Cholesterol Is Necessary
Prostate Health

It's One Of The Most Important Nutrients!

cholesterol from natural food is very good for you

natural healthy cholesterol from cheeses

Cholesterol is good for you!

Yes, that is correct: Good for you!

In fact, contrary to all the current hype that it is bad for you, it is one of the most important nutrients you can consume!

It is the "Mother" of all hormones. It is the main material from which ALL hormones are produced in your body. This is a critically important fact!

And the foods that are richest in it are among the healthiest foods you can eat: Fresh red meat, cheeses, eggs, bacon, shellfish....

These are ALL fantastically healthy foods for a human being!

Your Health and Your Hormones

You can not have vibrant radiant health without sufficient hormones. You can not have good prostate health or good sexual health without enough of them either.

Cholesterol is so important to human life that your liver normally produces more of it each day than you could possibly eat each day. Even if all you lived on was bacon and eggs!

90% of your brain is composed of this miraculous fatty acid! Dementia can often be traced to cholesterol lowering drugs. My own Mother had that problem until she refused to take those drugs anymore.

She was on those drugs for 10 years. People started to say, "Oh poor Anne, she can't remember...." Within two weeks after stopping them, her memory returned. Sharp as a tack!

That is not an uncommon story.

The New Fashionable Phobia

One of the worst health crimes against the human body is the low fat diet and cholesterol lowering drugs. It's true!

The proof is in the statistics. Cholesterolphobia is turning millions of men and women into unhappy and sick individuals.

In blood tests, just tens years ago, a total count of 300 was considered normal. Now the "authorities" are to trying to get your total count down to 150! They say it is for your heart. That's a huge pile of crap! It's for their wallets!

Let's take a look at the facts:

The Related Heart Attack Myth

If you examine the scientific studies you'll see they show that this miraculous and vital substance has virtually nothing to do with heart disease and heart attacks.

The whole theory about cholesterol was put forward by a Doctor named Ancel Keys in the 1950s. It was never proven by ANY scientific studies.

None! It was just this man's theory. And his theory may be ruining your life! But his theory was maintained by the because it meant huge business profits!

The fact is: most of the material found in arterial plaque is "debris caused by inflammation".

Cholesterol has actually been proven NOT to be a factor in heart disease.

The statistics and research show that millions of men and women with very low levels in their blood die from heart attacks, while millions more with lifetime levels even up to 400 live long lives free of heart disease.

Hmmmmm... It makes you start to wonder. Doesn't it?


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In fact people on long term low fat diets statistically have 50% MORE heart attacks and strokes!

For a healthy heart a pure fish oil like Cod Liver Oil or Salmon Oil combined with fresh meat fat and fresh butter provide more protection for the heart than all the drugs on the market. AND, together these healthy fats enhance hormone production!

Hormones And Your Prostate Health

Here's the deal: the more you lower the cholesterol, the more the hormones dry up. It's a fact! Because the body then produces less hormones, millions of men are now getting hormone therapy, testosterone shots and Viagra pills. Women are in the same boat!

How stupid are we becoming??

Start adding all kind of soy food (estrogen rich) to a man's diet and you really start creating a hormonal imbalance for him.

So, with low fat diets, cholesterol lowering drugs, soy "health foods", estrogens from male cosmetics, plastic containers, processed foods, etc... how is a man supposed to produce enough testosterone to create sexual health? Or health in general?

This lack of normal hormone production is causing millions and millions of men to suffer from all kinds of sexual problems, erectile dysfunction (ED), impotence, inability to father children, exhaustion, and depression.

If you're having prostatic problems, even correct massage can only do so much. Massaging can only help deliver more blood to this area. The nutrients still have to be available in your blood to do the desired job.

For prostate health, you must also make healthy blood. Blood rich in nutrients, oxygen, and necessary hormones. And,to make those hormone, what do you need? Right! You're getting it now!

Creating Radiant Health And Vitality!

This miraculous substance we're talking about is necessary to produce all the hormones. This includes Testosterone, the male hormone.

A natural amount of testosterone creates health and vitality in a man. With sufficient testosterone a man's entire being seems to really come alive!

He feels strong and vibrant! Ready to face any challenge. Without it, he feels lifeless, lethargic, and without any energy.

Our entire male sexual system: the testicles, the prostate gland, and the penis all gain new vigor when testosterone and all the related hormones are produced normally within our bodies.

Besides helping maintain normal testosterone production, hormones also have major vital roles in prevention of diabetes, heart disease, dementia and Alzheimers's Disease, osteoporosis, cystic breasts and ovaries,... The list goes on and on.

Highest Cholesterol
Longest Lifespan!

Hard to believe. Right?

The statistics show:

that old people with the HIGHEST cholesterol levels live the longest!

It's now a well documented fact!

So do we believe what we're falsely taught? Or do we believe what is really actually happening? It doesn't take a genius to see where the truth is.

All we've really gotten out of all this nonsense and low fat stupidity is creating low hormone levels in many people and the resulting ill health! No heart health benefits at all!

If you feel lousy pretty much most all the time and are doing the low fat/cholesterol lowering routine, you may want to try eating normally with a more primitive diet that contains plenty of natural fats.

It has been scientifically proven that a natural more primitive diet with sufficient meat fats and fresh butter along with some pure fish oils (Omega 3 fats) will do more to enhance your general health, your male sexual health, and your heart, than all the drugs and truly senseless low fat diets on the market today!

Be Well.....

~ William

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