The Herxheimer Reaction
Is Nothing to Worry About

Herxheimer reaction from prostate massage

Why It Is Natural To Have More Pain
After Your First Massages

Technically known as the Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction, this phenomenon explains why you can suffer more pain the on the days following your first prostate massages than you did before you did any massaging at all.

The phenomenon was first described by Adolf Jarisch (1860-1902) in Vienna, Austria. A few years later by Karl Herxheimer (1861-1942) in Frankfort, Germany.

Karl Herxheimer
Adolf Jarish, Jarish-Herxheimer Reaction

Karl Herxheimer and Adolf Jarisch

This syndrome goes by many names including: the Herxheimer Response, JHR, the Herxheimer Effect, a Herx Reaction, Herx or Herks. Most commonly it is called the Herxheimer Reaction.

Or, in modern terminology, you may have heard it called: a healing crisis, a detox reaction, or even: die-off syndrome.

Originally the Herxheimer Reaction was documented in cases of syphilis. But, the name now applies to any disease condition that follows the same symptomatic phenomenon.

The severity of it is generally an indicator of just how much toxicity there was in the body to begin with. It is also an indicator of the effectiveness of the massage.

The specific new pain here is actually a sign that your body is busy restoring itself to good health. The pain is caused by the toxins that are being released into the bloodstream for removal from your body.

If you were gentle during your massaging, the pain and other symptoms that follow in the next 2 or 3 days are not a bad sign. They are a very good sign! They are a sign that you are getting positive results!

  A Little of the Herxheimer Reaction Indicates
You Are Getting Good Results!

"Because a little is good, does not mean a lot is better."

That is one of the famous quotes of my father to me during my whole life!

But, it truly applies here. If you are suffering miserably a day or 2 after your session, you did too much or did it too hard.

If, it's just a little more painful or uncomfortable, you probably did a good job!

What Causes This Temporary New Pain

What that new pain is: is the trapped toxins coming out of your gland and irritating it, as well as all the surrounding tissues in the area. As I said, it's a VERY good sign. You're on your way to better health. Your body is throwing off the toxins that are making you sick!

The reason for the new pain is: these toxins are being released into blood and tissues faster than your body can comfortably neutralize or get rid of them. This provokes a sudden and exaggerated inflammatory response. The inflammation causes pain. Your body is basically trying to burn these toxins up so they don't cause harm to the body.

Why Reactions Vary

Herxheimer Reactions can vary widely depending on many factors, including:

  • the general health of the individual
  • the degree of toxicity that exists in the body
  • the support the body is provided in eliminating the toxins as rapidly as possible.

Other Herxheimer Reaction Symptoms

If your gland is in really bad shape, you may also experience flu-like symptoms including:

  • headache
  • body aches

  • joint and muscle pain

  • nausea
  • sore throat

  • sweating

  • chills

  • general malaise, or other symptoms of illness

Don't Worry: The Symptoms Don't Last Long

These are all symptoms of the body battling internal toxicity.

After a few days, (if you didn't massively overdo it) when your body has flushed out the toxins, you will notice the symptoms are gone!

Once a man understands what the Herxheimer Effect can be, he normally finds it a gratifying experience. He knows his first massage has been effective! He understands he is on his way to recovery.

A nice hot Sitz Bath can be very helpful in relieving these detoxifying symptoms when a Herxheimer Reaction occurs.

The Herxheimer Effect can continue to happen (usually with diminished intensity) after all your first massaging. And, the reaction may even be more intense on a subsequent session (not usually, however). Don't despair. It all depends on how much poison is being released at a given time.

Also, if you haven't worked on the area in a long time, it can be just like starting from the beginning.

This is why it is always a good idea to progress with your program gently, slowly, and regularly. After a time, you will notice less and less pain. Not only after the session, but in general!

Eventually, when the toxins and/or infection(s) are all gone (or low enough), the Herxheimer Reaction will no longer happen.

The Important Thing To Understand

The biggest problem with the Herxheimer Reaction is that most people will not continue with their massaging program because they don't know what has actually happened. They think they are injuring themselves.Or, making things worse.

If the body work was done gently, without causing any real pain during the session, then there is little if any chance that injury occurred.

The resulting Herxheimer Effect should not only be welcome, it should be celebrated! It means you are in the process of effectively rejuvenating a very sick and toxic sexual gland.

It means renewed health is in sight. It means feeling better again is not far away!

You should not have another session until the symptoms subside. Your body needs time to clean itself up first.

But, neither do you have to wait until every symptom has disappeared entirely before you work here again. Using common sense in your program, and it's frequency, will help you achieve the best and fastest results.

Massaging Correctly

Working gently, but thoroughly enough, is important in any type of body work program if you are going to get good results.

The safest and best way to do a correct prostate massage is with an Aneros  device. The Aneros will not only give a safe gentle session, it will help tone and invigorate the entire male sexual system!

As a man, an Aneros is one of the best health investments you will ever make!

There are many Aneros models to choose from. Personally, I prefer the Aneros Helix Silicone. It seems to be just the right size and most comfortable for most men. It does a thorough job. It works well and gently for me every time! It is just great!

There are larger and smaller models available. If In doubt, get a regular one first (mgx model). It will be more gentle. Then, you may want to graduate to larger ones as you get healthier and healthier.

It Just Like When You Exercise

Getting a Herxheimer Reaction after your first massaging session is just like the reaction you get when you first join a gym.

It's just like starting a work out program. After the first day in the gym, you can feel terrible! And if you quit working out after the first day, you'll feel crappy and you'll say exercise is stupid!

But, we all know better. At least with exercise. We just don't all know about the Herxheimer Reaction and what is actually happening inside us.

You know if you go back to the gym regularly and continue with a moderate exercise program, you notice you start to feel better and better! All those initial reactions from the first few workouts disappear. And you also start to look better and better!

It is the same with the internal work we are doing on our special male gland.

Remember: You Are Detoxifying

Massaging make the blood flow more efficiently and deeply into the area we work on. This cleans the area and causes toxins to be released. And, that is what causes the Herxheimer Reaction.

Understanding the Herxheimer Reaction is important. It let's you know that you are doing the internal cleaning up correctly. And, that your are helping your body back to better health!

Be Well.....

~ William

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