Prostate Massage
“The Nay Sayers”

Prostate massage has been proven to be effective in the treatment of Prostatitis, BPH, Infection, and most other prostate issues.

Prostate Massage Works

As with any healthful practice, it’s important to avoid the “nay sayers”. They will try to impede your progress and success.

What is a “NAY SAYER”?


from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Nay Sayer:

"one who denies, refuses, opposes, or is skeptical or cynical about something"

It seems: no matter how many men tell their Prostate Massage Success Stories, what great success they have had, what major improvements they have made, you can count on always seeing some “nay sayers” who will talk negatively about the technique in the comments section of any article.

Forget about those people. They will only keep you from your own success.

They will give you their opinion of why things won’t work. Why you need some laboratory chemical(s). Why nature doesn’t know what she is doing…. On and on and on…..

Did you know most of these nay sayers have never even had a single correct prostate massage in their life?

They just have a lot of very negative personal opinions, about almost anything, that you don’t do anyone any good.

Always a Negative Comment

The nay sayers always have a negative comment (opinion) on almost anything.

And, these nay sayers will almost always try to tell you that you need much more complicated and much more (very much more) expensive treatments for whatever you are experiencing. The more expensive the better. Right?

And, have you noticed that very often they happen to be selling just that product they say you need?


You Can
Prove it to Yourself

In the case of Prostate Massage, the very best way to find out who is telling you the truth is to experience it yourself. See how it works for you.

If you are like most men, you’re going to be quite pleasantly surprised.

It’s simple. It’s easy (when you learn correct technique). And, it doesn’t have to cost you anything (except maybe a tube of lube) to find out.

How Much Money
Have You Wasted So Far?

Now, let me ask you this: How much money have you spent so far on your prostate problem(s)?

A lot. Right?

I have found that by the time most men get to our website, they have spent in excess of $1,100 on prostate issues. Many are well over the $3,000 mark. And, they are still still suffering. Year after year. Many have come to feel this is normal. Sound familiar?

Do you consider money that has not brought you results as money well spent?

I certainly don’t.

When I first Discovered
Prostate Massage

Prostate Massage Works like magic!

No. I didn’t invent it. Men have been using this technique for hundreds of years.

Personally, I suffered terribly from chronic Prostatitis for over 2 years before I discovered prostate massage.

After I began using the technique
I will teach you for FREE,
my Prostatitis was gone in 2 weeks.

Yes, two weeks. That was after over two years of mostly continuous painful Prostatitis. Pain that often made it difficult to sleep.

Will your results be that fast? It’s impossible to tell. You may take less time. You may take longer. You may not get results.


Because each man is different.

Prostate problems come in many forms. Some resolve in a day or two. Even some long standing ones.

Others, like BPH, can take many months. Some are beyond help. But, (outside of advanced cancer) that is not usually the case.

You can read the results from some of my thousands of on line students right here: “Prostate Massage Success Stories”

Is Prostate Massage


This is one of the best parts.

Now if a man is brand new to this type of massage, I can tell you for a fact you can do this for the price of some lube, a condom, and a drum stick. (Again, I’ll teach you how to do this for free.)

There are also professional massage therapists. They usually charge $150+ per session.

Unless you are unusually obese, you won’t need one.

And, if you’re really serious, you can get one of the very best prostate massage tools in the world for just $80. Yes, only $80. It's called the Aneros Helix Syn Trident.

The Helix Syn Trident is made from silicone and is the smoothest prostate massager you can find.

Helix Syn Trident prostate massager.

World's best prostate massager.

And, after all the money you’ve spent on things that didn't work for you, do you think $80, for one of the best prostate massagers in the world, is worth a try?

How Effective
Have Your Treatments Been So Far?

Results are what matter here. Right? Feeling better. Functioning better.

So, let me ask you this one question: How much relief and improvement have you gotten for everything you’ve spent your money on so far?

I know it’s not nearly enough. If any. If you were all fixed up you wouldn’t be reading this page right now. Isn’t that right?

And, as time goes on, and you still are not getting the results you desire, it becomes more and more frustrating. Believe me. I’ve been right where you are.

