Prostate Examination

False Results
and risking
Seriously Dangerous Procedures

A regular prostate examination may be much more harmful than helpful. That’s correct: Harmful!

Yes, I know, everyone these days wants you to believe getting examined for everything is beneficial.

It’s a common way to think these days.

The problem is: the results from these exams can give you a false reality. A false positive or a false negative is very common with a PSA exam.

And, certain further examining, like the needle biopsy, can often be a lot more harmful than beneficial. In fact they can be outright dangerous and life threatening to some men.

prostate biopsy and the prostate examination

Yes, prostate examination with a needle biopsy can actually be harmful. Even fatal.

Getting A False Sense Of Security
Your Prostate Examination

So, often people want to “enjoy” all the bad and health harming things they can in life and hope to get away with them.

So, they think if their prostate examination and other physical exams went fine that all is right with their life forever. And, that they can pretty much do whatever feels good. Eat whatever garbage tastes good to them. Skip exercising. And stress out until they drop each day.

Not really true.

Eventually We Pay The Price

Some people can get away with a lot!

Others get ill and die easily.

A lot depends on genetics and how much your body can handle.

However, eventually most people who continually abuse their bodies get caught somewhere and pay the price for all the self abuse.

We then wind up with some condition(s) or disease(s) that range from unpleasant, to debilitating, to causing their early death.

And, we wind up suffering a lot of pain and discomfort.

"The worst part is:

Most people don’t even realize how much harm
they do to their body each day
with what they eat and how they live."

On the other hand, living a healthy lifestyle really pays off.

Normally healthy young people can handle a lot of abuse. Nature, I believe, made it that way because she knew we would make many mistakes in our lives.

But, as we grow older, our bodies become more and more delicate. We require more care and maintenance.

This is where all the health building efforts are really noticeable. And all the health destroying ones also. The efforts pay off more and more as we grow older and older.

But, that’s a topic for another article!

The Way
The "Routine" Prostate Examination
Makes You Feel

A regular routine prostate examination (PSA test), makes you worried and miserable if the results are not “the norm”.

And “abnormal” results on a PSA test don’t necessarily mean there is anything wrong down there.

Just as “normal” results don’t necessarily mean it’s OK down there.

The results of a PSA test can be majorly misleading.

So what is the point?

The big problem is: with “abnormal” results you’ll probably be asked to do a needle biopsy.

It’s made to sound routine and easy.


"Having a needle biopsy
can be
one of the worst decisions
certain men can make."

The Worthless PSA Test

The problem with a regular prostate examination is that the PSA testing results have PROVEN time and time again to be, are you ready: worthless.


And, often very (unnecessarily) harmful when followed by a needle biopsy.

So many false positives and so many false negatives with PSA testing.

The worst part is: even if the results are accurate, they are usually meaningless.

You can have cancer with a very low PSA score and no cancer at all with a rather high PSA score.

So again, what is the point of using this test?

Medical Authorities Now Agree

Even the medical authorities are now saying these two test are NOT recommended.

Let's take a look at what some of them have to say:

The US Preventative Task Force and The Nation Cancer Institute oppose PSA testing routinely.

They believe the follow up needle biopsy and treatment side effects may outweigh the benefits of all this testing.


Here is what Dr. Garzotto (member of the OHSU Cancer Institute, associate professor of surgery, and director of urolic oncology at the PVAMC) has to say about Prostate Examination: "Knowing a patient's age and the results of a few simple clinical tests is all the information we need to accurately predict tumor grade without performing a biopsy."

Hmmmmm........ again.

Here’s the statement
from the man who invented this PSA test, Dr. Richard Ablin.

Dr. Albin states:
“The PSA test is not cancer-specific and could not be used for cancer diagnosis.”


So, again, what’s the point????

And, why subject yourself to a dangerous needle biopsy after a PSA test score when even the inventor of the PSA test says the test is not useful for a cancer diagnosis?

The BIG Problem!

The problem with this prostate examination using PSA testing is that it usually leads to “automatic” needle biopsies if the PSA level tests high.

The needle biopsy, however, is one of the worst things you can do to yourself if you have cancer in this gland!

Is Prostate Cancer a Real Problem?

Yes, it is. And, it’s practically epidemic!

The biopsy here is done with a needle. And this is why it is called a needle biopsy.

But, these needle biopsies actually increase, yes increase, a man’s chance of dying from this type of cancer.


The reason is: With a needle biopsy a number of holes are randomly punctured into the gland searching for cancer cells.

Well, if there is cancer in there, it was normally contained within the gland because of the way the gland is built. It has a sheath, or covering, around it.

Making all these holes in the covering of the gland, separating the cancer cells, and pulling them through the covering releases some of them into the bloodstream. This makes it easy for these cells to migrate throughout the entire body and spread virtually everywhere.

Men who may have lived happily the rest of their life can eventually die from this procedure!

What About
Leaving Everything Alone?

At least 50% of men over the age of 70 are believed to have cancer here.

And you know what? Even the best medical knowledge right now says “in most cases just leave these men alone” because the cancer will probably remain contained and not cause any major problem for the rest of their life.

A younger man may develop further complications and should be correctly guided by someone experienced with his condition.

You Can
Reduce The Causes And Risk Factors

The prostate examination PSA test will not make you one bit better. Nor is it usually accurate (as you have read if you clicked on the above links) as a diagnostic tool. Nor will it help most men.

Cleaning up your lifestyle, eating properly, correctly massaging the gland, removing the toxic assault to your body, reducing unnecessary stress, etc... etc...

These are the things that will strengthen your immune system, clean your prostatic system and help keep you healthy.

You can find a huge amount of the information you need to improve the health of this gland right here on this website if you’ll just take the time to read the pages you see to your left.

Are There
Safe Alternative Testing Methods?

A prostate examination will not heal or strengthen you in any way. But it can scare you and make you worry unnecessarily. Or, leave you totally uniformed about what is going on down there.

And there are now prostate examination methods for men at risk that do not include the dangerous needle biopsy. These include prostate examination with ultrasound imaging.

The Prostate Examination

It’s Your Choice!

How you decide to treat whatever conditions or diseases you may have is always a personal choice.

So what will your choices be?

And, what do I do myself? I try to live as healthfully as possible and include regular correct massage techniques to help keep my prostatic system clean and healthy.

Personally, I simply don’t believe the prostate examination based on a PSA test has any value for me.

Be Well.....

~ William

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