The Calcium Factor
Prostate Cancer

The Calcium Factor is a great book I've come across only recently. I'd like to tell you a bit about it because it could save your life. And, I encourage you to read it if you or a loved one has a prostate cancer issue.

Internal alkalinity seems to play a critical role in all degenerative diseases. And the reversal of them. Including prostate cancer.

I almost never deal with the issue of prostate cancer on this website. Not that it isn't important. It is very important.

I, like many others, however, believe that it is not a localized disease. It is systemic (in the entire system). And that means the whole body has to be taken into account if you are ever going to reverse it.

Why It Reverses Disease

This means localized treatments are doomed to failure because the disease will manifest again due to the condition of the entire body. The comprehensive explanation and proof in this book is too much to explain in one article.

"The Calcium Factor" by Bob Barefoot, will explain this to you in specific detail.

When the human biological system is compromised, disease simply shows up first in the weakest links first. For men this is often our prostate gland.

The reason our gland is so weak is usually from toxic accumulations and an acidic system. These accumulations and acidic condition often take years and even decades to collect and develop.

Correct massage techniques, correct food for good health, and plenty of good clean water are the best way to clean up a toxic body and your gland.

But, in the case of prostate cancer a bit more is often necessary. And with degenerative diseases (which also include: arthritis, rheumatism, etc..) an acidic condition often has to be reversed before the condition/disease will resolve and disappear.

Yes, these conditions can disappear! How exciting is that?

Some Extraordinary Information
That Might Save Your Life

The Calcium Factor is quite different than what most of us have already been taught.

Blood ph (the acid/alkaline balance of your blood) seems to have proven itself with virtually all cancers! Does everyone get well? No. But, in the study, about half of those left to go home and die, did get well again!

This is utterly fascinating material! I got goose bumps when I read it. And I want to pass it along to you.

The book "The Calcium Factor" is not just another opinion of another author who is out to make a buck. The author, Bob Barefoot, has in depth research, documented materials, and actual case studies that prove out his premise.

"I am not claiming to cure anything
and I have never claimed to cure anyone.

On the other hand,
because I have seen so many people 'cure themselves,'
I do believe that

- Bob Barefoot

This is something I have stated over and over again on this website.

This book relates the work of Dr. Carl Reich who used a simple natural method of balancing body chemistry to effectively cure 50% of a group of terminally ill cancer patients who were given only days to live using the unbelievably simple method described in this writing.

50% of the patients that were all sent home to die, lived and became cancer free! Prostate cancer patients among them. Imagine the power of this natural process on those of us who are so much healthier!

The Calcium Factor will tell you about some of the most fascinating "miracles" that occur when we get correctly in line with Mother Nature. "The Calcium Factor" tells why it works. And why it always has. It's not just someone's "theory", as so many writings are.

It Seems Too Simple

Barefoot explains why and how cancer forms and how it has been overcome safely and easily with common sense, a return to nature, and a simple food that has kept millions of people cancer free: Coral Calcium.

the calcium factor - coral reefs

the source of coral calcium

The Calcium Factor can seem almost too simple. Don't let that fool you. It makes sense. And it has proven results.

People tend to want very complex expensive answers to extremely terrible life threatening issues that seem hopeless. Those complex answers seem valid. Sometimes only because they are difficult and expensive.

Anything this simple is too often rejected as unworthy of the fight. And that is nonsense!

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Nature just designed us to live easily. We were meant to live Simply. Healthfully. Happily. Our entire lives. We've just screwed up the process ourselves!

"The Calcium Factor" shows us how simple it can be to re-balance our bodies and regain health and well being. I recommend that everyone read his book. It may save your life and the lives of those you love.

"Incurables" That Were Cured!!!
The Calcium Factor

As human beings, before we had any way of knowing how to take care of ourselves, we lived in perfect health. And it was easy. What kind of paradox is that?? But, it proves true from all the research.

Once we started to mess with our food and think we were smarter than Mother Nature we started to develop all kinds of ills. And the more we apply this philosophy that we know better, the more we just seem to get sicker and sicker. And we get more and more terminal diseases.

When we are willing to surrender to Nature's ways, we always seem to return to health and happiness. We have been so mislead for so long, most of us just don't have any idea what those ways are.

Nature's simple ways seem to elude most of us. It's not our fault. It is the way we have become educated.

The Calcium Factor, very simply, helps us get back to the beautiful lives we should be living! In abundant and radiant health!

Be Well....

~ William

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