So, let’s talk about why Prostate Massage works so Amazingly well:

Why Does Prostate Massage Work
So Effectively?

How can such a simple massage technique be so effective? How can it bring so much relief? And, improved function? Why has it worked for tens of thousands of men?

The answer is very simple. And, I’m sure once you understand why this works for so many other men, you will want to try it out.

Massaging the prostate directly
increases to blood flow to the gland immensely.
Maybe by as much as 400%.

And, what does this increased blood flow do? Here’s the “magic”:

This increased blood flow:

  • Helps to effectively flush out the toxins that are irritating your gland

  • Helps reduce and eliminate inflammation, and, the resulting swelling

  • Brings more oxygen and nutrients to the gland so that it can become healthier and function better

  • Brings more medication, like antibiotics, to the gland if that is what you are using

Our nay sayers will tell you, it doesn’t work. Fine. After you try it, you be the judge.

More Proof?

Need more proof of why this type of massage works so well for so many?


Can you remember a time at home, or at work when someone came up behind you and started massaging your neck for a moment?

Maybe only a few minutes. It felt real good. Right? Such a simple thing. And, the good feeling continued for quite a bit of time. Right also?


Because that little massage moved your blood up there. Toxins were released. Tension was released and the blood could flow more freely. More Oxygen got into the area. Along with more nutrients for more energy. Things relaxed up there a bit. And, you felt better.

All healed up from everything ever and now a superman? No. But, you felt better.


The exact same thing happens with prostatic massaging. The same thing.

This quick internal release and easing of discomfort is especially noticeable when Prostatitis is the problem.

Did You Know:
Your Body Was Designed to Work Properly?

Yes. Properly. Self healing (for the most part).

We’re almost never taught this.

When you get a cut and it heals all up. By itself. Think about that for a moment. Is that an Amazing Miracle or what?

Mostly what we are told and taught is all the products we “need” to get and stay well.

We constantly see a lot of ads for a LOT of products we supposedly need. Many of which will do us more harm than good. Or, just waste our money. Am I right?

Your body was designed to be self healing, for the most part. If you give your body (and Mother Nature) a chance to do the job, you will, more often than not, be amazed!

That’s right. Most people don’t need all kinds of unnatural devices, potions, and pills.

But, we like those things. Don’t we?

The Quick Fix

We like the idea of a quick fix. An easy way out. Nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, it’s not usually a reality. Anywhere.

The quick fix. Pop a pill. Boom! Everything is OK again. Right? It’s what we’re taught to want. And, if those things worked, great. But, how often have pills worked for your prostate?

That’s why you’re here. Reading this page.

So, why not try something different? Why not give your miraculous body a chance to straighten itself out?

Some correct prostate massage may be all you really needed in the first place.

How Can You Know
If It Will Work for You?

How can you know if it will work for you?

We mentioned this above. But, it’s so worth repeating:

Try it.

It's that simple.

It's the true test.

I promised you free instructions for all of this. Right? Well, here they are:

I give you those full instructions, for FREE, in my article: “Correct Prostate Massage Technique”.

In that article you’ll learn everything you need to know to perform your own perfect, highly effective, prostate massages. At home. By yourself. For FREE.

How many offers are that good?

If you try it, like most men, I think you’ll be very pleased. And, you’ll realize the nay sayers are nothing more than a lot of noise and hot air.

Don’t Let the Nay Sayers
Keep You From Success

One last thing I must say:

Don’t let the nay sayers, the people with absolutely no real experience in this matter, dissuade you from trying something natural that has been successful for hundreds of thousands of men already.

Most of us have hear the old saying:

Successful People

Do you know that one?

Well it applies to Prostate Massage, and, is the perfect quote for the Nay Sayers who take great pleasure in trying to tell you why things don’t work.

Don’t let any uninformed nay sayers keep you from your goals. From feeling good again. From functioning better again.

For so many of you, greater prostate health, functionality, and comfort is easily right around the corner.

Prostate Massage Works 3
Prostate Massage Works 4
Prostate Massage Works 5

Be Well…..

~ William

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