massage risky or dangerous. So, check with your doctor first. Especially if you are advanced in age.

Then, when you get the OK, see what prostate massage can do for you!

Be Well….

~ William

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