The Dangers
of the
Male Enhancement Pill

For some men, a male enhancement pill will not really cause any problem at all.

For others it can possibly mean death. Yes, literal death.

male enhancement pill dangers and risks

using a male enhancement pill may cause death, heart attack, blindness, stroke

In this article we are only going to discuss creating harder erections. Having more sex. Or, using a male enhancement pill to create an erection when a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction.

We are not going to discuss creating a larger penis with these pills, because that is impossible.

Why Are These Pills Dangerous?

Well, the most obvious reasons are printed on the warning sheet that comes with them:
“...blindness, loss of hearing, heart attack, stroke and death.”

Not sounding so sexy any more, are they?

True, these more severe possible side effects are not going to happen to everyone. But, they are very real. And, a definite possibility for men that use a male enhancement pill to create an erection.

The Biggest Danger

The biggest danger is for men who don’t realize how weak their bodies really are inside.

Just the fact that a man’s erections are getting weaker, or non-existent should tell him that his system’s strength is below what it should be. Or, that he is demanding too much from an otherwise normally heathy system.

But: We are never really taught this stuff in our average daily life. We are constantly told by advertising: “More sex is better!”

So, most men think, “Oh, weak erections? No erections? No problem. I’ll take a pill.”

Then: boomph!! A bunch of these fellows drop dead or lose their eyesight.

Or, are disabled with a heart attack.

Don’t become one of them.

Prostate Problems
A Male Enhancement Pill

Now, here’s something almost no one ever learns about:

Using these pills to have sex, or more sex, can cause you severe prostate problems. I call it: “Prostatitis from Hell!”

How do the pills do that?

Thank you for asking...

If your sexual system is weak, and you’re getting weak erections, or, no erections at all, do you really think your prostate is in tip top shape??

Of course not!

Want Some Severe Pain??

prostate swelling from the male enhancement pillgoiter

And here’s the kicker: Your male gland, like your thyroid gland, are unique in the way they respond to weakness: They grow!! They get bigger in an attempt to function adequately to keep you healthy.

A thyroid, deficient in iodine, can easily develop goiter. And, it can grow to massive size.

Your male gland can and will do the same thing.

A prostatic enlargement is no joke (as you may already know).

enlarged prostate from male enhancement pills

An enlargement here can make it impossible for you to pee. So you wind up with a catheter and a bag strapped to your leg to collect the flow. Sound sexy??

And, an enlargement here, that develops quickly, can be extremely painful. Extremely!!

I learned that lesson the hard way personally.

That gland of yours can get so painful that you just want it removed. You don’t care if you can’t have sex ever again in your life, just as long as the pain stops!

You can’t sleep. You can’t sit for long because the pain gets worse. Some food you eat make it feel worse. After sex, you feel good for about an hour, and then it hurts worse than before.

You’re miserable, grump, and can’t really enjoy anything because everything is accompanied and overshadowed by pain.

It’s a horrific nightmare!

And, a male enhancement pill can not only make that worse, it can cause it in the first place.

How Does A Male Enhancement Pill
Cause These Problems?

You thought using these pills would just give you stiff erections, right?


What a male enhancement pill does is force your entire system to function when it is already too tired.

But, hey, party on! Right?

Wrong. It’s sheer stupidity. But, lots of men are going to do it anyway. Some will have a ball. Others will die. Or, go blind.

It’s like taking amphetamines or cocaine when you’re tired. Did you suddenly get un-tired?

Well, sort of. You body is being chemically pushed. How many people do you think dropped dead because their heart just couldn’t keep up?

Tens of thousands!

Don’t risk being one of them with male enhancement pills.

Eventually, You Will Burn Out
Be Unable To Have Sex At All

A lot of men will take a male enhancement pill and feel like all of life is beautiful again.

The more they take, the weaker their system becomes.

Before long they can not function at all without them.

Then, even with them, they can not function at all. You can only push your body so far before it breaks down.

Super Effective
All Natural Male Enhancement

"Safe, All natural male enhancement

is possible for almost every man."

And, the only side effects to this all natural safe method method are: You feel better and healthier in every way.


Because you are healthier in every way.

Here is a link to a page that tells you how.

Every Male Enhancement Pill Is A Health Risk

male enhancement pill

Yes, even the “all natural” herbal ones.

True, those are generally not as strong as the prescription ones.

But, they do the exact same thing: They force your body to do things it should not be doing in the weakened state it is in.

But, you don’t feel weak?

If things aren’t functioning down there, and your erections are weak or non-existent, your glandular system is weaker than it should be. Or, you are trying to over use it.

Don’t be foolish.

You Can Enhance Your Sex Life
Most Men Can Reverse Erectile Dysfunction

great sex without a male enhancement pill

Take the time (yes getting stronger and healthier takes time) to get your self, and your gland, healthy again the safe natural way. Most men can. Regardless of age.

If you do, you’ll never regret it. And, you’ll never need or even desire a male enhancement pill.

great sex without a male enhancement pill

Be Well.....

~ William

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