The Right Food
Good Prostate Health!

natural food for good prostate health

What is the best food for good prostate health?

It seems there's a diet for everything these days. Some for high blood pressure, a few more for "high cholesterol", 59 different ones for losing weight, a dozen or so for glowing skin, a bunch for better finer nails and hair, half a dozen for your eyes, 14 kinds for high energy, another for mental alertness,....

And each one seems to contradict the others... What are we supposed to eat to take care of everything? And still get the right food for good prostate health?

Don't Be Misled!

cost of food for good prostate health

What you'll notice is: each one of these diets has a book and/or program to sell you. There is very little altruism in the field of anything these days. Most of these diets and programs are basically profit motivated. They want to sell you something! Period!

Every "system" seems to have something to sell you so that you will be OK. Hogwash! The same goes for any weird diet of food for good prostate health!

Not to say that there isn't a lot of valuable information available out there. And some of this profit motivated information can be very beneficial to the average American. But, that's only because, as a nation, we eat a LOT of crap! A lot of useless and harmful "foods". "Foods" that actually harm our bodies.

Just switching to real basic foods of any kind, and leaving out the junk, is going to improve a person's health considerably. So most of these diets get results of some degree for the average American.

But don't we really want real, true, vibrant health and strength? A beautiful pain free life? I know I do! And that is what nature intended for each and every one of us. True health!

And we want food for good prostate health as well as food for the health of the rest of our body!

Harmful Diets

junk foods are not good food for prostate health
sodas are not food for good prostate health

But, in the search for food for good prostate health, many people come across diets that are down right harmful to health.

The low fat/no fat diet is one of the worst of these.

Don't believe the myth that saturated fat and cholesterol are bad for you. Nothing could be further from the truth.

False Information

Saturated fat, for example, is NECESSARY for strong blood vessels. Saturated fat is not your enemy! It also good food for prostate health. And a healthy heart. It is also good for the rest of you.

Here are a couple of interesting facts:

- Bodybuilders who cut out saturated fats can no longer build muscle.

- Saturated fat is what strengthens blood vessels.

It has been found that modern Asian people seem to have the highest incident of strokes. Weak blood vessels in the brain that rupture.

When the diets of these people were studied it was found that these people often had very high vegetable oil intakes and almost no saturated fats (from meat, butter, or cheese). Interesting huh? Just the opposite of what we have been taught to believe.

The Cholesterol Myth

Then there is the myth about cholesterol. Cholesterol is another vital nutrient we are falsely taught to fear.

Cholesterol is necessary for good health. That is why you liver produces it every day. In quantity! 90% of your brain is formed from cholesterol. Without cholesterol you would die! In a rather short period of time.

And your liver normally produces more cholesterol than you can possibly eat in a day! No matter what you ate!

In fact: 

If you ate eggs at every meal of the day

food for good prostate health includes eggs
eggs are food for good prostate health

you wouldn't be getting as much cholesterol

food for good prostate health is delicious

as your liver normally produces in a day.

And, even total vegetarians (vegans) can have

"overly high cholesterol levels".

Clogged Blood Vessels

And now you may be thinking: "So why do arteries get plugged up by cholesterol Mr. Know It All. "?

Sugar eating primarily. No, a little sugar is not bad for a normally healthy person. But, most of us eat a LOT of sugar each day. So much, in fact, that approximately 21 million Americans are now diabetic!

But, most sugar is hidden. So we don't really see it or think too much about it. Or realize how much of it we are actually eating. It is definitely NOT good food for prostate health!

One 12oz soda had 12, yes twelve, teaspoons of sugar in it. Then there is jam, jelly, desserts, commercial breads, pastries, cookies, pastas (metabolize as sugar), honey, all grain products (metabolize as sugar), wines, beers, alcohols,...

Starting to get the idea?

Sugar, in to much quantity, interferes with fat metabolism. So the fats just go and clog things up.

High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

It has also been statistically found that people over 70 who have the HIGHEST blood pressures and the HIGHEST cholesterol levels live longer than those with the low levels of cholesterol and low blood pressures. That's what the statistics report.

Maybe mother nature has plan. Hmmmm.. Maybe she actually knows what She is doing! But, we seem to insist on fighting Her because most of us just don't understand how the human body uses food and junk we call "food".

Mother Nature's simple food is always the best food for good prostate health!

Why You Need Vitamins and Minerals

All refined carbohydrates (white flours, white sugars) have most of the vitamins and minerals stripped out of them also. These refined carbohydrates are definitely not food for good prostate health!

eat food for good prostate health and feel the difference

And these vitamins and minerals are necessary for burning the calories.

Without the necessary vitamins and minerals the body can not metabolize food correctly. And the body will be burning the sugars first because it's easiest. So the fats don't get burned properly and they clog up the vessels.

You Need Plenty
Good Clean Water!

water is a very important food for good prostate health

Food for good prostate health also includes WATER!

Without sufficient water the body starts to dehydrate. Cholesterol is actual what the body uses to coat the cells and blood vessels so that the cells themselves retain more water and don't die! (ref: Your Body's Many Cries For Water - Dr. F. Batmanghelidj)

The Best Food for Good Prostate Health

oysters are a famous food for good prostate health

So what is the best food for good prostate health?

Well, most men have heard about food like oysters and saw palmetto. And, mineral supplements like zinc for example.

But what about our daily food? What is best to eat for our prostate health?

The Good News!

Here's the best news: It's simple! And the best food for good prostate health is also the best food for every other problem you need to address with nourishment.

The best food for good prostate health, and everything else in your body, is the food we developed on. The basic original diet of mankind. It is often called "the primitive diet".

It's not complicated. You eat what Mother Nature intended and your body will take care of itself. Just like it did for the hundreds of thousands of years before we started screwing with our food (about 10,000 years ago).

food for good prostate health includes red meat

Natural food is all we had in the beginning. And when we ate it we had no heart disease, no cancers, no diabetes, no arthritis, etc.... This is scientifically documented.

Our proper natural foods nourished us perfectly. Gave us everything we needed to heal naturally. And this type of food is still the best food for good prostate health!

We didn't have to measure this and balance that or go into this zone or that zone. We ate what we could find and what tasted good.

And that included plenty of meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, nuts, and a small amount of fruits. That was it. If you stay with those things and leave the other stuff you eat out, you can't help but to improve your health and mental well being!

Add some good prostate supplements (if you need them), do your prostate massage (to help get more of these nutrients to your gland) and there you have the absolute BEST Food for Good Prostate Health that you will ever find!

Be Well.....

~ William

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